The Lake – Season 2 Episode 6 “Dying to Know” Recap & Review

Dying to Know

Episode 6 of The Lake season 2 begins with Maisy thanking Jayne for her assistance in finding a venue for the talent show. Maisy asks Jayne if she would like to pick up Tegan and Sara from the airport, but she appears star-struck by the visitor in question. Jayne is ecstatic though and gladly agrees.

Following that, Maisy tells Victor about her plan to persuade the families at the boathouse to agree to build a new one.

Justin is excited about the talent show, and following that, he spots Riley’s reports but Billie refuses to let him look at them. Billie then informs Justin of her plans, stating that she has asked someone to come over.

To Billie’s horror, Forrest shows up instead of Ivy. Billie ends up making out with him, and after a while, Ivy shows up as well. Billie ends up taking Forrest and Ivy to different places and she makes out with both of them turn by turn with the help of Justin. Both Forrest and Ivy are unaware that Billie is leading both of them on.

Wayne drives Jayne to the airport because she is eager to meet Tegan and Sara. Even though he knows Maisy is taking advantage of her, he still lets her have her moment because she believes it is her time to shine.

After a huge mix-up, Ivy and Forrest discover that Billie is playing both of them. They then ask Billie to choose who she wants to be with, and she chooses Forrest. After being thoroughly disappointed, Ivy leaves.

Maisy learns that Jayne did not arrive at the airport to pick up Tegan and Sara. Jayne’s car tire has been punctured, leaving her stranded. She is hesitant to answer Maisy’s call and eventually fails to update her on the situation.

Tegan and Sara eventually leave so Mimsy and Maisy take over the event. They end up performing together, and everyone applauds. Thereafter, the families agree to a new boathouse. As a result, Maisy’s plans and hard work pay off.

Later that night, Justin is crushed and tells Maisy that he saw Riley’s cancer reports. Maisy reveals that the reports are Mimsy’s, not Riley’s but in the wake of this, Maisy appears puzzled.¬†As the episode wraps up, Billie informs Justin that her parents are planning a visit.

The Episode Review

If this season has taught us anything, it is that unacceptable behavior in this show has no consequences. Throughout, we see Billie leading Forrest and Ivy on, who are siblings. Furthermore, Justin, like the other parents on the show, is a poor parental figure, and this episode is an excellent example of that.

The show has a paper-thin storyline as well as morally repulsive characters whose actions are constantly justified in the show. This episode fails to entertain but hopefully the upcoming episodes do.

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