The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today

In episode 1 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today, we get a glimpse of Saku, a typical office employee, as she goes about her everyday tasks. Since she is late, she dashes out the front door and boards the train.

A colleague at her office inquires if she’ll be eating lunch that day. She believes Saku is searching for matchmaking websites on a work computer, but she adamantly denies it. To back up it, she reveals that she has been looking up information on the largest cats. Saku then eats a delectable homemade lunch.

Yukichi, Saku’s pet cat and personal chef, is introduced to us shortly after she returns home the same day. She was out late for work that particular day, and whilst she was out, he prepared them dinner, which became cold, making Yukichi grumpy. Saku falls asleep following dinner, so he pushes her towards the bathtub and also gives her a warm bath. He inspects her purse before leaving and is relieved to discover that the food has been eaten.

When Saku opens the refrigerator, she finds some yummy-looking fried chicken that he made. She requests if she can eat it since she’s still starving, and he crosses his arms in order to deny her request. She briefly makes him feel guilty about how delicious they appear. Following this, Yukichi decides to prepare some gyoza.

She appears to be reluctant to report to work the following day. After giving her hugs and handing her the work briefcase, Yukichi leads her outside before locking the front entrance in order to stop her from returning.

To make a dish for Saku, Yukichi memorises a recipe from the television. She rings him the same day and informs her that she will be late. When the call comes in, he responds by clicking his tongue in her direction. After that, she works with such diligence that it terrifies her colleagues so she can leave work and eat his delectable meal at home.

A colleague of Saku gives her a tiny cat basket for regular cats to fall asleep in. Yukichi, unfortunately, has grown bigger than ideal for it. Saku is unable to turn down the present so she takes it and reluctantly offers the item to him. However, Yukichi appears to approve of it anyway.

During the closing scenes, we learn that Saku’s senior suggests that he came across Saku’s cat. This causes her to be puzzled and afraid. He leaves for an official trip, though, before she is able to inquire further. Her concerns vanish once she gets back home and looks at the mouthwatering meals Yukichi cooked for her.

The Episode Review

From the beginning, episode 1 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today welcomes its peculiar premise. Additionally, the mere premise itself contains some humor. Yukichi is created with evident enjoyment by the character designer, who succeeds in making the protagonist endearing enough to draw in viewers.

The episode is based on the furry friend and owner’s responsibilities being switched. When Yukichi prepares food for Saku, she is the one who jumps for it. Additionally, she requires to be washed and cared for. The anime’s funniest scenes are created by that role reversal.

The episode is a great deal of fun owing to its solid lead character, a cat named Yukichi, as well as the situational humor that makes fun of his peculiar relationship with Saku, who owns him.


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