The Life You Wanted – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Plot Summary 

The Life You Wanted is an Italian series that welcomes us into the life of Gloria – a transgender woman enjoying her in Lecce. She is finally living the life she always wanted, and everything is on track until a pregnant  Eva, an old friend, and her children storm into Gloria’s life and torpedo it.

Before her transition, Gloria unknowingly fathered a son with Eva. After twenty years, Eva shows up unannounced and asks Gloria to let her and the kids stay for only two days.

At first, Gloria is hesitant as they ended things on bad terms, but she feels terrible for the kids and agrees. Soon after, Eva drops the bombshell that Andrea is Gloria’s son. This sends Gloria into shock, and she negatively reacts to the news, causing tension between her and Andrea. 

It doesn’t help that one of Eva’s baby daddies, Sergio, has been treating Andrea as his son and wants custody of Arianna, his daughter with Eva,  and Andrea. He, too, flies to Lecce after learning Eva brought the kids there. However, Pietro is the least of Eva’s problems. She is currently heavily pregnant.

The baby’s father is an abusive man named Pietro. She has also been diagnosed with cancer, and once she gives birth, Sergio kills her and tries to take his kid from  Sergio and Gloria. By the end of episode 5, Pietro attacks the young family at Gloria’s house. Sergio gets shot in the process while Gloria and the three kids escape.

Do Sergio, Gloria & the kids escape?

Thankfully, Sergio is only scratched by the bullet, but his confrontation with Pietro gives Gloria and the kids enough time to get to the car and escape. Gloria takes the kids to her hometown, and Celeste, Gloria’s sister, warmly welcomes them. Celeste is quick to recognise Andrea as he looks exactly like Gloria before she transitions. 

Even though the family is safe and is quickly joined by Sergio, Gloria feels unsettled. Being home is stirring some old memories she had long forgotten. She can still vividly remember when she and Eva visited her parents after graduation. It was the night she came out to her father. He pulled a gun on her and disowned her right there. 

Soon, Pietro catches up with them after hearing from Marina’s boyfriend about their location. He kidnaps Andrea while he is out in the field enjoying bike rides with his cousin. He uses Andrea as a bargaining chip to get Gloria to bring his son to him. 

Does Pietro kill Gloria and Andrea?

Gloria sneaks out of the house with the toddler after getting Pietro’s message. She calls Marina to meet her at a hotel and takes a doll to the meeting point with Pietro. At the same time, Sergio alerts the police after learning Gloria left the house and tries to follow her.  

Pietro insists on meeting in town and using the ongoing festival as a distraction. Upon spotting them, Gloria signals Andrea to run, and Pietro is mad when he realises Gloria tricked him with a doll. He grabs her and starts separating her from the crowd. Sergio arrives just in time to see Gloria being taken away and follows. A confrontation ensues, and Pietro is killed during the scuffle. 

What happens after Pietro’s death?

After Pietro dies, the family picks up the pieces and makes amends with each other. Gloria decides she wants to be part of  Andrea’s life and earns his trust. We flash forward to 18 months, and Gloria and Sergio are doing a great job co-parenting. They all miss Eva but are doing their best to move on. Sergio informs Gloria that he is thinking of requesting a transfer to Lecce so they can be a family. 

How does The Life You Wanted end?

The show ends with the family happily celebrating Andrea’s birthday while Gloria and Sergio kiss in the background.

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