The Kidnapping Day – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

False Accusation

Episode 2 of The Kidnapping Day starts with a flashback from earlier that day when the housemaid who works at Ro-hee’s parents’ house shows up to work after the weekend. She discovers that the house was left unlocked and finds her boss and his wife left for dead.

That night, Detectives Sang-yoon and Jeong-man find Dr Choi Jin-tae’s badly decomposing body inside the house with a sword stabbing his chest. Detective Jeong-man tells his colleague that Dr Choi was the brain specialist and director at Hyekwang Hospital.

The cops go upstairs and find the body of a woman named So Jin-yu, presumably Dr Choi’s wife, who was killed with a paper knife. Since she was placed in a heated room, her body is extremely decomposed and bloated. Sang-yoon claims that both people were killed using different methods and talks to the witnesses outside.

The cops interrogate the maid who had initially forgotten about Ro-hee but later reveals that the little girl was missing.

At the same time, Myung-joon drives away and almost crashes into different cars. He wonders what he can do next and burns his car and phone down to get rid of evidence of him being linked to the Choi family.

Meanwhile, Ro-hee who is at Myung-joon’s house, beats the scrap collector with Myung-joon’s back scratcher and runs out of the house. He chases after her around the entire locality. Myung-joon arrives home and is shocked to see the house empty. He runs out looking for Ro-hee and calls her by her real name. Ro-hee, who hears her real name being called out, stops for a second, then begins running again.

At the Choi House, the detectives find it odd for an 11-year-old Ro-hee’s room to be full of books and not a single toy. The cops also discover a hidden surgery room in the basement of the house and wonder if Dr Choi performed illegal surgeries there. The rookie cop, Ju-yeok, states that Dr Choi has taken off the CCTV cameras from outside the house four days before his death.

While looking for Ro-hee, Myung-joon runs into the scrap collector who is taking his cart full of goods away. He spots the back scratcher and finds that the man is taking Ro-hee with him. The man believes that he was someone who collected anything of value and tries to hit Myung-joon.

Myung-joon attacks the man and chases after the cart that falls off a downhill road. He manages to catch Ro-hee before she falls to the ground and hits her head. A flashback shows how Hye-eun had planned Ro-hee’s kidnap and forced her to kidnap the little year in order for them to earn a ransom amount that would fund Hee-ae’s operation.

Hye-eun claims that the Choi family would not go to the cops because Ro-hee was being abused. She adds that they had a lot of money and could spare a meagre 10 million won which would save Hee-ae’s life. Myung-joon is initially against the idea but finally gives in when Hye-sun tells him that Hee-ae’s life is at stake.

Present-day Ro-hee wakes Myung-joon up on the side of the street and asks them to go to the hospital to inspect their wounds and to the police station to report the crime. She asks Myung-joon to never leave her alone going forward. Sang-yoon tells his seniors all about the Choi family murders when Jeong-man brings CCTV footage of a man kidnapping Ro-hee in his silver car.

Jeong-man tells the team that the car is unlicensed while the seniors ask the detectives to look for a child admitted in any of the nearby hospitals first. Despite the orders, the detectives take a break and decide to restart work at dawn. The next morning, Sang-yoon chats with his team leader who asks Sang-yoon to work without fear as he’s transferred from his former station for being too tough.

On the contrary, Myung-joon packs a bag for them and takes Ro-hee to the hospital. Ro-hee tells him that she is fine but he insists that they go and have her checked. She calls him dad for the first time and the two leave. Myung-joon calls Hye-eun and leaves her a voice note saying he’s turning himself in after dropping Ro-hee off at the hospital. He requests for her to take care of Hee-ae until she’s released.

Ro-hee asks to be fed and Myung-joon takes her to a restaurant to have one last meal with her. While they do, Detectives Sang-yoon and Jeong-man show up at Dr Choi’s hospital. They try to make sense of the kidnapper’s intentions behind killing Ro-hee’s parents. The two then meet Dr Jeong-do who reveals the deceased doctor was going on an international trip to Singapore, adding that it’s odd for Dr Choi to go on a vacation.

The doctor adds that he suspected Dr Choi went on a vacation with a woman who was not his wife. Sang-yoon shows a photo of Myung-joon and asks if Jeong-do recognises him, but the latter reveals he doesn’t. Jeong-man tells Sang-yoon that the deceased doctor was actually going to go to Singapore with Ro-hee.

Sang-yoon receives a call and rushes outside the hospital to attend to it. Ro-hee, who is waiting outside the children’s hospital where Hee-ae was admitted, overhears a couple talking about the murders of the Choi family. Inside the hospital, Myung-joon throws a fit when he can’t find his daughter.

The nurse tells Myung-joon that all of Hee-ae’s medical bills and surgery fees have been paid off. He also learns that the payment was made under his name and that his daughter’s surgery is scheduled already. Myung-joon is confused at first but comes outside and is surprised to find Ro-hee out of nowhere. She shows up from inside the hospital and the duo argue for a bit.

Meanwhile, the cops find Myung-joon’s burned-down car and retrieve the burned phone sim car from it. The police find no trace of Ro-hee in the car and wonder where the kidnapper may have taken the girl. The two main detectives look around the vicinity and bring in more cops to search the quarry but find nothing, leaving everyone stumped.

The cops deliberate about the possible outcomes of the case when the CCTV in charge, Park Cheol-won, shows up at the station. The duo interrogate Cheol-won who tells them that he’s in charge of CCTV services for Dr Choi’s hospital and residence. He also reveals that Dr Choi asked him to cancel the service for his home out of the blue one day. Cheol-won tells the cops his alibi, which the duo verify.

Sang-yoon and Jeong-man learn that Cheol-won had called up his high school friend out of the blue and asked to hang out on the day of Dr Choi’s murder. Meanwhile, Myung-joon takes Ro-hee to a street food market for lunch. There, he receives a call from Hye-eun who has no idea about Hee-ae’s surgery.

Myung-joon is about to tell her about it when Ro-hee collapses all of a sudden. Myung-joon panics and takes her to the same hospital as Hee-ae. There, he registers Ro-hee as Hee-ae, triggering the staff. Moreover, the nurses spot the bruises on Ro-hee’s arm and call the cops to check into the potential child abuse case.

The local cops show up but Ro-hee forces Myung-joon to flee from the hospital. Detectives Sang-yoon and Jeong-man show up and spot Myung-joon carrying Ro-hee into the hospital on the CCTV footage. The staff reveal that, adding to the bruise marks on her arm, Myung-joon didn’t know anything about Ro-hee’s seafood allergy.

They also add that a patient named Kim Hee-ae was registered with them. With this detail, the cops find the identity of Myung-joon, who’s registered as Hee-ae’s sole guardian. The cops grow suspicious of him and the episode ends with Ro-hee asking who Myung-joon really is.

The Episode Review

This show gets funnier and more suspenseful with every episode. On one hand, we have the chaotic and hilarious interactions between Ro-hee and Myung-joon and on the other we see brutally decomposing dead bodies with an ongoing investigation.

There is something sinister about the way Detective Sang-yoon behaves and I am hoping that actor Park Sung-hoon does not return to his bad guy role from The Glory. Sung-hoon playing the grim, tsundere cop in Not Others was really entertaining and I hope the same continues in this drama.

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