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The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 1 Episode 7 “Lemming Number Seven” Recap & Review


Lemming Number Seven

Episode 7 of The Lincoln Lawyer begins with Mickey using Cisco to try and learn everything he knows about Juror number 7. If Jerry had filed for a continuance when he had, it would be a different jury altogether. With that in mind, Mickey deduces that this is the reason Jerry was killed.

With the car still bugged, Mickey intentionally sabotages it so he and Izzy can talk business and switch cars without arousing suspicions. Specifically, they talk about opening statements. This, as you may expect, is cut nicely with both Golantz and Mickey as they give their statements before the jury.

During a recess, Maggie speaks to Micky and admits she’s succumb to his wishes and Tanya will be relocated away from Soto. When Mags shows up to give Tanya the good news, she learns of a friend over in Cebu City who worked at one of Soto’s nursing homes. Soto had her killed, although he spun it as her friend being put on a plane and sent home. The key to proving this, and showing that Soto Has people killed, appears to be a flower shop.

The Deputy, Murray, on the scene at the time speaks first, including how Trevor was emotionless as he walked them through the crime scene and said on 3 separate occasions he didn’t kill Lara.

When Mickey cross-examines though, he digs deeper. It turns out Trevor was handcuffed and the other officer had a gun drawn. It’s a good start for Mickey, and something that Trevor even makes an off-hand remark about.

Detective Kinder is up next, and he’s far more experienced than Murray in the field – and a harder nut to crack. The prosecution runs down the clock until 3 minutes before the end of the day, where Mickey throws up more doubt, including that involving Jan Rilz, Anton Shavar and the affair. It’s enough to end the day on a high, with the jury doubting the story – especially when the detective admits they never investigated those aforementioned affairs in any sort of detail.

That night after court, Cisco speaks to Mickey about his investigative efforts. Juror number 7 is actually a shady guy called Glenn McSweeney. He lives in Van Nuys and he has a record too. As for Kosevich, he has ties to Putin, the Russian mob, and his son happen to be one of Trevor Elliot’s roommates too. That’s right guys, the evil Russian businessman trope is here to stay! Anyway, with this information at hand, Cisco warns that he needs to be careful with this case.

The next day, Judge Stanton calls Golantz and Mickey into his office. He’s received an anonymous tip-off about the jury tampering and, specifically, how Juror number seven has an arrest record and they need to be careful.

With the integrity of the trial having been compromised, Stanton wants to push for a mistrial… until both Golantz and Mickey suggest they carry on. When Trevor finds out, he’s rattled and begins to doubt their chances.

The Episode Review

With the case underway, it would appear that juror number 7 is a dead-end and even worse, it could well see both Trevor and Mickey the target for these Russian mobsters we’ve been hearing about. How this slots in with the casino, the videogame company, along with Lara and Jan’s deaths though, remains unclear.

Away from the cliched evil Russian men, The Lincoln Lawyer continues to pedal Maggie’s story alongside Mickey’s and honestly, it’s pretty messy. This whole subplot is nowhere near as interesting as the current trial and yet it continues to do the rounds, nestling itself between the case and feeling like an unwelcome distraction. Unless this has a direct impact on the main case then it just feels like busywork at this point.

Either way though, the case is well underway now and it remains unclear at this point whether Trevor will be found not guilty or not.

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  1. I had my head turned away from TV and I heard that voice. Hadn’t heard it for years. But then I heard the detective talking and instantly heard dwayne Wayne yelling at whitley!!
    Damm I guess sometimes you just recognize voices you haven’t heard In over 30 years

  2. You all have it wrong…his name is. Kadeem Hardison…and…latifah was not cast on different world

  3. Kareem Hardison, believe it or not! From A Different World back in tha day! With Queen Latifah. I wasn’t even looking at the tv….I knew his voice. He’s changed a LOT, but I’m still a huge fan!

  4. Kareem Harrison, believe it or not! From A Different World back in tha day! With Queen Latifah. I wasn’t even looking at the tv….I knew his voice. He’s changed a LOT, but I’m still a huge fan!

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