The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


In Episode 2 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Alice wets the mattress and wakes up to find June near her. Before they have breakfast, June is seen introducing Alice to all of her employees. She then walks Alice through the Thornfield Flowers farm. She grabs Alice as she wanders towards a building and warns her not to venture there again because it’s unsafe.

The scene shifts to Sally, who is on a call with an attorney to find out if Agnes justified why she was looking for Sally to be Alice’s guardian. She didn’t provide one, and the attorney clarifies that in the event that June gets into any legal issues, she can take on the guardianship of Alice. Meanwhile, Alice enters the water after Candy shows her how to get to the lake. She almost drowns but Oggi, a young boy, saves her.

June and Twig confront Candy regarding Alice’s whereabouts as well as precisely why she told her regarding the lake around the house. When Alice comes back to the house, she hears loud noises and experiences a flashback to the previous time she got into trouble and believed she is going to be abused.

John discovers that his partner Sally has not been honest regarding her connection with Agnes as he follows his search. They had been companions for some time, but according to Sally, she was unaware of her bond with Clem.

When Sally learns the fact that Alice had yet another panic attack, she rings June to check in on her. June tells the woman a lie, claiming that Alice is speaking again and that nothing happened. As a consequence, Sally proceeds to inform June regarding the will and her intentions of keeping Alice. Soon after, Sally’s partner takes the phone and asks her to hang up.

Oggi responds to a student’s question about Alice’s silence at school by outlining some of her household’s past experiences. Additionally, he informs the young boy that she currently lives on the Thornfield Flowers farm. He also defends Alice when the boy makes jokes about her, but the kid eventually punches Oggi. Following this, Alice gets on her feet and begins hitting the boy using her lunchbox.

Near the front door of the property, a package is left. Two marriage rings are found inside the package. Stella claims they are the marriage bands she and her ex-husband wore during the evening when he assaulted her and cut her finger. Elsewhere, June enters a bar, sits next to Stella’s ex, and starts drinking. He resists her attempts to get to him. However, when she leaves the place, he patiently waits for her and beats her.

When John gets home, he notices a wooden sculpture of Gemma. Following this, he questions Sally as to why Clem was carving their daughter. After he keeps pressing for clarification, she informs him that Clem is Gemma’s birth father.

The Episode Review

In episode 2 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, June’s bond with the women who stay at her home is pointed out. Sally, on the other hand, tries to understand why Agnes named her to be Alice’s guardian in her will. The series continues to be a suspenseful journey that never lets you down.

Overall, this is a really well-thought-out episode. The PTSD the young girl experiences as a consequence of her father’s abuse is depicted quite realistically, and it truly makes you sympathise with her. Even though the end of the episode is unforeseen, it makes for an interesting string to explore. It will be interesting to see how things develop moving forward.

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