The Lazarus Project – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Two Brysons

Episode 7 of Lazarus Project season 2 starts after Dr Gray’s lab, with Bryson bleeding out and passing away. The part we didn’t see from the end of episode 6 includes Bryson (the one sent back with Janet) brought to the Lazarus Project. The Operation Janet decides to head home, while Ross reports back to Wes. He doesn’t, however, tell her about the second Janet in the lab.

Wes tasks Ross with bringing in Bryson from the university (the younger one), while he gives the greenlight to have Robin killed in cold blood in the middle of the day.

Everything is starting to unravel, and 19 year old Bryson is not happy with being brought into the Lazarus Project. His father happens to be Robin, the same Robin who was killed in cold blood.

As for Wes, she speaks to the captured Bryson from Operation Midnight and apologizes that everything is falling apart and he needs to “disappear”. He doesn’t reveal who he is, knowing if he does it could jeopardize everything.

Sarah and George sneak into the Lazarus Project together, using Dr Samson to pose as a security guard outside to get them in. They prepare for their operation, with weapons abound and the potential that they might need to do something monstrous.

After saving Samson’s hide outside, George shows up in Wes’ office. Sarah uses the phone to ring through to Samson and decides to have the other Bryson brought up to Wes’ office. The blinds are shut, music put on the record player, and the older Bryson brought into the office along with the younger one, both sitting in front of Wes.

Wes finds bitter tears running down her cheeks, as she points out that time travel isn’t a tool to save your own life. Wes reiterates that she wants to use it as a tool to maintain order and it’s non-negotiable in that respect. Wes refuses to play ball. Unfortunately, a spanner is thrown in the works when a bunch of security guards show up for a debrief, along with a bunch of other soldiers.

Dr Samson manages to hold them off for 30 minutes, while George and Sarah struggle to get this situation under control. With young Bryson stuck with a gun to his head, George doesn’t kill young Bryson but instead grabs the telephone and smacks him upside the head repeatedly, leaving the kid a bloody mess.

Sarah tells George to give them 5 minutes and to go and see Samson. As he leaves, Sarah is left alone with Wes. Sarah actually bargains with Wes, and gives her information on the last disciple (Samson). It’s enough for Wes to phone in and initiate a Code Black and reverse time.

The Episode Review

George’s outburst at the end, with flashes to the past involving Sarah and George, seem to be indicative of the beginning of the end for these two. Sarah has now seen a different side to George, although fate would assume that he’s always been this way but he’s only now starting to fulfil that twisted prophecy.

There’s a decent ebb and flow to this series, which slowly fills in the gaps over what’s been happening and the missing puzzle pieces with each jump back in time. Everything here is geared up for a very dramatic finale, which promises to unfold this final loop in a surprising way. Roll on the next episode!

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