The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 2 Episode 2 “Obligations” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 begins with Mickey visiting Siegel to ask for advice regarding his Russell dilemma. Mickey is wondering what his dad would have done and Siegel warns him to stop trying to live in his father’s shadow. Mickey is in a tight spot and could use all the help he can get. Thankfully, Siegel explains in detail how this “hypothetical” situation is quite the pickle but he has a solution without breaking any rules.

Later, Izzy drives Mickey to work and tells him about a crime podcast she is obsessed with. On the way, Lorna calls him and informs him that they have a problem. Glory Days was busted for solicitation and possession of cocaine. She wants Mickey to represent her. Lorna also reminds Mickey that his other client, Russell is waiting in his office. He is surprised as he had no plans to meet with Russell.

He is also worried that Russell might hurt Lorna but thankfully, Cisco is present. He asks Izzy to change their direction and head back to the office. He gets to the office and learns that Russell wants him to handle a speeding ticket he got. Russell also wants to check in and remind Mickey of his obligations as a lawyer.

Once again, he makes a subtle threat to Mickey’s family and career. Mickey asks him to leave the ticket and get out of his office. Once he leaves, Mickey asks Lorna and Cisco to stay off the Jesús Menendez case. They all find this suspicious but Mickey offers no answers to their questions.

He heads out to meet Glory Days and starts handling her case. Glory Days explains she was set up and arrested by an undercover cop. She met a new client who paid upfront and even offered her some cocaine.  She later met with her next client, the undercover cop who found cocaine in her possession. The problem is he gave her enough grams for the police to charge her for possession for sale which is a felony.

Glory Days think that she was set up because of the role she played in getting Jesús freed. Mickey asks about her first client, Hector Moya and suggests she snitches on him to get her charges dropped. He believes that Hector is a dealer or knows one so they can use him to trade her out. Glory Days insist she is no snitch but changes her tune after Mickey points out her possible imprisonment.

Mickey asks her to give him the information on Hector. She also agrees to talk to Briggs about the Jesús case and is surprised when Mickey tells her that he is off that case. He also offers no answers and leaves her confused.

Elsewhere, Lorna asks  Cisco to give her the list of people he wants to invite to their wedding. Cisco doesn’t seem so excited about the wedding which makes Lorna think he is getting cold feet. He assures her that he is just been busy and will get the list to her. He asks about her classes and Lorna doesn’t mention the Academic Dean she wants to avoid. He tells her he is proud of her and leaves.

On the way to his next appointment, Mickey asks Izzy how she is doing. She informs him that she has been thinking of opening her own dance studio with Ray. This implies that she might not be working with Mickey for much longer. Mickey is obviously bummed but supportive. Izzy and Ray are yet to figure it out but it is looking good. Izzy feels like she and Ray are doing well and is optimistic.

Cisco calls Mickey and tells him that Hector Moya is a major player in the Tijuana rival cartel. He is suspected of killing three rival members and it must be bad news if he is in L.A. Mickey asks for the address and changes his plans. He goes to see Maggie and strikes a deal with her.  She is anxious to get her poached case back and Mickey has a way to help her.

He tells Maggie about Glory Days’ situation and the fact that she has information on the Tijuana Cartel. He wants Maggie to take charge of the case of Hector in return for Glory Days being released. She is not so happy to help Glory Days but Mickey desperately says he needs her help. She promises to make some calls and get back to him.

Later, Mickey gets a text from Lisa inviting him to test out some mocktails for the restaurant. She also wants to talk about the restraining order. She is worried that she and Bondurant might run into each other as they both work in the same neighbourhood. She is protective of the neighbourhood because it is where her dad raised her after the divorce.

Mickey tells her not to worry as long as she doesn’t violate the terms of the restraining order. Lisa also mentions that she thinks Bondurant paid the witness to give a statement against her. Mickey promises to look into it and leaves.

On the other hand, Lorna decides to visit the Academic Dean, Wheaton and remind him what he did to her years ago when she was starting law school. He harassed her after she turned him down. She used to look up to him until he tried to take advantage of her. This led Lorna to drop out of school but she is no longer scared to face him. She tells him that she is taking her power back, gets the signature she needed and leaves.

The next morning, Mickey gets to his office early and leaves a message for Russell on his desk. He asks Lorna to call Russell and let him know that he should drop by to pick up the written declaration on his ticket. He also asks Cisco to stick around as he has work for him later and tells Izzy he will drive himself. He heads out to play tennis and clear his mind.

On the way, he gets a call from Briggs who is expecting to see him during the interrogation of Glory Days. He informs Briggs that he dropped the Jesús case so they will need to proceed without him. Briggs finds this odd and wonders what Mickey is up to. Nonetheless, he meets with Glory Days and gets her statement on the tattooed man and gets a composite drawing.

Back at the office, Cisco gives his list of the people he wants at the wedding to Lorna. She thinks he is not taking the wedding seriously because he only has three guests. He explains that he doesn’t get along with his family and all he cares about is spending forever with her. He gets a text from Teddy but he lies to Lorna that it is spam.

He then leaves to meet with Teddy who wants an update on the Kaz situation. Teddy thinks Kaz sold them out to get a deal to shorten his prison term. Cisco sticks his neck out for Kaz and insists he is not a snitch. Teddy is not willing to take his word and orders Cisco to stay on Kaz until he says otherwise.

After his tennis game, Mickey meets with Briggs who is curious about why he dropped the Jesús case. Mickey is unable to tell him why but insists all he wants is to keep Glory Days safe. The scene cuts to Glory Days getting released and heading home to clean up and relax. She is attacked by Russel who is hell-bent on killing the last person who can identify him.

Unfortunately for him, Cisco and the police were monitoring Glory Days and quickly arrest him before he can kill her. Glory Days identifies him as the tattooed man who killed Martha and Briggs finally understands what Mickey meant earlier. After things settle, Mickey goes to see Glory Days and apologises to her. She is glad to have helped and says that she is leaving for Hawaii to spend time with her family.

Mickey also drops by the county jail to inform Russell that he is no longer his lawyer. Russell is mad that he fell for Mickey’s trap. Fortunately, Mickey broke no rules and Russell has no evidence to claim otherwise. Mickey warns him not to mess with him again and leaves.

Lastly, Mickey visits Jesús and informs him that his case is dismissed and he will never be tried again. Jesús and his wife are happy to hear this. They are having a child and it is great to put the case behind them.

At the end of the day, Siegel’s plan worked out perfectly and Mickey is relieved. Sadly, his relief is cut short when he gets a call from Lisa informing him that she has been arrested for the murder of Bondurant.

The Episode Review

Siegel came through and helped Mickey keep his career and family safe. It was however quite a gamble they took. Thankfully, it worked and that is all that matters. Unfortunately for Mickey, he keeps jumping from one frying pan to another. I wonder what happened to Lisa and why the police believe she killed Bondurant. How will this affect their relationship?

Secondly, Lorna is too occupied and missing some clear signs that Cisco is lying to her. We can only hope she finds out before it is too late. Teddy is not someone who will just let Cisco be and they might get into legal trouble. Let us find out what happens in the next episode.

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