The Kingdoms of Ruin – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Eyes That Were Lost

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 10 commences with the confrontation between Adonis and Doroka, facing Shirousagi. The intelligence unit obtains visuals through the drone. Adonis inquires about the two heads, but Shirousagi coldly claims they were merely in his way. Using the floating arms, Shirousagi crushes Adonis’ bike.

Shirousagi makes the two heads kiss, which Doroka protests against. Adonis attempts to intervene, but Shirousagi strikes him with a powerful punch, sending him flying. Despite Adonis trying to shoot, Shirousagi swiftly dodges the bullets. Adonis resorts to magic, enlarging a bullet, yet Shirousagi slides right under it. Doroka uses her love spell to restrict his movement, but Shirousagi breaks free of the spell and reveals he is already under the queen’s love spell.

Suddenly, Shirousagi releases the hummingbird. Doroka, still determined to aid Adonis, forges a sword for herself and armor for Adonis. The hands charge at them from all angles, and they engage in combat, destroying the arms. Although they manage to hold them off, they discover that there are simply too many.

Shirousagi launches a barrage of attacks on the duo, but Adonis counters them with a spell, forming a huge ball around them. They charge at him like a cannonball. Despite advice to dodge, he withdraws the hands and employs them to halt the ball’s momentum.

Following this, Adonis breaks out of the ball and charges to attack Shirousagi, who counters with the arms. Doroka jumps out to surprise attack Shirousagi but only manages to stab him in the foot. Shirousagi then strikes both Doroka and Adonis who uses his spell to ensnare Shirousagi.

But Shirousagi uses hand movements to command a few of his hands to restrain Adonis from writing any more spells. Meanwhile, Doroka summons the courage to grasp the sword and prepares to stab Shirousagi, but he uses a hand to drag her by the hair, suspending her in midair. He then breaks free from Adonis’ spell and instructs the hands to gouge her eyes at the end of The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 10.

The Episode Review

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 10 delivers an action-packed sequence as well as a sad ending, and this time, it doesn’t seem like there is going to be a last-minute recovery. The action sequence features an all-out battle between Adonis and Doroka against Shirousagi.

Doroka held them back for most of the battle, and it would have been better if she had stepped back from the fight since it led to her losing her eyesight in the battle, while Adonis was held down and made to watch. However, the action does have a lot of loopholes. Both Adonis and Shirousagi had amazing powers but completely failed to utilize them well.

The most obvious thing for Shirousagi to do after holding Adonis down would have been to snatch his pen, yet the pen lay right in front of him. This could have been how Adonis redeems himself in battle. Adonis’ spell is an amazing weapon against hands and could have been used both offensively and defensively throughout the fight against Shirousagi.

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