The Kill Room (2023) Ending Explained – Does Reggie escape his criminal life?

The Kill Room Plot Summary

Highly-skilled assassin Reggie (Joe Manganiello) is struggling with anger issues when the company he works for runs into some problems. To justify their finances, they decide on a new way to hide their money after the guy who used to launder it is arrested and put behind bars for years. 

This is where art curator Patrice (Uma Thurman) comes into the fold. She is in debt and has a struggling art gallery that is always empty, but Reggie’s boss Gordon decides to strike a deal with her that will benefit both parties. 

What happens at the party? 

Patrice finds a load of blood-soaked plastic bags at Reggie’s apartment and hangs them in the gallery on a piece of cardboard. Patrice names the art piece “The Reflection of Consumerism.” In reality, they are plastic bags Reggie used to kill his targets. Patrice throws a party to unveil Reggie’s new art piece and introduces her new clients. Patrice thought Gordon and Reggie were small-time drug dealers who were looking to launder money, but at the party, she discovers Reggie is a hitman when she sees the plastic bags close up. 

She ends up puking on his “art piece” and begins thinking about how much prison time she’ll get for laundering money for a bagel shop that kills people. She thinks her career is over, but it has the opposite effect, and her gallery’s reputation goes through the roof. Reggie also makes headlines at the Herald, with his piece being cited as “emotionally complex, yet accessible.”

Reggie’s boss is less than thrilled and believes the art will land them in prison, so he tells Patrice and Reggie not to attract unwanted attention to it, as it could hurt the “real” business. 

What is the Red File? 

Reggie has had it with his criminal life and decides he doesn’t want to kill people anymore, which is career suicide for a hitman, right? He wants to paint and put his feelings onto a canvas instead. He doesn’t want to work with Anton and Andre, and he contemplates using what is known as the Red File. 

The Red File contains the names of unkillable people – weapon dealers, drug dealers, kingpins, sex traffickers, you name it; they are on the Red File. These are the people everyone wants taken out but nobody can get close to them.

Patrice decides to help him, and through her connections, she arranges an audience with a big-time arms dealer called Ramen Rashikov, who is one of the names on the Red File. Patrice arranges a meeting for Reggie with a big art critic called Maxine, and the article goes viral, which attracts Rashnikov’s attention. Turns out, he’s also an art collector. What are the chances? 

Rashnikov has cost Anton millions, and in return, he’s been trying to take him out for a while, but fails every time, as Rashnikov has some seriously impressive security protecting him. 

How does The Kill Room end? 

Roman arrives in Miami for Bagman’s final art piece, and Patrice introduces him to the notorious highly-acclaimed man. Patrice and Reggie plan to stream Rashnikov’s murder to her whole gallery. Reggie pulls out his plastic bag and smothers Rashnikov to death. However, he tricks Anton into doing the rest of it. The pair of them then put his body in a shipping container and ship it to an unknown warehouse. 

Patrice sells the plastic bag that Reggie killed Rashnikov with to one of her rich clients, and Reggie has a boat ready to escape on. Patrice buys her freedom from Andre by offering him the money for Reggie’s final piece and threatens him with a dossier of evidence that will be sent to the police in the event of her incrimination. This evidence would implicate Anton in Rashnikov’s death. 


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