The Matchmakers (2023) K-Drama Cast & Character Guide: Who stars in this historical rom-com?

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The Matchmakers K-Drama Cast & Character Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive cast and character guide, serving as your essential companion as we delve into the captivating world of The Matchmakers.

Here, we’ll introduce you to the ensemble of main characters that drive the story’s heart and soul, along with the director, writer and any supporting characters worth mentioning too.

To help you along, we’ll also break down what else they’ve been in.

So without further ado, here is the cast starring in The Matchmakers:

DIRECTOR – Hwang Seung-gi

This is Hwang Seung-gi’s first K-drama following his 2020 show Into the Ring which boasted an impressive cast including Nana and Park Sung-hoon. His first major K-drama was Radio Romance which is a hilarious office romance.

WRITER – Ha Soo-jin

Ha Soo-jin has helmed movies as well as K-dramas such as the iconic 2013 movie How to Use Guys with Secret Tips. Her last K-drama was the supernatural comedy, Sell Your Haunted House in 2021.


Rowoon as Sim Jung-woo

Jung-woo is the widowed son-in-law of the King and doesn’t stray from his beliefs. He is tricked into matchmaking for the Maeng sisters in exchange for an annulment so he can pursue his dream of holding a government position.

Rowoon shot to fame with his time in the K-pop boy group SF9 and also has several popular K-dramas under his belt. He was previously the lead in the supernatural rom-com Destined with You. He has also led K-dramas like Extraordinary You, The King’s Affection and Tomorrow.

cho yi hyun

Cho Yi-hyun as Jung Soon-deok

Soon-deok lives a double life – as the widowed daughter-in-law of the Jos and a successful matchmaker under the alias Yeojudaek. She has been able to recognise people’s romantic fates. She decides to help Jung-woo after realising that one of the Maeng sisters is her friend.

Cho Yi-hyun has been acting since 2017 and got her big break in the Netflix zombie show, All of Us Are Dead. She has also been in School 2021 and several movies like Metamorphosis.

Jung Shin-hye as Maeng Ha-na

Maeng Ha-na is beautiful and she knows it. She is extremely picky and turns down all her suitors. The villagers believe that she is possessed by the ghost of a dead old maiden. She is also intelligent and can rival Jung-woo as she knows of the Confucian Order.

Jung Shin-hye is most popularly known for the hit drama Love Playlist. She is also currently in the historical drama Moon in the Day. She was one of the best friends in Snowdrop and one of the main characters in Mermaid Prince.

Park Ji-won as Maeng Doo-ri

Doo-ri is foul-mouthed and has no interest in marriage. She earns a living as a seamstress and has a mysterious charm despite her death glares. She is in an enemies-to-lovers situation with the Lee boy.

Park Ji-won debuted with a supporting role in Arthdal Chronicles! Since then, she has acted in several K-dramas like Find Me in Your Memory and Let Me Be Your Knight.

Jung Bo-min as Maeng Sam-soon

Sam-soon is the successful erotica author Hwa Rok who roams around in the disguise of a man. She is forced to sign a contract by her sisters that they will never marry. However, she is very much eager to wed and requests Soon-deok to help her.

Jung Bo-min starred in another matchmaking historical drama, The Forbidden Marriage. She has also been in The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning, Freshman and Triple Fling.

Park Hwan-hee as Yeoju-daek

Yeoju-daek is an old friend of Soon-deok and knows all her secrets. She has a daughter Bok-hee. She has a business selling powders. She also has a secret that could lead to her death if anyone finds out.

Park Hwan-hee is well-known for her role in Descendants of the Sun as Choi Min-ji. She has also played one of the leads in the Korean movie, Boogie Nights and Are You Human Too.

Heo Nam-jun as Inspector Jung Soon-gu

Inspector Soon-gu is Soon-deok’s brother and is looking into a mysterious suicide. Convinced that it is a murder and Hwa Rok’s novels may have something to do with it, he is busy chasing the author.

Surprisingly, Heo Nam-jun is in Snowdrop too as Gwang-tae, the clumsy suitor of Jung Shin-hye’s character. He has also acted in movies like Night in Paradise and Like The First.

Jo Han-chul as King

The Matchmakers’ King is a hilarious version of the usual old foggy rulers in historical dramas. But this King is mischievous, childish and a good strategist. He comes up with a plan to take down the Jos, get the Crown Prince to marry and end the issue of old maidens and bachelors all by tricking Jung-woo.

Jo Han-chul is known for his comedic roles in K-dramas like Vincenzo. He is an extremely popular face and can be seen in several hit shows like Stealer: The Treasure Keeper, Reborn Rich, The Law Cafe, Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Romance is a Bonus Book, 100 Days My Prince and more.

Other Cast

Jin Hee-kyung as Queen
Park Ji-young as Park So-hyun, wife to Minister Jo
Lee Hae-young as Minister Jo Young-bae
Seo Jin-won as Do Seung-jo, the King’s Chief Royal Secretary 
Lee Soon-won as Defence Minister Park Bok-gi and brother to So-hyun
Oh Ye-ju as Jo Ye-jin, daughter of the Jos
Son Song-yeon as Lee Shi-yeol, potential fiance of Ye-jin while being smitten by Doo-ri
SF9’s Hwiyoung as Jwarang Lee, Defence Minister’s secretary

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