The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Masterful Cat Has Grown Big

Episode 2 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today opens with a memory from the past associated with Yukichi and Saku’s first encounter. Yukichi is drawn out of a small crevice by Saku, who then covers him with a piece of fabric. He is brought to her flat. He, unfortunately, is horrified and disgusted when he sees the house completely covered in trash.

When we return to the present, Yukichi describes how he has to look out for the ‘useless’ Saku. He continues by saying that people work to ensure they can earn money to feed him tasty cat food. Yukichi claims that even though it is difficult work and there is a lot of trash, he made the choice to go along with Saku on that particular day, so he is not unhappy about it.

Yukichi is asked why he became so large by Saku when they sit down. Given that cats typically don’t get that big or do things like prepare meals, clean, decide to take out waste, etc., she wonders how Yukichi can. Although he seems to be aware of something, he says little regarding it.

Saku ignores it and sits on the floor, saying regardless of what it is, it’s undoubtedly just fine. She suddenly remembers that her employer’s chief claimed that he’s spotted Yukichi previously. She is left with one unanswered question: Did the chief notice her filthy flat back then? In an effort to cheer her up, Yukichi and Saku open a container of cat food with some beer.

Yukichi makes a grocery store run. Many people stare at him in disbelief to learn he is an actual cat. Someone from the workforce members assumes it is a really well-done cosplay costume. The store’s owner is a cat lover and approaches Yukichi in order to shake his hand, using his appreciation as a justification However, none of this interests the part-time employee around the grocery shop.

During the concluding string of incidents, Saku is at work when she witnesses her chief returning from an outing. She plainly questions him regarding it whilst they’re both in the elevator. He remembers spotting Yukichi to be a kitten while bringing Saku home after finding her intoxicated at a bar.

Saku inquires as to whether the chief had seen the inside of her house, and he responds that the place was littered with garbage. She claims that she will do anything for the sake of making it up to him given her extreme embarrassment. The chief then requests that she accompany him one weekend to a nearby aquarium.

When Saku returns home, she shares the tale with Yukichi, who feels particularly envious of her given that an idol group he adores will be present.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today builds on the charming world introduced in the first one, and it has the ideal balance of cuteness and entertainment. It’s quite exciting that the plot is starting to take shape. The relationship between Yukichi and Saku is genuinely endearing, and their continued switch of roles only makes it funnier and more intriguing.

The backstory in the episode is also quite sweet and realistic. Additionally, the anime hints that Saku and her superior could develop a romantic relationship, which will certainly be entertaining to watch.

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