The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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What happens after the assault?

Episode 7 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart opens with Lulu pounding on the entrance door and Alice sitting inside. Lulu’s reaction to the blood and bruising on Alice’s face is quite intense. Alice defends Dylan’s actions, but Lulu attempts to explain to her that he shouldn’t be excused because he might do it again.

Alice tries to tell her supervisor about the assault, though her superior claims Dylan walked in earlier and made serious accusations towards her. He stated that Alice had been lying about her background and credentials in order to get the position and that their connection was toxic. In response, Alice chuckles in her face and her manager places her on administrative leave until the outcome of an investigation.

While on a tour with one of the rangers, Alice witnesses somebody stealing flowers and reacts angrily. After the altercation, Alice runs off and comes across Dylan receiving compassion from colleagues. As a result, Alice calls Twig, who passes the phone to June, while she urges them to stop by and take her.

How does Alice learn about her brother?

To save Alice, June and Twig travel towards the city. While on the road trip, they pull off at a gorgeous beach. When Alice inquires about their intent, June reveals that she has been keeping a secret regarding her brother from Alice for many years. She continues by explaining the fact that she offered him for adoption to John and Sally. Alice loses her cool and yells at her.

What happened the day Alice’s parents died?

Alice stops by Sally to have a conversation regarding her mom, her brother, and all of the things that went down. Following this, Sally introduces her to John. John fills her in on what happened before her parents passed away.

We learn from her account that Clem as well as Agnes returned back and that Clem began beating Alice. Clem was standing above Alice and Agnes came up from behind with something, struck him on his head with it, and set his body on fire. Alice and her sibling Charlie share an emotional first hug following this.

Does June recover from her illness?

Two months later, June is still having a hard time back at Thornfield, whilst Alice and Charlie are attempting to make up the time they missed at John and Sally’s. As an outcome of Twig and Sally’s conversation, Sally requests Alice to contact Twig so that she can speak to June.

June’s illness ultimately proves fatal, and she passes away. Twig and Candy were under the impression that merely Alice and Charlie were going to show up to honor June for all she had done, but in fact, everyone June ever helped happens to be there.

Does Alice stand up against Dylan?

A letter was left for Candy, Twig, and Alice from June. June mentions the book “The Lost Flowers” within the letter she wrote for Alice. On every single page is a snippet from the lives of those who have visited Thornfield. Alice makes her way through the multitude of ladies June managed to help by writing about as she freed them from their oppressors in a sequence.

Twig, Candy, and Alice join hands as they perform a final ceremony for June by igniting the flowers, signalling the end of the season. The series doesn’t give us a lot of information regarding Alice, but the determined expression on her face suggests that she will speak up about Dylan and seek justice for all of the wrongs she has suffered.

The Episode Review

By the end of season 1, Alice and the others burn down the tree that had been haunting June all along. It had been time to forget the past and go ahead, comfortable in the magnificence of June’s legacy. This show is equally difficult to dislike as it is to enjoy. The show’s intentions are good, but it is poorly executed. In the process of addressing a crucial subject, the show relentlessly attacks and villainizes men.

It’s clear that the subject the show addresses is delicate and significant, but the message it sends across is unacceptable given that it instills hatred.

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