The Kingdoms of Ruin – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 5 begins with Adonis resurrecting Doroka instead of Chloe, calling it even. Madam Ophelia is appalled that he didn’t resurrect Chloe, but he reveals that he has a chip embedded in him, giving the armies of Earth knowledge of their location.

He crushes the chip, causing an explosion that sets the Mito tree ablaze. Moments later, soldiers begin to teleport. Aurea uses her magic to sprinkle water on the tree and extinguish the flames, but the soldiers kill her. Santa Marie suits up the witches in battle gear and a war wages between the witches and humans.

Yamato attacks Adonis, but Adonis takes his gun and shoots him repeatedly until Doroka intervenes.

The witches Crystal Maya, Dakya, and Greeana use their magic to take out multiple soldiers. Madam Ophelia uses her magic to collect all the soldiers into a ball and crush them, causing a shower of blood. However, by then the second squad arrives and takes out a few witches.

On Earth, Dynasma questions Theta’s carelessness in letting the witches hijack a satellite and build a base on the moon.

Yamato has a flashback of himself standing before Yuki’s body, recovering in a fluid-filled capsule, appreciating her actions, and wishing she recover soon so they can live a happy life together.

Yamato takes the opportunity to land a swift punch on Adonis. He unleashes a slash aimed at Adonis, which travels the entire open field. Adonis dodges it, but it ends up killing multiple witches, including Madam Ophelia and Doroka. Anna uses duplication magic to cancel her death but ends up getting killed herself.

The fight between Adonis and Yamato continues as they exchange attacks. The other witches have very little hope left and decide to side with Adonis to ensure survival. More soldiers arrive.

Yamato uses maximum electrothermal output to create a tornado and then stabs Adonis in the chest with his sword. Adonis responds by using Caliburn to chop off Yamato‘s left arm. The other witches beg for mercy at the hands of the soldiers.

Yamato approaches Adonis with his sword to kill him at the end of The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 5.

The Episode Review

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 5 presents a well-thought-out plan executed by Adonis. However, at this point, it’s difficult to judge what the morally better thing to do is. To begin with, he resurrects Doroka instead of Chloe, which is questionable in itself. He then proceeds to destroy the Mito tree, guaranteeing that he will not be able to bring her back.

He then reveals the tracker chip, which allows the army of Earth to know his location and invade. Adonis’ actions reveal that he cares about neither the witches nor the humans and has an extremely dystopian outlook on the entire situation. However, he does care about one thing only: killing as many humans as he can, without any regard for the sacrifices he has to make to accomplish it.

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