The Kingdoms of Ruin – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Kingdoms of Ruin

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 4 begins with the witches performing a heterophase transfer on Adonis while he growls in pain. Following that, Madam Ophelia gets him back to his senses.

We get a flashback of Adonis’ death, where Anne, the soldier who killed him reveals she used duplication magic to cancel his death. She then takes him to the nation of witches. As he regains consciousness, Madam Ophelia thanks him for fighting for them and shows gratitude.

After resting for some time, a witch then takes him in a wheelchair to Madam Ophelia. On questioning, she tells him why Chloe was cast out of the nation of witches and expresses her wishes to resurrect Chloe. She also returns Adonis’ quill, which Chloe had made.

Just then, Adonis sees Earth through the ceiling, and Ophelia reveals that they reside on the moon, away from humans. She shows them the gravestones of the witches. She then takes him to Mito and explains that it is the tree on which witches are created.

Adonis questions her if one of the witches is Chloe, but she explains she will only be one if Adonis uses his magic to make her into Chloe. Following that, Adonis lay under the Mito tree, contemplating what he should do next.

Just then, Anne arrives and expects him to be grateful, claiming Doroka died for him. Adonis walks away, showing no sympathy. She states that he is a human just like the others and doesn’t deserve to be saved.

Adonis claims that they also only saved him to bring back Chloe so they could use her to dominate the humans. He reveals what Doroka told him in her final moments. He claims that he will resurrect Chloe and will only follow her orders, even if she is against the witches.

The following evening, they begin the ritual, and Adonis casts the spells to write his memories of Chloe into the witch. She recalls the nostalgic moments he spent with Chloe and their bond. Chloe is created through his memories of her at the end of The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Our suspicions were confirmed; Adonis’ death was faked, and the witches saved him with magic. As The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 4 progresses, another major plot point is revealed. It turns out that the witches’ actions have a personal agenda behind them. This shifts our perception of the seemingly pure image of the witches that was portrayed in previous episodes.

When Anne confronts Adonis about his indifference, it becomes clear that only Adonis can bring back Chloe, and only Chloe can create the Quills to manipulate humans into fighting each other. This puts the two of them in an indispensable position. However, we can expect there to be a catch in the plan to balance the powers out.

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