The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart opens with Dylan and Alice planning their future together, which includes their move to a smaller town and welcoming a baby. Lulu is hosting a big party and she truly wants Alice to attend given that she hasn’t seen her since she began seeing Dylan. Despite Dylan’s attempts to dissuade Alice from attending, she insists on going to the party.

Once Dylan arrives home from work that evening, Alice appears to be waiting for him in her best dress along with a drink in hand. But then he walks in, turns his nose up at the revealing dress, and inquires if she grabbed it from Lulu. In light of this, she no longer goes to the party and instead spends more time at home along with Dylan.

The next day, after hanging out with her colleagues, Alice gets back home to find the place empty and Dylan absolutely nowhere to be found. They both show up to work the next day, with him claiming to have come home and crashed the night before.

Alice contacts Twig after seeing her picture on a missing person’s flyer. She tells Twig she has a paying position, a place to live, and a new boyfriend in their voicemail. She asks Twig to honor her request that they not meet, adding that she is unwilling to see anybody from their house.

June’s health problems persist, and Candy is still taking care of her. June informs her about a set of men who attacked her and raped and knocked her out. She reveals that Clem’s biological father had been one of the men who raped her.

After a long walk with her dog, Alice gets back home to find an enraged Dylan waiting for her inside. After grabbing her by the neck and tossing her onto the ground, he demands to know who she has been with.

The next day, Dylan talks to Alice and begs her not to let go of him. He attempts to place the blame on himself, claiming that he is anxious that she will go on to find somebody else while maintaining that he is unwilling to be that person. She sobs into his shoulder but reassures him she won’t abandon him.

Candy rings Twig to inform her that June has been on the precipice of committing suicide and begs her to return home immediately whilst Twig attempts to persuade Alice to speak with her. She assures Candy that she will return soon even though she still has some business to take care of with Alice.

Alice has had an emotional day at work, and an acquaintance appears to comfort her after she is reminded of the traumatic event involving her father. Dylan notices, gets in his car, and leaves her at the office. He grows angry on returning home and nearly kills Alice by choking her. She gets up, grabs a lamp, and knocks him straight away by smashing it over his head.

We then see her drive away using the truck and enter her home, where Dylan can be heard screaming and banging on the front door. At the end of the episode, we witness Alice scream and an audio message from Twig explains that some things simply can’t be revealed over the phone.

The Episode Review

The ongoing pursuit of Alice carries on within the Amazon Original The penultimate segment of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart provides insight into June’s past. Despite spotting Twig, Alice expresses her desire to avoid any interaction with her. In episode 6, the dynamics of Dylan and Alice escalate to an unprecedented level of intensity. Alice finds herself in a disastrous situation that bears a striking resemblance to previous occurrences.

During her childhood, Alice was raised in an environment characterised by the presence of a father who engaged in abusive behaviour. As an adult, she exhibits a tendency to form an attachment to a male figure who bears striking resemblance to her father, displaying traits of abuse, manipulation, and overall toxicity.

The episode is undoubtedly among the most emotionally intense episodes in the series. In this episode, Alycia Debnam-Carey delivers an exceptional performance that captivates the audience.

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