The Lake – Season 2 Episode 1 “Two Become Run” Recap & Review

Two Become Run

Episode 1 of The Lake season 2 shows Justin running through the woods while crackers are bursting in the distance. The events that led up to Justin running are revealed to us as we are taken back in time.

In the excitement of Billie’s arrival, Justin has returned to the lake. Justin and Riley have been dating for a year and since he believes that the time is right, Riley proposes to Justin. In light of the pressure caused by his recent divorce, Justin initially hesitates. He eventually agrees though given that he loves Riley.

Billie arrives at the lake, certain that she is only going to stay with Justin for a week before leaving to work as an intern at an environmental office. She runs into Forrest, a tree-planting volunteer who showed up at the same location, and they instantly click. Thereafter, when Justin meets Billie, they share a heartfelt moment.

Mimsy, Maisy’s complex mother, is at last presented to viewers. Mimsy tells Maisy and her family that Killian called earlier on. It turns out she was able to get him a modeling contract. It’s unclear at this time whether Killian accepted the position or not.┬áMaisy isn’t fond of her mom though, as Mimsy has a challenging, opinionated, and somewhat controlling nature.

As a result of their divorce, Jayne and Wayne split custody of their children. Wayne tells his children that he hopes to win Jayne over during the holiday week.

Justin and Riley make their engagement announcement over a meal at Maisy’s. They do not wish to make a big deal out of it, so they’re planning a quick ceremony in the Boathouse the following day. Following that, Mimsy says that she has a serious illness and will soon pass away.

Maureen is forced to postpone her event because of the wedding, while Justin buys firecrackers which will be set off after the ceremony.

It seems like everything is going smoothly during Justin and Riley’s wedding festivities. However, as the ceremony progresses, Justin experiences a panic attack when reality sets in. He then bolts from the event. Meanwhile, the firecrackers ignite the Boathouse, which is then destroyed.

Riley won’t listen to Justin when he returns to the cottage and tries to explain the situation to him. Riley requests that Justin leave, but he tells him that he doesn’t mind if Billie stays. Following that, Justin goes to live with Maisy at her home.

The Episode Review

The episode gives us an overview of the difficulties the families residing by the lake will face this winter. Justin ruins his relationship with Riley, and it seems he’ll do everything in his power to win her back over as a result. As previously stated during the episode, Wayne is attempting to win Jayne over too.

This chapter keeps up the tone of the previous season while being lighthearted and entertaining. Having said that, it seems like the story was wrapped up by the end of season one, so adding a second seems like a bit of a stretch. However, it will be intriguing to see how this season progresses.

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