The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Can The Masterful Cat Watch The House

Episode 10 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today begins with Saku working at her workplace. Soon after, her coworker reminds her of their upcoming work trip. Saku appears anxious since the work trip had slipped her mind. They speak, and Saku admits that she hasn’t been on a trip since high school. She also claims that she couldn’t go on the previous work trip given that her cat, Yukichi, was a kitten and she couldn’t leave him alone.

When Saku arrives home, she tells Yukichi about her trip and wonders if he’ll be okay while Saku is gone. He appears unfazed and he assures Saku that he will be fine. Yukichi then helps her with the packing. Meanwhile, Saku considers how she will manage without Yukichi. Saku is seen crying later that night, and he consoles her.

Saku grows upset the next day as she prepares to leave for her work trip. Yukichi, on the other hand, writes her a list of things he wants Saku to get. Saku is stung by Yukichi’s lack of concern.

She feels miserable on the company trip and is unable to stop thinking about Yukichi. After some consideration, she realises that the things Yukichi requested her to get were actually Saku’s preferences. She sobs as she feels she is a terrible owner. Meanwhile, Yukichi is similarly miserable at home. To avoid thinking about Saku, he is keeping himself busy by cleaning the house and running other errands.

Saku gets incredibly drunk later that night and calls Yukichi. She then tells him she misses him, and Yukichi purrs on call, making Saku extremely emotional.

She has to return home the following day. Saku is hungover but delighted to meet Yukichi as she walks towards her house with gifts for him. They are then seen cuddling in bed, content with each other’s presence, during the closing moments of the episode.

The Episode Review

In episode 10, we see Saku leave for a company trip while Yukichi stays at home by himself. They’re both miserable away from each other. The distance between the two seems to remind the both of them of the importance they hold in each other’s lives.

Without a doubt, this is the most touching episode the anime has produced so far. When Saku and Yukichi are apart from one another, we witness them at their most vulnerable and emotional states. Seeing Saku and Yukichi interact is quite soothing and comforting. Seeing their connection deepen throughout the course of the series is a pleasure in and of itself.

It’s also amusing to see Saku, instead of Yukichi, fret over how she’ll get by without him in this episode. The reversal of roles between them is entertaining to watch.

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