The Lazarus Project – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Running Into My Past Self

Episode 4 of Lazarus Project season 2 starts with us back on the plane again. The group somehow make it without dying, crashlanding on the runway in one piece. The Dane is dead though, and in the back, Becky comes tumbling out the toilet. It turns out they’re not in 2023 but actually 2018. This is the multiple reset year, and they restarted it 16 times, as we know. It turns out the computer in the plane has malfunctioned and that’s why they’ve been dropped off here by mistake.

Samson needs to break into the Lazarus Project to run some simulations and try to get them back on course again. But how does this Becky being in the wrong time period play into this?

Archie takes Samson into Lazarus HQ and leaves him at a laptop. She doesn’t want him to talk to anyone, while Archie heads off to “check something”. Specifically, she goes into Wes’ office and finds details surrounding Operation Midnight on the computer. Next, she heads down to the basement and bumps into Ross there. It’s an awkward confrontation, to say the least, but Archie manages to play her part well without arousing suspicion.

Dr Samson snatches up the laptop when Archie returns and the pair scarper away, the former spooked by something he’s seen. As for Rebrov, he shows up at the hospital where he finds baby Becky and Janet. He doesn’t interfere though but does watch from afar.

As for the others, they all hang out at the safe house, where Samson admits he’s found some code he doesn’t recognize. While the others get settled in, Archie feeds back to George what she’s found regarding Operation Midnight.

That night, George and Sarah talk. The latter is not open to the idea of fate and believes that there’s more going on here. As for George, he’s dead-set on their relationship being destiny. Strangely, George ends up running into Sarah in the shop while she’s out shopping. He asks for her advice with an assembly he’s teaching and she, in a cruel sense of irony, points out that it should be about road safety. The universe certainly has a sick sense of humour it seems!

When George feeds this back to our Sarah, they talk about what this meeting may have meant, tinged with both seriousness and a bit of banter too.

In Belarus, Archie shows up at an apartment and spies herself and Ross in the apartment across the way. This time though, our Archie shows up to see Ross at the restaurant after their night together. She outright asks about Operation Midnight and claims that Wes told her everything.

Ross does admit that his plan was to destroy the lab and kill Dr Gray. This “true time travel” that Dr Gray had created is huge and could change everything. Ross is convinced they’ve done the right thing, given Gray could have caused absolute chaos, and the Lazarus Project would be powerless to stop it. Wes doesn’t want anything getting out and for it to stay under wraps. Ross has leverage over Wes, which now puts the whole explosion into perspective. It would seem that Wes set this up to kill Ross and keep her secret.

While this is going on, Dr Samson tries to save the future. Unfortunately, Zhang realizes that The Dane is on a different mission to the rest of them, working against the team to take out the scientists.

As for Sarah she shows up at the party right after her past-self leaves following seeing Michael with that other girl. She approaches George and decides to find his “soul mate” who happens to be another Sarah. Sarah probes George over a question regarding happiness and contentment. The answer is good, but what happens next is anything but.

George receives a call from Lawrence, which actually happens to be our George from the future. He knocks out his past self, takes the clothes and heads back to the party. Of course, he’s unaware of this Sarah being our Sarah. Honestly, just writing this recap is a headache.

The two sit together and talk about the future, until they realize they’re both the future selves and not their past selves. Old George stumbles up after being knocked out and finds old Sarah sitting at the bus stop together. Our George and Sarah watch from afar (and not even subtly I may add, there’s tons of witnesses!) George comments how they always find each other, but Sarah isn’t so sure.

The scene unfortunately turns to proverbial shit as Bryson shows up and kills both Georges and Sarahs in cold blood. Becky shows up too and with a gun to Bryson’s back, learns that he’s inexplicably linked to George. He goes where George goes. Becky doesn’t shoot Bryson though, but instead tells him that he needs to work with them rather than against them.

Meanwhile, the surviving members of the team join together and learn about The Dane and the plot to kill all the scientists. Zhang believes that Wes sent The Dane to kill all the scientists, along with Becky and Janet, in one fell swoop. Even worse, someone actually hacked the machine that’s supposed to have sent them back to 2012, of all places. Kill the idea before it becomes an idea.

Samson warns that they’re going to 2012 whether they like it or not, even if the machine is fixed. Rebrov refuses to wait the 5 weeks for the loop to reset, and instead pulls the trigger, killing everyone in the room and then himself. They wake back up on the plane, and Samson gets to work fixing the machine. It does the trick too; they make it back to 2012 and this time, The Dane survives.

Rebrov holds him up at gunpoint, and when he reveals that he’s going to kill Janet, Becky is the one who pulls the trigger. Now that they’re in 2012, Rebrov decides they need to save Becky and Janet,

The Episode Review

We’re in dangerous territory here and the time travel rules have just got a whole lot more complicated. There’s definitely some flexibility and suspension of disbelief needed with these new timelines, especially meeting their younger selves, which would ordinarily create a paradox.

However, I guess with the time loops resetting time then we can kinda get around this a bit so it’s not too much of an issue, especially given the plot line in season 1.

More of an issue however, is the new plan, which sees everything back in 2012 and potentially with lots more drama and room for error. With the new checkpoint confirmed and the plan set into motion, quite how this one will play out is anyone’s guess.

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