The Kingdom (El Reino) – Episode 4 “The Ring of Slime” Recap & Review

The Ring of Slime

Episode 4 of The Kingdom begins with Candia convinced that Remigio was not acting alone. However, they’ve got 24 hours to try and find some clue or scrap of evidence to go on, otherwise the case is going to be closed. The race is on.

Meanwhile, Julio worries about Ana. Given she’s been shredding all the documents, he reminds her to be careful and to make sure nothing can be traced back. Despite being the youngest daughter, she’s also the one who’s the most suspicious right now.

However, Elena has the most to gain from Armando’s death, and further revelations are brought to light when we learn she was having an affair with Remigio.

Meanwhile, Candia looks over the footage from the political event. She notices the banner draped over Emilio’s shoulders and believes this could well be the key sign for the killer to act. Given Armando’s back was turned at the time, it’s all circumstantial but does seem to hold some weight. So naturally, Elena is brought in for questioning.

Although she doesn’t give anything away to the police, unbeknownst to her she’s being wiretapped and all of her phone conversations have been recorded and stored on a series of USB flash-drives, hidden away in an unknown house.

When she leaves, Candia looks over the footage again and notices Elena place her hand across her breast. This seems to be a sign that she could well be lying and asking for forgiveness from God.

Meanwhile, Tadeo follows the clues given by Remigio, looking up Jon 2:10 in the Bible. He doesn’t give much away but does visit Julio, requesting to see Remigio. Julio knows there’s more to this but Tadeo is tight-lipped and refuses to let up, eventually leading to Julio walking away in frustration.

Tadeo however, greets a young boy in the church and reassures him that he can trust him. Well, he leads Tadeo up to the roof, where that child we saw at the start of the season is being kept.

Meanwhile, a young woman is beaten down for information. She claims she doesn’t know anything about Remigio and Elena’s affair, but she’s eventually run over and left for dead. However, a picture is taken and used to rile up Remigio in prison, who in turn shouts for DC Candia.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. The midway point of this series marks an important step for the investigation as it seems like Elena may actually be the one behind all of this after all. She’s definitely been acting suspicious all season long, and her ties with Ana and the shredded documents seem to reinforce this further.

Meanwhile, it’s still unknown exactly what direction this Julio/Remigio/Tadeo situation is going but there’s certainly an intriguing aspect to this.

Either way, this political thriller has been pretty good so far, even if it is a bit of a slow burn at times. Let’s hope the show rewards us with some solid revelations going forward!

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