The Kingdoms of Ruin – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Gentle Death

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 3 begins with soldiers mercilessly dispatching the witches before the horrified eyes of Mia and Doroka. Urging Doroka to flee and seek refuge with Madam Ophelia, Mia sacrifices herself, taking a fatal bullet.

Doroka lies lifeless after being struck by the sniper, but Adonis implores her for a swift method to revive Chloe. At that moment, the guards descend upon them, raining a barrage of bullets upon Doroka, sealing her fate. As they close in on Adonis, he summons his magic to form a protective shield around him. When they open fire, he redirects the bullets, dispatching the guards.

The sniper readies a colossal shell, but Adonis intercepts it, enlarges it, and hurls it back, vanquishing the sniper. Meanwhile, Yamato awaits Yuki as she endeavors to restart the DAM and nullify the witches’ powers. Upon reaching the DAM, she encounters resistance from Theta, who enlightens them about the dire consequences of using the device on humanity. It dawns on Yamato that even his majesty bears the brunt of the radiation’s effects.

Simultaneously, Adonis continues his relentless assault on the soldiers. Yuki, in a rash decision, rushes to activate the machine, which in turn disables Adonis’ powers. Yet, both Yuki and Theta are left in critical condition. Adonis swiftly commands the troops to advance.

At a critical juncture, a lone soldier closes in on Adonis, poised to strike him down. A portion of the building collapses between them and the others, creating a rift. The soldier severs his head, triumphantly displaying it to the remaining troops, who exult in their perceived victory.

His Majesty addresses the gathered crowd, asserting that he should have eliminated Adonis long ago. In the classroom, Eri watches the speech. Her classmates question her about why a human boy would support the witches. One of them confronts Eri, insisting she witnessed Eri’s actions, but Eri defends herself, asserting it was a natural response.

Later that evening, Eri visits the memorial, laying flowers for her fallen boyfriend as she reminisces about his final moments before her escape. Yet, she finds herself drawn to images of Adonis. In that moment, Oz arrives, casually commenting on her perusal of Adonis’ pictures. He promises not to divulge her secret, but the instant she departs, he contacts the authorities, falsely claiming that she’s under the influence of terrorists, prompting them to apprehend her.

The scene at the end of The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 3 shifts to Charmy scrutinizing Adonis’ body and declaring it a counterfeit.

The Episode Review

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 3 delivers the long-anticipated turning point. Previous episodes may have left you questioning Adonis’ motives. Given the heart-wrenching loss of Chloe, it becomes evident that his urgency stems from a race against time, knowing he’ll be rendered powerless once the machine activates. Adonis’ actions are driven not by a thirst for vengeance, but by a desperate bid to prevent further tragedy.

As the episode draws to a close, a startling revelation shatters preconceptions. The purported body of Adonis proves to be a decoy, unveiling the astonishing truth: he is very much alive. This unexpected turn of events owes itself to the strategic collapse of the building, obscuring the view of the other soldiers. It appears that the soldier responsible for the beheading may have an undisclosed alliance with Adonis, deepening the intrigue.

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