The Lake – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Death on Denial

Justin has identified the perpetrator of the boathouse fire and takes everybody on a boat trip to come up with a strategy to identify the culprit. He and Billie disclose the new location, where they intend to construct the new boathouse, as well as add that the person responsible for the fire is currently on that boat.

Justin and Billie investigate everyone and their potential as the arsonist. All of them are, of course, accusing the other while acting defensively.

Whoreen admits to setting the boathouse on fire when Justin questions her about it. Whoreen elaborates on her motivation for doing so.

She was displeased that Justin’s wedding forced the cancellation of the Canasta competition. She was also disappointed that no one attended her wedding, so she was upset to see everybody gather for Justin and Riley’s wedding ceremony. She was aware that as long as the boathouse remained intact, everybody would only recognize her for being a horny home wrecker.

After searching for her partner, Maisy discovers that the man is getting inked and she panics. Victor claims he had to finish his work in order to honor his hard work throughout the year.

When Billie considers the thought of having a relationship with Forrest, she comes to the conclusion that perhaps being alone is the best course of action for her to take. She informs Forrest that they would get along better as friends during the Bush Prom.

Billie ends her relationship with Forrest and goes to find Ivy, making amends for upsetting her. They have a moment together before heading to the dance floor.

Riley comes up to Justin during the dance to chat with him about life. Riley lets on that he won’t be traveling to Brussels, as well as asking Justin whether or not he still loves him. Justin responds that he does. He claims he’d like to try again when Riley asks whether or not they can.

The board decides not to sue Whoreen for destroying the boathouse. Then, as a show of support for the new boathouse, Maisy gets to the stage. As soon as she leaves, her mom gives her the key to the home as promised.

After handing Maisy the keys, Mimsy explains that because she didn’t receive the boathouse payment, she borrowed $950,000 against the house’s equity. While Maisy triumphs in the conflict, Mimsy claims victory in the war.

Mimsy wants Justin and Maisy to share the cottage. Maisy approaches Justin to discuss it, and the two shake hands. Riley speaks softly, “Let’s have a baby”, into Justin’s ear when Justin tells him the exciting news.

The Episode Review

In this episode, Justin was searching for information about the boathouse arsonist, and while that’s going on, Maisy attempts to cope with the reality that her mom is dying.

The fact that Whoreen is the arsonist has little effect because we haven’t seen much of her over the course of the two seasons combined. Her motivations are also petty and silly, making the mystery somewhat disappointing. To make matters worse, the families spared her from receiving the punishment she deserved. So in the end, the second season ends on a rather underwhelming note, which can really be used to describe this follow-up series.

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