The Lathums – From Nothing To A Little Bit More | Album Review

Track Listing 

Say My Name
I know Pt 1
Lucky Bean
Rise And Fall
Sad Face Baby
Land And Sky


The Lathums wear their hearts on their sleeves with From Nothing To A Little Bit More and they tell us through frank lyricism that the world is on the brink. From the very start of this record, the band momentously pushes their sound – and what a sound it is.

Being thought-provoking within your music is hard these days, and being original is even more complex, but this act knows how to shape and craft organic music that doesn’t cater to repetitiveness. They also know how to balance sound and lyricism well.

When listening on, the music will not disconnect you from your life or the world you know, but it will offer you a slender chance to dismiss oblivion.  And over in the corner you may sit and wonder, feeling strapped to the darkness, totally drawn to the gloom, asking yourself, how am I getting out of this mess? Well, music like this has the power to aid you in such situations.

The Lathums powerfully portray through their music missed opportunities; times when luck forces itself to die, and when the weight of consequence weighs heavily.

The album starts with ‘Struggle’. It’s a piano driven song, beautifully composed and sorrow fuelled. The vocal work is powerful and never strained. Lyrically it’s a sad track, confirming the band is hurting.

‘Facets’ have punk elements, while being intelligently weaved, charging up the album and breaking conventions. It’s a fiery track too while ‘Turmoil’ has piano vibes and soft vocals, boasting stunning melodies throughout. It’s a true highlight, orchestrating a brilliant aura.

The Lathums have developed an album with sheer determination to make an impact, and they’ve certainly made a statement here.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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