The Kingdom (El Reino) Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

For The Good of The Republic

What happens to Remigio in prison?

Season 1 of The Kingdom begins this finale with Osorio confronting Remigio in prison. He wants the man to confess to all these child abuse crimes. Remigio scoffs, calling him crazy; he’s certainly not going to take the fall for this.

Well, Osorio has collateral in the form of Tadeo and Jonathan. They’re both captured and held hostage. After a brief face-time call, Remigio is at a stalemate, telling Osorio to let them go free before he agrees to anything.

Julio takes Ana to the airport and sees her off while Candia finds herself at a roadblock too, unsure where else to turn with this case. The only card she has left is to try and get Remigio to confess.

Visiting the prison, she’s told to wait, while Osorio forces Remigio to write a written confession to the abuse charges. As soon as he does, alarms wail in the prison as guards race up to the scene. Candia does too, where she finds Remigio has hung himself, with a neat suicide note thrown on the ground too.

After this tragic incident and the case now marked as solved, Candia is transferred and given a new assignment too. Her team have also been transferred, each disbanded and forced off to different branches. Candia is furious, unable to contain her rage as she marches out the office and tries to work out what to do next.

Meanwhile, Osorio takes Emilio aside to discuss some private matters. He confirms that the case has been closed but makes sure he keeps this child abuse close to hand to use as leverage over him if needed. Well, the pair discuss divvying up the different branches of government, with Osorio taking his fair share as Emilio prepares to step up into his leadership role.

Does Jonathan really have powers?

Despite Tadeo and Jonathan getting on a bus and going free, the coach is stopped on the road by a couple of armed goons. The pair are clever though, sensing this was going to happen, and skip town on the back of a truck.

Apparently Jonathan used his “powers” to skip off the back of the bus, transporting out to the wilderness where Tadeo encourages the boy to lay low. The pair make it to the Argentinian border, where Jonathan touches the man’s hand and claims that everything is okay. After some contemplation, the guard lets them go.

As the pair head into Bolivia (or out, depending on your perspective given they’re walking away from the border) Tadeo and Jonathan discuss their current situation. Not only that, Jonathan grimly retorts that dark times are coming.

Now, whether Jonathan really has powers or not is up for debate. It’s clear the show is setting up an angle akin to Messiah, and the pair could have skipped off the coach via a compartment leading down into the luggage area and beyond.

They also could have crawled under the seats or even out an emergency door. Then again, stranger things have happened on the small screen! If Jonathan really does have powers though, it would certainly be an intriguing and ironic turn of events given what Emilio preaches.

Does Emilio seize power?

After a short pep-talk from Osorio, Emilio steps up to greet the people of Argentina. As he recites his speech, news of the current President of Argentina suddenly dying sends shockwaves around the room.

Well, just as Emilio gets into hiss groove, Osorio throws a wildcard in the room. Ana wanders in, with a guard behind her, while Osorio has all the doors locked. She’s just in time to see Emilio name Julio Clemens as his Chief of Staff – while Ana watches the whole event play out. It’s the last thing he wants but Ana’s disgust is evident to see. She turns and finally walks away, allowed to go free after witnessing this.

How does The Kingdom end?

Even worse, this appointment sees Emilio make immediate changes to the justice system. He also blames false prophets as one of the root causes of the country failing. As everyone stands up and gives him a rapturous applause, Osorio rings his contact and tells them that minus a few glitches and hiccups, he’s on-course. Up on stage, Elena and Emilio hold hands as the season comes to a close.

The Episode Review

So The Kingdom bows out with an ending that really doesn’t resolve very much. In fact, there’s more questions than answers with this one when the final credits roll.

There’s an interesting undercurrent of supernatural occurrences in this but whether it’ll go the same root as The Messiah or not remains to be seen. Let’s hope this isn’t cancelled like that show either, as it would definitely sour what we’ve been given so far.

However, with Remigio dead and Emilio rising to power, it’s obvious that this man is just a puppet for Osorio to use. It’s also clear that Osorio is working for a higher power, but quite who that is remains to a mystery.

While some of the acting has been pretty good, and the story itself an intriguing slow burn, the lack of a conclusive finish here is a bit disappointing. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out if this one will be renewed.

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