The Kingdoms of Ruin – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Witch Doroka

Episode 6 of The Kingdoms of Ruin begins with Doroka using the love spell to halt Yamato and the other soldiers, causing them to freeze. Adonis urges her to kill him, but she pleads with Yamato to end the fight between humans and witches.

Doroka releases him from the spell, and he immediately jumps on her, beginning to punch her. Despite this, she begs him to command his troops to retreat. He is appalled by her request, but she uses the love spell again and persuades him to agree.

Just then, Adonis drives a blade through his head and kills him. Impressed by her use of the love spell, he asks Doroka to join him in destroying humanity.

Back on Earth, the officer reports to His Majesty that they do not have a live feed but believe their troops will return victorious. His Majesty rejoices and clings to his queen in appreciation. She congratulates him and tells him his purpose has been fulfilled.

His Majesty displays signs of being under the love spell. The queen then urges him to give up his life, and he jumps off the building. The officers report back, claiming there is a witch, but she uses the love spell on them as well, compelling them to take their own lives. She now goes by the name of Ms. Dorothea, no longer the queen.

Adonis asks Doroka to join him, but she refuses. He then attacks and kills all the other soldiers there as she watches. She threatens to use the love spell on him, but he challenges her, claiming she will die soon after. He exterminates all the guards and rips off Yamato’s face.

He places the skin on his own face and uses Paravoice to send a video communication to Earth, asserting that all the witches have been exterminated and that he will be returning to Earth. Theta suspects it isn’t Yamato but rather Adonis.

The people on Earth initiate the teleportation to bring back Yamato but stand with their guns pointed at the teleportation point to shoot down Adonis at the end of The Kingdoms of Ruin episode 6.

The Episode Review

The series loves to end episodes on cliffhangers and specific endings that suggest Adonis might be dead. Surprisingly, Doroka learned nothing from being killed and brought back to life, and she still believes there can be peace between humans and witches. Considering the fact that there are literally just a handful of witches left alive, this is a very infuriating stance for her to take.

The Kingdoms of Ruin episode 6 leaves us on yet another cliffhanger, leaving us questioning what the next trick up Adonis’ sleeve will be to show up alive in the next episode. The episode also introduces a new character named Dorothea. The witch seems to be playing both sides as it appears she executed the mission against the witches through His Majesty and then made him kill himself.

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