The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 8 “Covenant & Stipulations” Recap & Review

Covenant & Stipulations

Episode 8 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 starts with Lisa trying to explain that she knows nothing about the murder weapon. Mickey and Lorna are optimistic that the emergence of the weapon means the case is nearly over. Mickey argues they will be able to finally tell their side of the story. However, he won’t let Lisa testify even though she wants to. 

Cisco shows up and gives Mickey some good news. Apparently, the police messed up when they processed the murder weapon. Mickey thinks it will be a waste of time to go after the weapon. Instead, he asks Cisco to find Lisa’s ex-husband, Jeff, and try to convince him to testify. 

The case hearing continues and Andy starts by bringing up the murder weapon and how it was found. Mickey questions the timing but stipulates that the hammer belongs to Lisa. Andy and the judge are shocked by his lack of argument. Mickey only questions whether the hammer was planted after the police completed their ‘thorough search’. Andy and the judge grow even more concerned when Mickey stipulates that the blood on the hammer is a match to Bondurant’s.

The judge warns Mickey and he insists that his defense has always been to prove Lisa was framed. He asks Lisa to trust him and the court accepts his stipulation. During lunch, Lorna questions if Mickey is losing his touch. He argues that there was no point in dragging the matter and letting Andy charm the jurors with her theatrics. Lorna worries he is letting his feelings for Lisa cloud his judgement. 

It is also Mickey’s birthday and Hayley wants to throw him a mini-party at the office during lunch hour. This forces Mickey to return to the office and act like he is enjoying it even though he hates his birthday. He gets Lisa to tag along, hoping to get a chance to explain his strategy to her. Lisa agrees with the strategy but asks him to let her testify which he refuses. Lisa promises to trust him and hopes it will work out.

The party is not half as bad until Mickey’s mom shows up and he gets a surprise visit from Jeff.  Jeff offers to testify if he gets paid. Mickey refuses to pay him and sends him on his way. Mickey tells Lisa about Jeff’s offer and asks if she reached out to him. She denies it and asks him to trust her.  Hayley watches them from afar and wonders if there is anything between her dad and Lisa. Time runs out and Mickey leaves without cutting his cake or fully celebrating. He promises Hayley they will celebrate later that night. 

Meanwhile, Lorna overhears Izzy’s conversation with the property manager and offers to help. In the end, they meet with the owner and prove to her that the property manager is guilty of racial profiling. It turns out he accepted Lorna’s identical offer but raised the rent for Izzy since she is black. The owner is backed into a corner and agrees to let Izzy have the studio as agreed in the first terms.

On the other hand, Cisco and Lorna fight over their wedding. Cisco admits he wants a big over-the-top wedding. Lorna finds it endearing and agrees.

The case hearing resumes and Andy calls one of Lisa’s neighbours to the stand. The neighbour, Ms Stern, paints Lisa as a bad neighbour who always fought with her husband. She accuses Lisa of violently fighting with Jeff all the time until the poor man had enough and took off. She points out that a few days before Jeff left, he got injured during their fights and had to be rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. Lisa listens to Ms Stern’s statement and informs Mickey the woman is lying. 

During the cross-examination, Mickey corners Ms Stern and proves she only hated Lisa because she refused to sell her place to Bondurant. Ms Stern stood to make 1.5 million if Lisa sold her place to Bondurant. 

Next up, Andy calls Mr Kim to testify about the photos he took of Lisa in a heated confrontation with Bondurant. However, Mickey brings a video of the said altercation and proves Bondurant was the aggressor. He question how Mr Kim only took a photo to fit Bondurant’s side of the story. He tries to prove that perhaps Mr Kim was getting some favours for Bondurant but Andy objects and the judge sustains the objection.  

As Mr Kim leaves, one of Lisa’s workers, René, looks at him suspiciously. After Mr Kim’s testimony, Andy alludes that she is thinking of calling another witness to the stand but asks for time to think about it. The judge agrees to resume the next morning. Mickey wonders what Andy is up to and tries to find out who will be her next witness.

Lisa notices he seemed stressed but he assures her everything is under control.  Mickey confides in Lorna and Cisco that he is concerned Jeff turned to the prosecutor and, will testify against Lisa. Cisco offers to look into it but finds nothing. 

Mickey leaves to go horse riding with Hayley and his mom. His mom is distracted on the phone with her agent (she is an actor). She is excited about a new project and thinks it will allow her to spend more time with Mickey. On the other hand, Mickey is praying she leaves soon. Hayley asks about his relationship with Lisa and he admits there was something. He clarifies it ended the minute she became his client.

The next morning, Mickey gets a call from Lorna informing him that the hearing has been pushed to the afternoon as the judge had a dental emergency. Secondly, Andy’s new witness is Henry Dahl. Mickey tries to object, citing Andy is sandbagging him as Henry was not on the initial witness list. Henry testifies to Lisa being hot-headed and passionate about her hate for Bondurant. Andy plays a dramatic audio file of Lisa confessing to stalking Bondurant and her plans to stop him. 

The audio file proves to be damning to Lisa, and Mickey passes on his chance to cross-examine Henry. Instead, he asks for a short recess and scrambles to find a way to save the case. He can’t let the day end with the jurors mulling over Henry’s testimony. He decides to take a risk and against Lorna’s advice, calls Lisa to the stand.

The Episode Review

What a twist! We certainly didn’t see it coming and it is quite a risk for Mickey to take. Does he have a plan to handle the consequences of his Hail Mary? It is obvious that Andy will tear Lisa to shreds during her cross-examination. It will be a thrill to watch though, we can’t help but feel there is something off about Lisa. Sadly, we still haven’t put our fingers on it. Maybe Andy will be able to shed some light on what Lisa is hiding!

The scene where Mickey questions if he has changed after his talk with his mom was refreshing. It seems he is scared of turning into his father but I don’t think that is something he should worry about. For starters, Mickey is a great dad and a good lawyer. He has done a good job getting his life on track and he deserves to hear that his mom is proud of him. It is also fair to say, his dad was not a bad man even though he had his faults.

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