‘The Killing Kind’ by Sarah K. Stephens – Book Review


The Killing Kind is the newest release from thriller author Sarah K Stephens. The Killing Kind follows several characters, beginning with Trina, a college professor who is dealing with the death of her fiancé. Hitting rock bottom, she finds solace in crashing weddings and picking up random men.

However, when her latest conquest Dermot ends up dead, Trina, being the last person who was seen with him, is the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Unfortunately, the situation is not in her favour as there are already existing complaints against her from the married couple, Simon, and Joyce. Or so it seems.

In reality, it seems that Simon is unable to leave Trina alone, becoming somewhat of a stalker as well as giving her money. While Joyce is trying everything in her power to get her husband to leave Trina alone and regain control of her marriage. However, she too seems to be obsessed with her.

The narrative also follows one of Dermot’s clients from his job as a social worker. Laura appears to have a close relationship with him, but it’s far from what Laura may think it is. Add a few more characters, such as Dermot’s sister and one of Trina’s university colleagues and we have a mixing bowl for disaster, with Dermot’s death at the centre of it all.

Although the story is told from multiple points of view, the writing is engaging, and the book is fast-paced and sucks you in. You never know what turns the story would take. You go from a murder mystery to a segment of a dramatic drama. If daytime tv shows such as Jerry Springer and Maury were still popular, the story of this book would definitely make an appearance (minus the murder) – and it’s so fun to read.

What makes it fun comes from the absolute insanity of a majority of its characters. There were no “good people” because everyone had their own level of insane. This book is a wild experience. The characters are all crazy in their own ways. This book has everything: one night stands going wrong, someone getting themselves pregnant, a character blaming another for their life as a housewife, and more. This is one wild story!

Ironically enough, Trina seems to be the only “normal” person, for lack of a better term, among this strange group of people.

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller that will have you drinking up the drama for a couple of completely insane characters this book is for you!


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  • Verdict - 9/10

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