The Lazarus Project – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Time Machine

Episode 8 of Lazarus Project season 2 starts this finale with us back in Wes’ office. Sarah is alone while gunshots rain down outside the room. With the deal set between Sarah and Wes, time is reset but this time everything is different. Archie tackles Rebrov to the ground, and knocks out The Dane, deciding he’s not to be killed. His life is spared this cycle but the machine is also destroyed, seemingly erasing any chance of going back to fix things.

George is cagey around the details surrounding the Code Black, with Rebrov shrugging and telling him well done before leaving. The idea here is to try and find something to fix the machine, but Sarah is working with Wesley. She approaches The Dane in private and asks what she needs to know to get this operation done. According to The Dane, she needs to destroy everything, with all six disciples killed and the machine  blown up. So Sarah takes the explosives and a bag, and heads out.

This time around, Robin knows she’s killed by Wes and asks for an extraction ahead of time. However, it’s already too late as he’s killed in the elevator. This is under instruction from Wes, who moves the operation up the minute she wakes up from the reset. Bryson remembers everything too and he tells Janet that this time, they’re going to be ready and intend to fight back against the inevitable. That also means bringing Wes into the building too.

What happens when the two groups meet?

Wes gives the order for the university building to be surrounded but not to attack until they’re 100% ready. Inside, Janet speaks to Dr Gray and decides they need to make a big decision. Specifically, through using the time machine rather than risking things with the flames. While Janet tells Gray everything, Shiv organizes the troops to find the plane as it touches down.

As we know, they’re outside along the road waiting for the group, who all walk together – even Sarah. However they’re halted by the 2012 group, who decide, calmly, that they need to have a chat. Together, they talk about the situation including Becky, Janet and the time machine. This brings up Operation Midnight and the plan to undo everything that’s been happening.

After this big chat, George and Sarah talk about what’s been happening and how their lives have changed completely. There’s no going back now, and it’s time to bring out the big guns. The entire group show up at the lab, and it’s quite the reunion.

George shows off the instruction manual to help finish off the time machine for Dr Gray, but Sarah makes her decision and tells George she loves him… but this is the end. She has her own mission to take part in of course.

Does Sarah complete her mission?

Wes gives the command to take out the building, and with an RPG outside pointed at the lab, Shiv tells the soldier to wait. In fact, it’s Sarah who shows up while the guards outside start to fire at the windows. The distraction works for Sarah to scramble forward and place an explosive on the time machine. 2012 Janet notices what’s happening and grabs the explosive, hurrying out the room with it and subsequently blowing up.

Sarah instead turns to Plan B and takes her gun, shooting Dr Gray in the head. She proceeds to kill all the other scientists before turning to Janet and the two Beckys. The two Beckys leave together, with the older one promising to get her revenge. This Janet is killed too, before Sarah destroys the machine completely.

George notices what she’s done and is shocked by her actions. In fact, George even brandishes a gun and points it at her head… but he can’t pull the trigger. The few moments he spends looking the other way, sees Sarah outright leave the lab. Samson though is still alive – at least our one is anyway. Thst means that things aren’t completely messed up.

Samson finds the component needed to fix the time machine on the plane and return to 2024. Rebrov is livid over how all of this has gone down, and they rush to escape. Archie and Zhang also need to leave too, while Bryson finds himself outgunned up on the balcony and needs to fall back.

Does the group make it to the plane in time?

Rebrov decides to stick around and bide some time to save Becky. He gives an impassioned speech about how she’s saved him and stays behind while the others run. The surviving 2012 Lazarus Project survivors help out Rebrov with the troops, while Bryson, who’s still inside the building, steps into the time machine. This flashes back to the moment inside the Time Initiative HQ earlier in the season.

Meanwhile, George and the others find themselves with a tail on them – it’s Shiv. Archie decides to buy them some time, hopping across from the roof of one car to another. Unfortunately, that car ends up spiralling out of control on the road. Zhang stops the car to check on Archie, who’s bleeding out, while the others make it to the plane.

Wes shows up at the plane with George, Samson and the two Beckys. Unfortunately, Samson is shot but he does hand over the component needed to reset time again. Unfortunately, both Becky and George have empty guns. Shiv though is the wildcard here. He decides that he’s seen enough. He does right by Janet and tells George to “take them home”.

How does Lazarus Project season 2 end?

The Dane is still here and alive, but he needs to fly the plane. He’s surprised about still being alive but decides to play ball all the same. As for George, thankfully it’s a simple enough process of just plugging in this component. The computer restarts, everything comes back online, and the plane flies off, ready to hit 2024.

They make it back in one piece too, but with a lot of casualties. They seem to be out of the loop but there’s still a lot of question marks hanging over what’s happened. When George shows up at the Lazarus Project, he finds Sarah sitting where Wes was. Apparently, she’s been waiting for him.

The Episode Review

Well, that’s quite the surprising urn of events and judging by the ending, it seems that we’ve got plenty more Lazarus Project in the future, should this one be renewed. The end of the first season really was a shocking cliffhanger and this is arguably just as surprising as well.

A third season could potentially explore what Sarah has been doing all this time and how she ended up head of the Lazarus Project. The fate of everyone else though is still a big point of contention.

As for the main plotline, despite being far more expansive and globe-trotting, the main plot is relatively straightforward to understand and has some neat twists along the way as well.

Sarah’s understanding of how time plays out, along with her ideology around fate and destiny, is a fascinating contrast to that of George, who believes the pair are supposed to be together. However, seeing what she’s done in the lab is a breaking point, and could well come back to haunt him in this 2024 timeline.

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  1. I don’t understand how Bryson can use the time machine in 2012 after Sarah had destroyed it and George has taken the replacement part for the plane? Did I miss something? Has Bryson got his own time machine? Surely he would not need to step into the 2012 one if that is the case?

  2. What about the bit with Bryson after the credits? Looks like he was the one who left the note telling Becky to save George in 24 but I’m confused by this though!

  3. I’m thinking: As long as the plane with a REAL time machine exists…then REAL time travel exists.

  4. What happens to 2024 Bryson when Wes resets the final time. He doesn’t appear again in the episode? His mission to protect Becky and George seem abandoned and uncharacteristic. It would have been simple enough to have him among the troops defending the lab. Plot misstep or wider s3 plan?

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