The Matchmakers – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

What Happened at Sunhwa Temple

Episode 5 of The Matchmakers begins with Ye-jin’s lover being revealed as the nobleman, Yoon Bu-kyum. He is 27, an orphan, and says farming is also a noble occupation. Meanwhile, Jung-woo recognises Soon-deok and she panics. He reprimands her for pretending to be a noblewoman but suddenly adds that she looks good even without makeup. Moving on, she tells him about circling the Pagoda of Love to seek out prospective matches.

Over there, his chest hurts as his heart races too fast on seeing potential couples. She acts as his shield and he is touched. Next, they head to the Wall of Darkness where the old bachelors gather. Soon-deok tries to reach a lantern on a high branch and he takes it down for her. She is flustered and walks off to change into her Yeojudaek disguise as she blushes over Jung-woo’s compliment. 

Meanwhile, Jung-woo vets the old bachelors. They are all arrogant, superficial and materialistic. During Bu-kyum’s turn, Jung-woo reprimands him for dropping his studies and turning to farming. Bu-kyum simply says without nepotism or connections, he won’t get anywhere. Elsewhere, Defence Minister Park and So-hyun learn that Inspector Soon-gu opened the petitioner’s drum. She is also told about Jung-woo’s matchmaking and is confused.

As for Soon-deok, she tells the Maeng sisters to circle the Pagoda and head for the Darkness Wall but the old bachelors start fighting over a game of Go. Jung-woo plays the flute to distract them and everyone is stunned silent. Meanwhile, Ye-jin sulks and leaves. But it ruins Soon-deok’s plan as she needs the Lees to see Ye-jin at the Pagoda.

At the Wall, Soon-deok uses all the tactics to get the men to notice the sisters which Jung-woo doesn’t approve of. It goes swimmingly for Ha-na and Doo-ri but Sam-soon sneezes and ruins her turn. Bu-kyum follows after Doo-ri but it is just an excuse as he heads for Ye-jin. She tells him about her arrangement with the Lees and they look sad as they share a drink.

As the sisters meet up, Doo-ri promises to chaperone Sam-soon but Inspector Soon-gu shows up. Sam-soon runs off and he chases after her. Confused, Doo-ri slips on her hood but the Lee boy, Shi-yeol shows up and saves her. She is about to pick on him but he carries her to a healer. They share a moment while mending her ankle but she refuses to circle the Pagoda with him and he is disappointed.

In the forest, Sam-soon daydreams of her and Soon-gu fighting and locking eyes. She gets inspired and writes down the first page. He catches her and says he knows she is Hwa Rok. But he simply warns her that she is suspected of Lee Cho-ok’s death and so she needs to stop writing.

Near the lake, Soon-deok drops her sky lantern and Jung-woo gives her his. He is pleased that she is happy but scoffs when she makes a wish. She suddenly gets close and he closes his eyes and gets ready for a kiss. But she only turns in his direction to hear the hourly bells and runs away to meet her mother-in-law while he looks stunned.

As So-hyun looks for them inside the temple, Ye-jin and Soon-deok surprise her by claiming they are praying. Inspector Soon-gu crosses paths with them and So-hyun point-blank asks about the petitioner’s drum. He blames Prince Gyeong and Soon-deok looks indignant.

Alone, he tells his sister that the Prince told him to lie as he is royalty and he won’t be punished. Soon-deok is touched but wonders why he helped as she doesn’t know that Prince Gyeong and Jung-woo are the same person. Meanwhile, Jung-woo flounders in the lake and lights the sky lantern Soon-deok had dropped. He makes a wish and smiles.

At home, So-hyun and Jo talk about Jung-woo as they suspect him of working with the King. Jo wants to exile him by claiming he accepted bribery from his brother. So-hyun points out that Jung-woo is a difficult man to keep quiet. Instead, she wants to keep him close by making him tutor Soon-deok’s kid. That way she can judge if he is loyal or if they need to kill him.

The next day, Yeojudaek doesn’t show up for the meeting with So-hyun and Soon-deok worries about Ye-jin’s engagement. She comes up with a plan as she sends Madam Lee herself to set the date by citing that she will get to see Ye-jin. The meeting between Madam Lee and So-hyun is successful and they set May 25 as the wedding date. 

Later, So-hyun tells Jung-woo to tutor her grandson and he says no at first. She insists and calls Soon-deok and her kid, Geun-seok to meet him at the end of The Matchmakers episode 5. 

The Episode Review

The Matchmakers episode 5 finally reveals that Soon-deok has started reciprocating Jung-woo’s feelings. So far, it has just been him getting flustered and blushing over her, so it is refreshing to see that it is not one-sided. She has been busy helping others find love and it is about time she found love too.

By the way, not Rowoon getting all the cliched K-drama heroine moves such as misunderstanding the other’s motive and getting ready for a kiss. He must have definitely had a lot of fun playing Jung-woo. There is also a theory that he is also an Agent of Love and his chest pain is him unintentionally predicting the couples that are fated to be together. Because, it doesn’t pain all the time, only when he catches sight of certain couples.

And we were right, weren’t we, So-hyun is the true villain, she resorts to murder and is way more strategic than her husband. Viewers can also sort of predict the ending or the couples that will pair up (Jung-woo and Soon-deok, Doo-ri and Lee Shi-yeol, Ye-jin and Bu-kyum, Sam-soon and Soon-gu). However, it is still fun to anticipate how they will all get there. Though, we are yet to see what happens with Maeng Ha-na? Will she become the Crown Prince’s wife? 

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  1. Wow, I’ve been watching a lot of Rowoon’s shows and normally I think he’s chosen some great shows and I’ve enjoyed watching his acting. But this show is horrible. The story line is boring, confusing and just downright doesn’t make much sense most of the time. Maybe I need to have a better understanding of how people acted in the Joseon dynasty but much of their interactions just seem illogical to me. The female lead is a complete bore. It’s weird to me how the starting of the show animation shows the cartoon character drawing a mole on her cheek but its taken me until this episode to see the tiniest black dot which honestly looks like its a part of her under eye. Why put so much emphasis on something that you can barely see no less think that someone wont recognize her when it’s not there? Just again, makes no sense to me. Rowoon’s character here is very unlikeable. He’s not romantic. He’s not funny. He’s just annoying. Gosh, I wish he could be in a better quality show like Alchemy of Souls. I’m trying to watch this show to support him and see if it gets any better but it’s hard to keep watching. I’ve been a fan of K-drama’s for almost a year now and this is by far the worst one that I’ve seen to the point that I’m thinking of just stop watching it altogether.

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