The Law According to Lidia Poet – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

Who is Jacopo alleged to have killed?

The Prosecutor alleges that Jacopo killed Maya. He does not confess and the prosecutor takes it to be an insult, almost. Lidia and Teresa try to convince Enrico to take up the case. Maya was strangled with a wire. Lidia pays Maya’s pimp to talk about the case. She is told that Maya mostly kept to herself and did not know anyone outside of work. Lidia notices damage to her room’s window and outside, and construction work going on. As she is departing, Lidia learns that Maya used to frequent the market in Murazzi one day, on Wednesdays, of the week.

Marianna comes with Lorenzo and asks for her hand to her parents. They remain undecided but Teresa looks especially perturbed. Andrea tells Lidia about America. He asks her to come with him and gives her a ticket. Andrea says if she loses the appeal, she can come to the ship. Lidia asks him bluntly if he loves him. He even asks her to come if she does not want to marry him. She could just be herself in New York. Lidia leaves undecided.

How did Maya “screw over” Jacopo and what is the truth about her identity?

She goes to the market to learn about what Maya died in Murazzi. A prostitute tells her that Maya was the general’s favourite. Without thinking too much, Lidia boards the truck of soldiers who are taking the prostitutes from the spot back to their camp. There, Lidia is fancied by a solider. She asks to go in private and then knocks her unconscious. She meets General Valery, from episode 1, who was Adele’s father. He reveals that Maya used to work for him as a spy. Jacopo had turned into an anarchist while he was in Paris. Maya’s real name was Giorgia Villa.

Jacopo maintains his innocence. He tells Lidia and Enrico about Nicole. When Nicole met Louis, the leader of a violent rebellion, everything changed. She was so enchanted by Louis that she ran away with him one night. Jacopo was approached by the pair when they escaped prison and came to hide in Turin. The two tickets for Uruguay that we saw Jacopo purchase, were for Nicole and Louis. When Enrico leaves, Jacopo tells Lidia the couple is leaving the next day via a train from Genoa. He wanted to give the money to the train conductor to bribe him.

Lidia learns the location of the money and retrieves it. She meets Louis and Nicole and gives them the money. When Nicole offers to shake her hand, Lidia remembers Maya’s hand with a wiped-out tattoo, meaning she too was a part of the revolution. Lidia straightaway goes to Maya’s room. There, she finds books about anarchy, a letter from French authorities granting her to leave the country, and a photo, where she is seen with Nicole and Louis.

How does Teresa convince Lorenzo to stop his pursuit of Marianna?

Teresa visits Lorenzo with Albertina. The former praises Lorenzo’s character but denies giving him her blessing. It is not because of Lorenzo Teresa asks him to stop Marianna’s pursuit but because of her daughter. For the first few months, Marianna will love the view from Lorenzo’s room but then she will realize he does not have much to offer and will fancy someone richer. She loves herself more than she loves Lorenzo. Teresa gives him money and asks him to leave Marianna’s pursuit.

Who killed Maya? Is Jacopo released from prison?

Maya had actually given up Nicole and Louis to the police. They were after her for the betrayal. They came to Turin not to meet Jacopo but to kill Maya. Jacopo was merely a conduit for them. He is innocent but not for helping anarchists. Enrico and Lidia go to the freight train but the former is injured. Lidia goes alone with a revolver. She barely makes it on the train. She pulls the gun on Nicole and Louis. Nicole accepts killing Maya and Louis impatiently attacks her. In the chaos, he is thrown out of the moving train. Lidia asks Nicole to come and confess if she really loved Jacopo. And she does. Jacopo is released and Nicole is apprehended. Marianna comes crying to Teresa revealing Lorenzo has left her.

What does Lidia decide to do about New York?

It is the day of the decision on the appeal. The press is outside to cover the event and loads of women have come to support her. Anticlimactically, the Court rejects it and dismisses Lidia’s claim. Lidia leaves a note for the embers of the house and bids farewell without saying goodbye. As she is about to leave, she greets a crowd full of people cheering her on and admonishing the court’s decision. She sees Enrico standing at the end of the line and Jacopo too. Lidia gets teary-eyed and hugs her brother. Andrea picks her up in a carriage. But before we can see her board it, she looks back at the camera and we cut to black.

Given how the appeal went, it is unlikely that Lidia will be able to practice law again in Italy. At least in the show’s universe. The reality of what happened after Lidia Poet was disbarred is completely different from the depiction. That incident was pivotal in ushering a changed outlook of women in the workforce and their position in society was reevaluated entirely. Public debates and discussions ensued to make the case for women like Lidia who harboured greater ambitions in life than just playing a role within the family.

We cannot say for sure if Lidia went with Andrea or not. In real life, Lidia Poet did not leave for New York. She had spent the majority of her life working out of her brother Giovanni’s law office.

The Episode Review

The Law According to Lidia Poet’s finale was really satisfying. It brings an inspired close to the series. Most of the character plots and storylines were tied up well. We saw Lidia in an adventurous avatar, gleefully reminding one of Enola Holmes in the second part. There is truly no obstacle too tough for Lidia, who had the guts to confront “violent” rebels alone on a moving train with a gun that she has never fired before.

Marianna’s “crush” was ended by Teresa’s wit and wisdom. She was one character who kept her most chilling words saved up for the last. Isn’t that the story of so many people? We think we love someone, especially at that age, and cannot see anything beyond our affection. But Teresa’s calm in front of Lorenzo showed her experience and maturity in life.

Jacopo was exonerated and perhaps redeemed by Nicole’s display of love for him. It is a happy ending in season 1 for him as well, given his predicament in the final episode. One thing that did not get much attention in the finale either was the relationship between Lidia and Jacopo. There was a constant shift in how they felt toward each other. The characterization of that relationship was frustratingly ambiguous as it does not expand upon the romantic part of Lidia’s character.

Maybe it shows she still has a long way to go to mature romantically, or maybe it proves that she was firmly in control of what she wanted to do. Besides that minor pitfall, the finale did almost everything right.

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