‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’ Ending Explained: Do Jennifer and Anthony get back together?

The Last Letter From Your Lover Plot Synopsis

You get two love stories for the price of one in this adaptation of Jojo Moye’s romantic novel. The first is set in the present day and chronicles the romance between Ellie and Rory who meet at the newspaper office where they both work. The second is set in 1965 and tells the story of a forbidden romance between Jennifer and Anthony who meet after he arrives at her French villa to interview her husband for a news story.

The second romance features far more heavily than the first and it is partly told via the letters that Ellie finds when combing through the archive department at her workplace. She becomes emotionally invested in the lovers’ affair when she realises the relationship between the two didn’t last. Saddened by this, Ellie decides to reunite Jennifer and Anthony but getting them together isn’t easy.

Does Ellie succeed in her matchmaking mission? Keep reading to find out.

How did Jennifer and Anthony fall in love?

Jennifer was already in a relationship before Anthony arrived on the scene. She was married to Laurence but sadly, their marriage was probably one of convenience rather than love.

Anthony re-ignited a spark in Jennifer that had long since fizzled out and when Laurence left the island for a few days, Jennifer and Anthony were able to spend time with one another. In between the sailing and sunbathing on the beach, the two also had conversations about life, love, and romance. It wasn’t long before Anthony and Jennifer fell in love but as she was still married to Laurence, there were obvious problems ahead.

After Laurence returned from his business trip, Anthony returned to his home in London. Poor Jennifer was then left to pine for what might have been while stuck in her loveless marriage.

Did Jennifer see Anthony again?

Yes! At the end of the summer, Jennifer returned to the London home she shared with her husband. Anthony wrote her a letter asking if she wanted to resume their romance. She agreed, of course, and they dived back into the passionate affair that began in France.

Unfortunately, their love affair hit another roadblock when Anthony was offered a job in New York. Jennifer was then left with a choice: stay with Laurence or move to the US with Anthony.

What did Jennifer decide to do?

Jennifer decided to leave with Anthony. But on her way to meet him at the train station, she was involved in a car accident. This left her with a mild case of amnesia and as such, she forgot all about Anthony and her chances of a new life.

Assuming that he had been stood up at the train station, Anthony moved to New York alone.

Did Jennifer get her memory back?

Yes. After finding an old letter from Anthony that Laurence had found and hidden away, she remembered the love affair. As luck would have it, Anthony turned up in London again and Jennifer met up with him before he returned to New York.

The reunited lovers resumed their relationship but when he invited her to leave with him, she told him that she needed to stay behind to look after her daughter. The next day, she changed her mind. But at this point, it was too late. When she visited the London newspaper office where he had been working, she is told that he had resigned. For some reason, Ellie then decided to leave the romantic letters that Anthony had sent her with the newspaper editor.

Did Jennifer and Anthony ever get back together?

After 50 years apart, Jennifer and Anthony finally met up with one another again.

This was thanks to Ellie, who found the letters that Jennifer had left at the newspaper office. After learning of their doomed relationship, she decided to play matchmaker by getting in touch with the now-retired Jennifer and Anthony.

At first, Jennifer is unsure about getting back together with the man she once loved. But when Anthony sends her one last letter to invite her to a park where they had met all those years previously, she decides to meet up with him again.

We don’t know for sure if the two resumed their relationship. But as the film ends with an imagined image of the younger versions of themselves getting on the train that Jennifer missed in the past, it can be assumed that they did get back together.

Did Ellie and Rory have their happily-ever-after?

Presumably. Their romance isn’t fleshed out in the film but they seem to learn valuable lessons about love from the experiences that Jennifer and Anthony went through. As such, it can be assumed that they did have a life together. After all, why wait 50 years to get a second chance at love when you can get it in the present!



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