The Lake – Season 2 Episode 2 “A Berry Special Episode” Recap & Review

A Berry Special Episode

Justin makes an effort to fix the situation involving the boathouse as episode 2 of The Lake begins. Given that Justin destroyed the boathouse, all the families who reside near the lake are upset with him. When Justin and Billie try to convince everyone that Justin wasn’t responsible for the explosion, they’re ignored.

To show that Mimsy is healthy, Maisy looks for evidence. Billie’s mind shifts into an uncertain mode as she hesitates to accept the valuable internship as she isn’t sure if she accepted the position to please her parents or for herself.

Justin attempts to apologize to Riley in order to make things right with him. Thereafter, they end up having sex. Riley then forces Justin to leave, making it clear that he hasn’t forgiven him.

Billie takes Justin’s place by going berry picking with Opal, Maisy, Mimsy, Wayne, and Victor. After a while, Billie gets lost in the woods. Whilst there though, Billie befriends Ivy, who comforts her and gives her water.

While berry picking, Maisy tries to convince Opal that Mimsy is most likely lying about her illness. Opal, on the other hand, tries to persuade her that Mimsy is not lying. With Wayne’s assistance, Victor attempts to reconnect with his hobbies.

Justin tries to assist Ulrika in rebuilding the boathouse. Thereafter, Ulrika informs him that she has resigned as president. Jayne is then introduced as the boathouse’s new president. Following this, Jayne refuses to let Justin help her.

Mimsy discovers that Maisy has taken her phone. Maisy then confronts her mother, who tries to assure her that she is truly ill, and she even agrees to sign over the cottage on the last day of her stay at the lake. However, Mimsy is skeptical of her mother’s intentions.

Justin discovers evidence indicating that the boathouse was set on fire by someone. When the episode comes to an end, Billie informs Justin of her intentions to spend the summer at the lake instead, doing a tree-planting internship.

The Episode Review

This episode builds on the tension established in the previous one. We understand that Justin has ruined his relationship with Riley, and Maisy is attempting to expose her mother’s deception about her illness.

The episode concludes with Justin discovering that the boathouse was set on fire on purpose. But who did it? Billie also informs Justin that she will be spending the remainder of her summer vacation with him. It will be interesting to see how things progress from here.

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