The Matchmakers – K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

The Wedding Operation

Episode 15 of The Matchmakers begins with So-hyun overseeing the wedding preparations enthusiastically. Bu-kyum and Ye-jin miss each other. Shi-yeol and Doo-ri also think of each other as they get ready. Sam-soon is the only one enjoying herself. Jung-woo finds out that Doo-ri’s soulmate is marrying Ye-jin and looks troubled.

However, Ye-jin runs off with Bu-kyum and leaves a letter apologising to her mother. So-hyun is angry and to save face, orders the wedding to continue with a stand-in till they find her. 

When the Crown Prince arrives, he sits with Jung-woo and So-hyun, and recalls his sister’s wedding 8 years ago. She had not eaten anything all day, so he unknowingly gave her his poisoned biscuit. Alone, Jung-woo confronts So-hyun and she simply passes it off as a misfortune. She thinks the King buried the princess’ poisoning for Jin-sung’s sake. However, Jung-woo reveals that the King did it for In-hyun and his loyalty to the crown.  

Elsewhere, Bong arrives with bad news – to mess with Jung-woo, the Chief Magistrate has his sister seduce Bachelor 16 and they marry the day before. With no groom for Doo-ri, Shi-yeol is distraught on her behalf. Soon-deok pops up and reveals that even he won’t be marrying as Ye-jin has run off. However, she notices that he and Doo-ri are wearing the same butterfly shoes.

She and Jung-woo come up with a plan to get Doo-ri and Shi-yeol married. But they need three weddings to trick So-hyun as she will never allow Shi-yeol to marry Doo-ri. The third wedding will be for Bu-kyum and Ye-jin with Bong as the stand-in. Once they all consummate, So-hyun cannot break any marriage. Soon-deok’s attendant is sent to bring Ye-jin and Bu-kyum back but she is unable to find them.

The ceremony begins and three grooms arrive. However, since the groom’s clothes are too big for Bong, Jung-woo becomes Bu-kyum’s stand-in. Sam-wol, Ye-jin’s stand-in has a nervous breakdown and So-hyun replaces her with Soon-deok. Since Soon-deok thought Bong was the stand-in and Jung-woo thought Sam-wol was the stand-in, they are confused by each other’s appearance. 

The ceremony is a success and the couples head to the matrimonial rooms. The Chief Magistrate and Park’s secretary spot Jung-woo and figure out his plan. They plan to catch him red-handed in Ye-jin’s matrimonial room.

Inside one of the rooms, Doo-ri is pleasantly surprised and confused to see she has been married to Shi-yeol. As per Soon-deok’s advice, he brings a candle to their face so the female guests peeping in become witnesses. The Magistrate barges in and she hurls a string of swears that he runs off without looking at the groom.

Soon-gu and Sam-soon are also having a moment when the Magistrate peeps in. Soon-gu covers her and throws a chopstick at him which has the Magistrate running off and Sam-soon finding it romantic.

Soon-deok and Jung-woo are bonding as well and they bicker on how soon they should elope. They hear So-hyun stopping the Magistrate from entering their room and they try to hide. At the end of The Matchmakers Episode 15, they freeze as someone opens the door.

The Episode Review

While the whole political mystery conspiracy was fun, it could have been created into another K-drama or a part 2. This fun rom-com caper is exactly what we wanted for the show. The Matchmakers Episode 15 had it all from the misunderstandings and chaos to hilarious and sweet moments between every couple.

It answers the question as to why the princess died – an unfortunate accident. It also brings all the couples together including Jung-woo and Soon-deok. Though things are not looking well for the widow couple even if the King has annulled Jung-woo’s marriage. The penultimate episode does it all and sets the perfect buildup for the finale. Hopefully, next week sets off without any hitches or disappointments.

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