The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 6 “ Withdrawal” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 starts with Izzy finding Mickey lying on the parking lot floor, bleeding and unconscious. She immediately calls 911 for help and the paramedics rush Mickey to the hospital. He has four broken ribs, a bruised liver and a broken arm. Luckily, he is soon out of the woods and wakes up to find Maggie and Hayley by his side. 

Izzy is also there and has been since she first brought him. They are all happy that he survived. Maggie excuses herself to take care of Hayley, while Izzy stays back. She confesses that she only got to him because he wasn’t answering his phone and she had tagged all the Lincolns before the incident. 

Izzy is worried about the painkillers Mickey is on. Mickey admits he is also scared of relapsing and promises to ask his doctor to take him off the meds. Izzy advises him to follow the doctor’s instructions. Izzy is also worried because her girlfriend, Ray, was paid by someone to steal the contract for Lisa’s life rights that was in the car. She was the only one with access to the car.

Apparently, Ray took advantage of her and stole the contract for Henry.  Once Izzy found out, she kicked her to the curb.  Mickey assures her that it was not her fault but Izzy is still heavily ridden with guilty. He asks her to hold on to the money Ray gave her.

Cisco soon drops by the hospital to check on Mickey and update him. He informs Mickey that Tony Walsh will be taking over some of his cases until he fully recovers. Lorna joins them and brings Mickey his favourite food. They both apologize to each other for what they said that fateful night. Cisco is no closer to getting to Alex Grant but Lorna has a plan to lure him out. Mickey highly suspects that Alex Grant sent his men after him to send a message to back off. 

Thanks to Lorna, they find Grant’s Achilles heels, apparently he is an art collector and, trying to find a rare piece of art from his favourite artist. No one knows where the original piece is but that won’t stop the Lincolns from using it as bait to trap him.  Lorna and Cisco contact an old client, Sam, who owes them some money. They promise to wipe his bill clean if he helps them in their latest ruse. They recruit Sam to build them a website announcing the sale of the piece Grant has been looking for. 

As they wait for Grant to take the bait, Lorna tries to comfort a heartbroken Izzy. Finally, Grant contacts the website, showing interest in the piece and the plan is set in motion. They invite him to come inspect the piece in person but instead, they give him a subpoena and force him out of hiding. Obviously, a man like Grant won’t take such a stunt lying down so he hires a lawyer to fight the subpoena.

Meanwhile, Lisa visits Mickey at the hospital. She brings him some chicken soup and expresses her concern. She feels guilty and blames herself for what happened to Mickey but he assures her it is not her fault. 

A few days later, Mickey is discharged but he is yet to fully recover.  Lorna worries he might be over-exerting himself but he insists he is good. Mickey is anxious to get back to work and not even the doctor’s advice will keep him from his beloved work. He is, however, surprised when he gets home and finds Maggie and Hayley moved into his house to help him till he is back on his feet. Hayley even found his old father’s class ring from law school and gives it to him.

He also asks Izzy to monitor his pill usage and give the pills to her. She is tasked with making sure he only takes the right dosage, at the right time. Izzy worries if he should still trust her but Mickey tells her they are good. 

With Mickey officially back, his first order of business is to go head-to-head with Grant’s lawyer, Mr Zimmer, in court. Mr Zimmer wants to quash the subpoena but as always Mickey has a plan. His whole plan lies in making sure Grant shows up to the trial and testifies before the jury. It is the only way he can point to him as a new suspect in Brodunant’s murder case. Lorna thinks he is crazy for taking such a risk but we all know Mickey, right? 

Mickey invites the press to the subpoena hearing and argues the case should be considered public. Mr Zimmer is caught off guard by Mickey’s trickery and not even Andy’s support for Mr Zimmer’s motion holds before the judge. In the end, Grant takes the stand. Mickey wants to prove that Grant is involved in the case and starts by mentioning that Grant used to work with Brodunant. He also mentions one of the biggest project Grant is currently looking to win and wishes him the best.

Mickey then perfectly drops the bombshell when he asks Grant to read an email Brodunant sent to him a few days before his death. In the email, Brodunant alludes to Grant’s company being involved in suspicious activities and threatens to report them to relevant authorities if they can’t come to an agreement about a project. Mickey asks Grant to clarify what Brodunant meant by suspicious activities. 

Grant is dumbfounded and Mr Zimmer quickly asks for recess to confer with his client. Mr Zimmer insists that Grant pleads the fifth but Grant is not willing to take that risk. If he pleads the fifth in such a big public case, he will lose the bidding for his next project. People, especially the media and investors will also start digging into his business to find out what he is trying to hide. The court resumes and Grant, against the advice of his lawyer, agrees to testify in the trial. Mickey is happy and tells Lisa that it is a win for them. 

After the hearing, the judge summons Andy and Mickey to her chambers. She makes it clear that Mickey will need to get more evidence to prove Grant is relevant to the Brodunant case. She urges him to connect the dots more thoroughly during the trial or she will be left with no choice but to agree with Andy’s objections to the witness. Mickey assures her that he has it under control. 

Cisco waits for him outside the judge’s chambers and gives him some good news. He was able to find the connection between Henry and Grant. According to records, Henry sold Lisa’s story to a media company named PanMedia. On paper, the president of PanMedia is David Webber. However, in reality, Grant is the biggest investor through one of his shell companies. In other words, Grant owns PanMedia. Also for the icing on the cake, Webber is the executive producer of Henry’s podcast. 

Mickey decides to use the information and gets the money Ray gave Izzy for their dance studio down payment.  He meets with Henry at Lisa’s restaurant and confronts him about paying Ray. Initially, Henry tries to play innocent until Mickey shows him the money and says his fingerprint is all over it. Henry comes clean and claims he only wanted to help Lisa and make money. He denies any involvement in Mickey’s attack. 

Mickey informs him that he is being played and his podcast is meant to make sure Lisa takes the fall. Mickey threatens him and insists that moving forward he is working for him. They will use the information to lure the truth out of Grant in one way or another. Henry asks how they will do that but Mickey doesn’t divulge the plan. He only orders Henry to wait and find out soon. Lisa is disappointed in Henry and worries about the fate of her case. Mickey promises her that he is working to help her. 

Later that night, Mickey goes home and Maggie talks with him. She is worried that Mickey doesn’t understand the severity of his attack. Mickey vows to be more conventional and careful while doing his job. They end up sleeping together but the bliss is cut short the next morning. Maggie informs Mickey that she got a big job offer in San Diego and she is taking it. She tells him it is time to put a stop to the toxic cycle in their relationship. Mickey is devastated but agrees. They promise to figure out a new co-parenting plan. 

The episode ends with Izzy calling Mickey to make sure he is okay to drive himself after getting his cast off. She is also worried he took the convertible while his medicine is in the other car. Mickey claims he is done with pain pills and is going to focus on the trial.

The Episode Review

We now know the fate of Mickey, this man has nine lives but he is running through them with an alarming speed. We admire his resolve to stop using the pills, it won’t be easy but let us hope he won’t relapse. It will be exciting to see how this case wraps up and what other tricks Mickey comes up with. He will need a sober head to do his best!

The back-and-forth between Mickey and Maggie is getting old. They need to figure out what they want and stick to it. How many times will they keep doing this? With Maggie going to San Diego, maybe they will both get time to find closure once and for all. 

Lastly, I feel for Izzy being disappointed by someone you love sucks. She deserves better and I hope she finds it. 

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