The Lazarus Project – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Ghosts of Tomorrow

Episode 6 of The Lazarus Project picks up where we left off, deep in the heart of Romania. The Caretaker and George drive together while a car follows them in the distance. But who are these shadowy figures? Well, rewind 24 hours and we get our answer.

These men are actually mercenaries. They’ve taken out the real Caretaker and intend to seize control of Big Boy from The Lost Glory. Of course, they probably didn’t expect George to rock up, much less with him playing them at their own game. They want the detonator, and once they see it, intend to give the signal to strike and kill George.

However, George explains to the truck driver that only he can use the detonator. The gang, following from afar, agree to go along with his plan for now (communicating through his earpiece). Unfortunately, the truck breaks down and when they stop, George realizes he’s in trouble given the car behind isn’t moving. He takes out the driver, slamming his head repeatedly into the steering wheel, before going after the gang in the car behind them.

A stream of bullets rain through the air (which is super clever given there’s a nuclear warhead here!) culminating in George trapped under the truck. After being shot, George sets up a distraction and manages to kill all the gang members. Realizing he can’t move the warhead, George sets up the detonator for where they are and drives in his car away from the blast radius. He sets off Big Boy and watches as it explodes.

George manages to make it to the airport and off one of the last planes; a private jet back to London. George eventually makes it to the Lazarus Project but, obviously, it’s not the end of the world. Wes hasn’t issued a Code Black. There aren’t even any alarms going off.

George is questioned by Wes and Archie over what happened. He concocts a story that replaces himself in the narrative with Shiv and how he’s working in collusion with Blackbird. When he finds out there are only a minor number of casualties, and that the Russians aren’t looking to respond, George begins to grow nervous.

George’s story is pretty watertight though, especially when Wes learns about the code sent from Shiv’s phone. After this, George is taken out for a big meeting with Wes to show that you can resolve some conflicts with more than a gun.

Speaking to the Ambassador of Russia, Wes is confident that things aren’t going to escalate further. Unfortunately, this also means that George’s whole plan to get back to Sarah has been for nothing.

In order to kick things off again, George rings the Ambassador and tells her that the British are involved. He urges her to go and search for a blue Fiat with a British agent in (Shiv.) Believing she can trust him, the Ambassador calls George back in but is’n so quick to escalate things. George gets trigger-happy, killing the Ambassador and all the other agents and forcing her son (the only survivor here) to press the panic button.

When he’s invited into the agency to discuss more, George shoots the place up, killing the Ambassador and all the other agents and forcing them to press the panic button. It seems to work too and time is reversed. George is back with Sarah and finds himself in euphoric joy with the woman he thought he lost. However, this time everyone is after Shiv.

Shiv grabs a gun and immediately charges out the house, intending to find George. Archie also leaves, en-route to Shiv, while Rebrov chuckles as everything looks set to kick off in this timeline.

The Episode Review

So George finally gets back to his timeline, but at the expense of a lot of dead bodies on his conscience. There’s a price to pay for all of this and I’d imagine George is going to be the one to pay for that later on down the line.

Although these later episodes haven’t quite been as good as the opening chapters, there’s enough to enjoy nonetheless. The time travel mechanics are simple and sometimes that’s the best key to success with a show like this. The characters are all well-rounded and there’s enough intrigue with this to keep things unpredictable.

Quite what will happen between George and Shiv remains a mystery but one thing’s for sure – everything looks like it’s about to kick off in a big way.

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  1. As I can’t seem to find the surname for Shiva – before she was shot, which agent did the Russian leader say that she knew well, but that she doesn’t know him (George)? ●Thanks for doing Recap & Review for the Lazarus Project, a GREAT SHOW, which consistently shifts the ground & intrigues us, wondering what’s next.

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