The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 4 “Discovery” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 begins with Mickey receiving loads of boxes after Andy pulls the classic move of burying the defence in paperwork.

In the meantime, Lorna tries to confirm if the witness who claimed that she saw Lisa leave the building the day Brodunant died has great eyesight. Sadly, she does and they will need a new plan to discredit her. Lorna heads back to the office and finds the others going through the numerous boxes.

Mickey asks them to come up with possible motives for why the police believe Lisa is guilty. Lorna points out that maybe they are right. She tells him that they have been holding back because they are worried he is biased since he has slept with Lisa. Mickey reminds them that Lisa is like any other client and asks Lorna to make her argument.

Lorna starts arguing her case and Mickey notices Cissco is distracted by his phone but doesn’t ask why. Lorna continues with her argument and firmly believes that there is something off about Lisa. Mickey turns the direction to the missing murder weapon and Izzy tells them that according to police reports a hammer is missing from Lisa’s tool kit. The hammer fits the murder weapon and this is bad news for the case.

Mickey visits Lisa to ask about the hammer and she insists that the tool kit belonged to her ex-husband and that he probably misplaced it. He asks her to call and ask him, and reminds her that the prosecution will try to use the ex against her. Lisa says she is unsure how to reach him.

Mickey then asks about why they divorced and she explains that they wanted different things and he was not ambitious enough. Lisa gets called away but before leaving she invites Mickey to an event at the restaurant that evening. He notices she is overwhelmed and stressed about the business and comforts her.

Mickey then gets a call from a man named Terrell, who needs his help in a case regarding his teenage daughter, Angelica. Terrell worries that his ex will use the situation to get his custody revoked. He has been working hard to get his life together and insists on hiring Mickey.

Mickey picks up the case and learns that Angelica is an artist and painted a store’s wall. The owner is pissed and wants to use Angelica as an example of how she will be dealing with vandalism. The judge is not impressed by Mickey showing up late and warns him about it. Mickey explains he just got the case and asks for a continuance.

Elsewhere, Cisco continues to keep a watch on Kaz and takes photos of the people he is meeting.

Later on, Andy asks to meet with Mickey and offers Lisa a plea. She gives him until the next day to think over it but he thinks she is up to something. The plea offer gets Lisa’s charges dropped to voluntary manslaughter and six years of imprisonment. He promises to take the offer to Lisa.

He heads back to the office and tries to think about Andy’s goal. He thinks that Andy has found a flaw in the case and they need to find it within the next 23 hours. Lorna points out there is nothing in the forensic but Izzy suggests focusing on Bondurant’s financials.

Mickey decides to work on finding a way to discredit the witness. Lorna notices that he seems all over the place and warns him not to let Andy get into his head. He argues that Andy is good and he needs to be prepared.

Later, Cisco meets with a building inspector, Walter who gave his testimony against Lisa and enabled Bondurant to get a restraining order against her.  Walter tells him that he didn’t lie and shows Cisco some photos of Lisa attacking Bondurant during a protest.

On the other hand, Mickey attends Lisa’s events and finds Henry interviewing people. He reminds Henry of his position and asks him to keep the footage until the case is over. Henry insists that he is only helping Lisa and is sure she is innocent. Mickey talks to Lisa in private and informs her about the deal. She refuses and Mickey promises to find a solution. However, he feels dejected after Cisco sends him Walter’s photos.

Lucky for him, Izzy finds out some good news. It turns out that Bondurant was bleeding money and suffered a 200 million loss last year after complications arose on one of his building projects. Cisco argues that Bondurant must have owed a lot of people money. They figure someone might have come for him and they decide to look deeper into this lead.

After this, Cisco leaves and tells Lorna that he has to find Kaz who might be in trouble. She asks him to be careful and hurry back. Later, Lorna and Izzy talk and Izzy is happy that they figured out things.

Cisco meets with Kaz and learns that he has been snitching to the feds about Teddy and the biker gang. Kaz killed a man in self-defence while in prison and the Feds used this to get him to turn against the Old Saints. Kaz told the Feds about a gun run supposed to go down and the ATF are planning to raid Teddy. The problem is if the ATF raid Teddy, he will know the traitor was Kaz and come for him and Cisco. This forces Cisco to get creative.

Mickey spends the night going through Bondurant’s email trying to find a lead. It is his night with Hayley and he asks for her opinion on the Angelica case. He gets an idea of how to handle the case and calls Terrell to share it. He then gets back to the Bondurant’s emails and finds a smoking gun. Bondurant sent a guy named Alex Grant an email asking for a refund for the payments he made in the Terrazo project.

Bondurant threatened to report the matter to the appropriate legal channels. This means that he knew something fishy might be going on in the contractor’s company. Mickey wants to get Cisco on this lead but Lorna lies that he is out for a coffee run and promises to pass the message to him.

The following morning, Mickey uses his idea to get Angelica’s case thrown out. It turns out that he asked Terrell to reach out to a former NBA player and get him to promote Angelica’s artwork and the store. He already registered Angelica’s street work as art and this makes it look like the owner is refusing to pay an artist to advertise her business.

He threatens to file a lawsuit but the owner changes her mind after seeing how effective the publicity is. She agrees to pay Angelica royalties and the matter is settled. Terrell and his daughter are grateful and happy with Mickey’s work.

Mickey heads back to the office and Cisco updates him on his findings on Alex Grant. It seems like Grant is the son of Sasha Kazerian, he is the head of the biggest Armenian crime families on the West Coast. This leads Mickey to believe that Bondurant was threatening Grant to expose his connection to organized crime. He thinks he has finally found what Andy was hiding and he calls Lisa to tell her the good news.

He also meets with Andy but is surprised that she is withdrawing her plea offer that morning. This makes him wonder what changed and what Andy found. He calls Lorna and tells her the bad news.

The Episode Review

It seems like Andy is pulling Mickey’s legs and making him waste time searching for a smoking gun that probably doesn’t exist. He should stop thinking so much about what Andy has and try to find out what the facts are. He has already dropped the ball on Lisa’s ex and the hammer. He should have someone look into that. Let us hope that he will recover in the next episode and get his head in the game.

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