The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 3 “Conflicts” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 begins with Mickey making his way to see Lisa. The officer tries to curtail him but gets in line when Mickey threatens to report him. He makes his way to Lisa but not before running into Officer O’Brien who asks for a quid pro quo. Officer O’Brien wants to get a recommendation for the best tax lawyer in town.

With a deal set in place with Officer O’Brien, Mickey is allowed to see Lisa and get the video of her interrogation. O’Brien insists that Lisa might have admitted to killing Bondurant and he is sure she is guilty.

Mickey asks Lisa to fill him in on what happened and she says that the police stopped by her restaurant to ask questions about Bondurant. She thought that they are finally looking into Bondurant and was happy to accompany them to the station. It was only after she got there that she learnt that Bondurant was dead, she was arrested and read her Miranda rights.

Mickey advises her to calm down. She wants to know if he believes her but that is irrelevant to Mickey. At the moment, Lisa has to stay in County Jail and prepare for her arraignment hearing the next day. She is stressed because she can’t afford bail or pay Mickey. He is sure they will figure it out later. In the meantime, he warns her not to speak to anyone about the case.

Mickey calls Lorna and explains the situation and she worries that Mickey taking the case will be a mistake. It is frowned upon when a lawyer defends someone he is sleeping with and considered a conflict of interest but as usual, Mickey has a plan. He tells Lorna that he has to entertain the thought of taking the case since it is high-profile.

He also assures her that what happened with Lisa is a one-time thing of the past. Lorna reminds him of his daughter’s horseriding classes and he heads there. After the call, Lorna gets a credit card notification and wonders what Cisco is doing in Sunland. She calls Cisco and he lies that he is getting some stuff for his bike and promises to meet her soon.

At the horseriding class, Mickey and Maggie talk about the Menendez case and how everything turned out in favour of everyone. Maggie thinks that he played her but she is not mad since she got her case. The conversation turns to Maggie’s dating life and she says it is complicated. She asks if Mickey has someone new and he replies it is complicated.

Later that night, Mickey goes over Lisa’s interrogation video and learns that she uses some choice words to describe Bondurant. She also confesses to seeing Bondurant the day he was killed. She explains that she ran into him at a coffee shop and left before he saw her because of the restraining order. In her own words, she admits that she hates Bondurant.

The next morning, Mickey runs into Andy, a former rival and the current DEA lawyer handling Lisa’s case.  She also happens to be Maggie’s friend and she blames Mickey for what happened to Maggie’s career. He asks if she is keeping up with Maggie but Andy states that she no longer talks to Maggie. She also says that Mickey is choosing his cases for publicity and asks him to think twice about Lisa’s case.

After hearing this, Mickey steps out of the elevator and announce to the hoards of journalist waiting outside that he is on the case. Lorna is not happy but what can she do?

The hearing starts and Lisa pleads not guilty. Mickey also asks for a prelim setting for the next day and makes a motion for bail. Andy argues that bail is out of the question but based on Lisa’s standing in the community, the judge is inclined to set bail at two million. Lisa starts to worry about the bail money and asks if Mickey can help but he says that would be a conflict of interest.

He suggests they use the press to their advantage and sell her life rights to a production company. Lisa agrees as she needs the money and Mickey gets her to sign a paper giving him power of attorney to negotiate her life rights.  The plan is to get both of them paid.

Later that night, Lorna gets another credit card notification and shares her worries that Cisco might be cheating on her with Izzy. Izzy finds it hard to believe but advises her to look up the credit charges to find out what is going on. She learns that Cisco was at the Patch which is an Old Saint’s hangout place. She starts getting scared that Cisco is going back to his old life.

Elsewhere, Mickey coincidentally runs into Maggie at his favourite food truck. They agree to share the dumplings and Maggie gets a call from her boyfriend. She leaves to meet him.

The next day, Cisco does his thing and updates Mickey on his findings on Bondurant’s death. Bondurant was hit with a blunt circular object on the head but the murder weapon has not been found. There is also a witness who says she saw Maggie leaving the building at the time of the murder.  Mickey is worried that Andy will not play fair so he asks Lorna to write a motion to compel discovery. Lorna is excited to work on the motion.

As they all get busy in the office, Lisa shows up with her new friend, Henry. Henry is a podcaster that has worked with her before. This time he helps her make bail and wants to do a story on her case. Mickey is suspicious of why Henry is willing to help Lisa so he insists on talking to Henry privately.

He tells Henry that he is the only one who can negotiate Lisa’s life rights. Mickey thinks Henry is a conman and so does Lorna. He sends Henry on his way after making his point clear.

Mickey gets a clue while he is at Hayley’s horse riding lessons. He calls Lisa and asks her to take a look at the crime scene photos and find out Bondurant’s height. As he talks to Hayley, he learns that Andy lied about not talking to Maggie. Hayley overheard them talking about the case.

He calls Lorna and asks her to write another motion asking for Lisa’s phone and personal items seized from her house returned. He also asks for two more motions to be written up and Lorna wonders what he is going after. Nonetheless, she is excited and spends the whole night working on the motions.

The following morning, Cisco drops by to bring her coffee and a suit. She finally gets a chance to ask him for the truth and he confesses that he is in trouble. He asks her to give him time to figure out what to do with Kaz and Teddy. She agrees to trust him, she understands that Cisco feels indebted to Kaz because he saved him from going to jail.

Cisco also knows he has a debt to pay to Teddy and wants to clear it once and for all.  Lorna and Cisco make a promise not to keep secrets and she tells him about Wheaton. Later that night, Cisco visits Wheaton at his home to warn him not to mess with Lorna again

The preliminary hearing for Lisa starts and Mickey uses the motions he had Lorna write to push Andy to give him access to discovery. He points out that if she fails to do so, he will have her dismissed due to a conflict of interest. He is using the fact that Hayley told him that Andy and Maggie talked about his case to his advantage.

Later that night, Izzy and Ray meet up at the office and Mickey gets a chance to meet the problematic ex. Ray promises to make Izzy happy and Mickey agrees that everyone deserves a second chance.  A few hours later, Maggie stops by to scold Mickey for the stunt he pulled with Andy at the court.

She loses it when she realizes that Mickey slept with Lisa. She says that he did it out of spite because she is dating someone. He argues that she was the one who ended things and he has the right to move on. She asks him to leave her and Hayley out of his drama moving forward.

He then gets a message from Lisa and he invites her to his place. She apologizes about Henry and they dangerously flirt but Mickey asks that they keep it professional until the case is over. She leaves after giving him food and getting him to admit that he believes she is innocent. As she leaves, she is spotted by Henry who looks like he has been following her.

The Episode Review

Mickey and Lisa are playing with fire and they will get burnt soon enough. They are flirting way too much and someone is bound to pick up on their vibes soon. It won’t be a good thing and it will most probably ruin Lisa’s case. Let’s see what Mickey will do then.

I didn’t see the point of Cisco going to threaten Wheaton. It is a romantic gesture but it might come to bite him back in the ass later. He already has enough going on with Kaz and Teddy, it would be best if he kept a low profile.

Lastly, Maggie has a right to be angry about what Mickey did with Lorna but not about him sleeping with Lisa. Quite frankly, that is not her business and she overreacted. What do you think?

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  1. Hi Martin. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t explain this. Cisco just happens to have Kaz’bike with him. We can most probably assume he had some help but we don’t know for sure. Sorry for this.

  2. Going back to the previous episode, can somebody tell me when Cisco met Kaz from prison how did Cisco have bike waiting for Kaz to ride away on please

  3. Hi Doug . Lisa wants to protect her restaurant and her workers because it is the only thing she has left .

  4. Why does Lisa object to using her restaurant as collateral for bail? It’s safe as long as she doesn’t flee, right? Wouldn’t that have been the simplest thing to do?

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