The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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In episode 3 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, John interrogates Sally regarding how she learned that Clem is Gemma’s dad. She informs him of the fact that neither she nor John himself could donate a healthy organ to Gemma after she fell ill and required an organ transplant.

The doctor consequently questioned whether Gemma was actually John’s child. Later, Sally pleaded with Clem to take a test, though he declined. Following the revelation, John tells Sally that he will be moving to Gemma’s room up until he succeeds in finding a place to live in the town.

Meanwhile, June tells Alice the truth concerning Agnes. Agnes arrived at Thornfield as an orphan shortly after her parents were killed in a car accident. As a result of June taking her in and raising her as if she were her own, Clem, Alice’s dad, and Agnes got to know each other. June also elaborates on the workings of the Thornfield Flowers farm. Shortly after, another woman arrives with a baby in desperate need of rescue during this time.

When Sally shows up at Thornfield, June does not greet her with much enthusiasm. Sally responds that she won’t leave until she speaks with Alice when June inquires about what it will cost to get her to go. June makes the decision to open up to her and clarifies what Thornfield actually is. Sally claims, however, that despite having sympathy for the organization she is creating, she does not believe Alice would be well-served by it.

For the sole purpose of picking up Alice from school, June allows Sally to accompany her. As soon as Sally recognizes Alice after she leaves class, she is happy to see her, but Alice isn’t as happy. After placing her palm on her cheeks, Alice steps closer to June. Soon after, June receives word from the medical facility that Agnes and Clem’s boy’s surgery went smoothly which means he is prepared to leave.

Oggi brings Alice a gift for her birthday, and for the very first time ever, she thanks him. Shortly after, everybody at the celebration is thrilled to hear the girl’s voice for the first time when she thanks June after the woman recites the birthday song.

Agnes and Clem’s future years at the farm were being planned by Clem. He gets upset when June points out that the land can only be given to female family members, so he decides to take Agnes away from town. This is the limit of Alice’s tolerance. Following this, June informs Twig of her intention to finish the story for her later as Alice is heading out.

The Episode Review

In episode 3 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Sally’s life starts to fall apart. Meanwhile, June fights off Sally along with the others while attempting to keep Alice. The episode made us feel a little more comfortable, not merely because of the pleasant ending, but also because some issues were resolved.

Having said that, it is undeniable that Alice being raised by Sally and her partner seems like a far better option than her being raised without a strong mother and father figure. Despite the narrative that the group will raise her better being pushed by the show, it is a well-known fact that families are the best environment for children to grow up in.

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  1. What? The conclusion that Alice would be better off with the deeply damaged Sally, who is just looking to replace the daughter she lost, is not at all what the episode is communicating. The reviewer is projecting their own perspective, one that’s really kind of shocking.

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