The Lake – Season 2 Episode 7 “Tour De Force” Recap & Review

Tour De Force

Episode 7 of The Lake season 2 begins with Billie and Justin devising a plan to deceive Billie’s parents when they arrive, as they’re unaware that she was fired from her internship. Riley then shows up from Paris.

Opal and Mimsy are getting along, while Maisy and Victor observe the two of them bonding. Maisy appears upset in light of the news of Mimsy’s illness, so she goes for a swim in the lake.

When Billie’s mother, Naomi, arrives, Justin and Riley keep her in the dark about Billie being fired from her internship. Naomi then requests that Billie accompany her on the tour alone.

Billie takes her mother on the internship tour, where Forrest assists her in deceiving her mother. Meanwhile, Riley appears to be upset with Justin. Soon after, Jayne enters and says that she has discovered the ideal location for a new boathouse. She then informs them that the owner will only sell it to a legacy Laker.

Thereafter, Riley and Justin, as well as Jayne and Wayne, pose as perfect couples and attempt to buy the property from the owner.¬†Things go according to Billie’s plan… until they run into Maisy.

Maisy informs Naomi about Billie being fired, so Naomi then confronts Billie about it. However, Naomi comes to understand Billie’s point of view. Naomi tells Billie to be honest with her no matter what.

The owner realizes Justin, Riley, Jayne, and Wayne are lying to her. She then refuses to hand over the property and asks them to leave.

Naomi and Justin have a brief conversation about him not lying to her. She then leaves, bidding Justin and Billie farewell. After a while, Justin informs Billie that he knows who the arsonist is and that he needs her help to expose him.

Jayne wants to hook up with Wayne towards the end of the episode but Wayne refuses to sleep with her and leaves.

The Episode Review

This episode proves why Justin is a poor parental figure.¬† We see Justin help Billie lie to her mother. Jayne, who previously separated from Wayne for a ridiculous reason, also tries to sleep with him here too. This season, the show’s character arcs are so thin that they’re basically non-existent.

The episode concludes with Justin telling Billie that he knows who the arsonist is. It would appear that Justin is going to catch the arsonist in the upcoming episode, given it’s basically the finale. Despite the incredulous nature of the story, it’ll be interesting to find out who the arsonist has been all along.

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