The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart presents Alice, a little girl, seated with both of her parents as they recount her birth tale to her. Soon after, we find out that she is going to have a new sibling. But everything isn’t as it seems. We witness her father brutally mistreating her and her mom. One day, the dad beats her over and over for going to the library without asking him.

In order to get an ultrasound of the baby, the parents go to the doctor. Meanwhile, Alice goes to explore some items in a barn in her home. She spills an ignited lantern inside the barn, burning the building in the process. Agnes and Clem, Alice’s parents, pass away as a result of the fire.

Alice remains in the hospital as she’s severely wounded, hurt, and battered. June, Clem’s mom, enters the medical facility to speak with the medical personnel. The medical professionals tell her that Clem and Agnes have died and that the baby has been transported to a different hospital with the possibility that it won’t survive.

Sally, the librarian who spotted Alice’s wounds early on while the girl visited the library, is interested in seeing to her needs while she’s recuperating in the hospital. Sally has a plan to take charge and look after Alice shortly after June declares she no longer wants anything to do with her. Interestingly, June shows up at the hospital a few days later asking to be Alice’s guardian. Given that she is a blood relative, she is granted custody.

June is seen putting Alice’s belongings in a car and driving her home. Alice comes across Twig and Candy, however, June forewarns that she hasn’t been speaking much lately. Thereafter, Alice is tucked into bed and June makes a promise that she will never allow anything to happen to her, particularly anything similar to what her kid did to her.

Somebody calls Sally to inform her that Agnes altered her will to ensure that Sally was to be given guardianship of Alice if June fails to take care of her. Following this, Agnes’ motives are unclear to Sally and her partner. June questions Twig about their ability to uphold their end of the bargain regarding Alice’s safety while she loads a shotgun. In the final scene of the episode, we see June strolling near the farm, holding a gun when she notices Alice at the window.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart introduces us to Alice, a young girl. Like most young girls, she seems to be an inquisitive kid who enjoys reading. However, as the episode goes on, we can see how her abusive father dims her spark. Her mom, who finds herself in an abusive relationship, is also emotionally unavailable. You can’t help but empathize with Alice, who makes a choice that results in some tragic events.

The opening chapter is a surprisingly gloomy episode. The episode masterfully tells an unsettling tale and is brilliantly made as viewers are curious about what exactly caused the catastrophe, which adds an air of mystery to the show. Furthermore, it will be intriguing to see what happens to Alice, where she ends up, and whether she has stable, emotionally available guardians as she grows up.


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  1. In the first episode, we see Alice accidentally knock over a kerosene lamp that starts a fire in the out building. We see Alice run out of the building and into the main house while her parents yell for her. How did the main house catch fire? How did her parents die from the fire and Alice get seriously burned if everybody was safe when the outbuilding was the only thing on fire?

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