The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 7 “Cui Bono” Recap & Review

Cui Bono

Episode 7 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 starts with someone printing a letter and leaving it at Mickey’s door. The next morning, Mickey invites  Legal Siegal over for breakfast at his house so he can seek his advice about what to do with the mysterious letter.

Hayley is also around and walking on eggshells every time Maggie calls her. Mickey assures her that it is all good between him and Maggie so there is no reason to be awkward.

Once Hayley leaves, Mickey shows Siegal the FBI target letter addressed to Grant. The letter proves that Grant is a person of interest in a federal investigation related to construction fraud. The letter is exactly what Mickey needs to prove Bondurant’s email accusing Grant’s company of carrying out suspicious activities. He believes Grant ordered Bondurant’s murder after he blackmailed him through email.

Siegal advises Mickey to confirm if the target letter is real and use it when he is doing his cross on Officer O’Brien. The trial will start in a few hours so Mickey puts Cisco on the case. Siegal worries that Grant will be more motivated to come after Mickey following learning what he is trying to do with the target letter. 

Izzy arrives to pick up Mickey, and during the ride she thanks him for everything. She is finally meeting with the property manager the next day to give him the first rent for the studio. She is excited and Mickey is happy for her. She also gives him his mail and he is glad to see a postcard from Glory Days. 

Once he gets to court, Lorna informs him she hired four new temps to help around the office. Mickey is shocked but figures it is useless to complain. On the other hand, Lisa is nervous on the first day of the trial. They try to gauge which juror is probably going to be on their side and think number 7 can relate to their case. 

On the first day of the trial, they start with their opening statement. Andy comes in strong, painting Bondurant as a respectable member of society whose life was cut short by a vicious stalker, Lisa. Mickey also comes in hard with his charm and paints Lisa as an underdog trying to protect her home and livelihood. A typical Goliath vs David scenario! 

He argues that Lisa has a temper but it doesn’t make her a killer. He ends his opening statement by suggesting Lisa is being framed. Andy objects to his statement twice and Mickey believes it makes her look petty to the jurors.

Meanwhile, Cisco tries to get backstage passes for his FBI source who wants to attend a certain upcoming concert. They agree to meet the next day to exchange the passes and the information. 

After the case, Mickey tries to make it to Hayley’s horse-riding practice and realizes she has a crush on one of the boys there. 

On the second day of trial, O’Brien takes the stand to talk about the police investigation into Bondurant’s death. He takes the juror through what they found at the crime scene, in particular a shard of glass. They assumed it was from a side-view mirror of a car but could not identify the car. He explains how they turned their attention to Lisa and how they arrested her. He claims that while interrogating Lisa, they found some discrepancies in her statement. 

Andy takes this opportunity to play Lisa’s interrogation video where she talks about how much she hates Bondurant’s gut. Andy also brings up Lisa’s gloves which have already been proven to have Bondurant’s blood. Lastly, O’Brien brings up Lisa’s missing hammer from her toolbox and alludes to it being a possible murder weapon. 

With things looking bleak for Lisa, Mickey tries to buy time as Cisco rushes to get the confirmation about the target letter. Mickey starts his cross asking O’Brien to explain every boring process of the investigation and the judge starts getting tired of his line of questioning. Finally, Cisco finds Detective  Vasquez, who is in charge of Grant’s case but the man refuses to confirm whether the letter is real. This is not helpful but it is still something. 

Mickey asks for a short recess and debates with Lorna whether to bring up the target letter. Lorna thinks it is too risky but Mickey is ready to forge ahead with a now-or-never attitude. The court resumes and Mickey brings up  Bondurant’s email to Grant threatening to expose him for construction fraud. Andy tries to object but the ship has sailed. 

O’Brien insists that it was a mere business dispute and they have no reason to believe Grant is guilty of anything. Mickey gets the perfect opening to bring up the target letter and prove that Grant might be under federal investigation for construction fraud. Andy tries to argue the target letter is inadmissible to the court and asks to be given time to validate its authenticity. The judge gives her until the end of lunch. 

Elsewhere, Izzy finds out that her dream of having a studio is on the verge of being shuttered. The property manager has hiked the rent from 10k to 15k citing changes in market conditions. If Izzy is unable to raise the remaining 5k within a week, then the space is going to someone else. 

Back to Lisa’s trial, Andy confirms that the letter is real and the FBI is indeed looking into Grant. However, she points out that he is only a person of interest and has not been called to testify. The judge agrees to let the target letter remain as evidence but warns Mickey to tread carefully and stick to facts. 

Mickey continues with his cross-examination of O’Brien and makes it look like the detectives failed to cover all their bases. He argues they zeroed in on Lisa and started looking for evidence that fed their story. O’Brien slightly loses his cool and admits that he would have looked deeper if he had known about Grant’s federal case. Nevertheless, he tells the juror that he stands by his investigation and believes Lisa is the murderer. This doesn’t help much as the jurors seem to buy Mickey’s argument. 

After the case, Mickey visits Henry and orders him to relay a message to Grant through Webber. He wants Grant to be assured that they have nothing on him and get him to feel comfortable enough to relax when he takes to the stand. Henry agrees to do it since he has no other choice. 

Later that night, Mickey talks to Hayley about her crush and she assures him there is nothing to worry about. Lorna then calls him and informs him that Andy has summoned Detective Vasquez to the stand. They worry Vasquez agreed to testify to shut down the whole thing.

The following morning, court resumes and Andy brings in Detective Vasquez who is vague with his answers. Andy tries to prove that the target letter is nothing but procedure and Grant is irrelevant to the Bondurant case. However, Mickey turns the case during his cross and Vasquez admits there is an ongoing investigation into Grant. 

During recess, Vasquez subtly admits he sent the letter to Mickey to see if he can manage to get Grant to take the stand and what will be revealed. 

Later that night, Mickey updates Siegal on the case and how the target letter worked out in his favour. Siegal advises him to focus on what he wants and not what the FBI wants.

The following morning, Mickey learns that the judge summoned the lawyers to her chambers and worries whether it is a  good thing. It turns out that Andy asked for the summon to discuss the latest evidence that magically fell into her lap. Surprise! Surprise! She’s found the murder weapon. 

The Episode Review

This was one thrilling episode! We started with Mickey pointing out that the prosecutor has a flimsy case with no murder weapon but the tables have turned. This is not good for his case and I wonder how Mickey will overcome this latest hiccup. 

Our curiosity is piqued given the perfect timing of the emergence of the murder weapon. It is suspicious how it shows up now, months after the Bondurant’s death, and one day after Mickey pointed out Grant as the possible killer. 

We have 3 more episodes to go, let’s see how this mystery unfolds!

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