The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

What’s More American Than This?

The Kardashians Season 2 Episode 7 starts with Khloe celebrating True’s fourth birthday party. All the sisters except Kourtney and Kim are in pastel clothes in line with the theme. The two sisters throw a fit about not knowing the theme of the party while Khloe mocks them saying that it was written on the invite.

Khloe tells her guests how Tristan gifted True a diamond necklace and tells the producers that he was absent from the celebration because he had a game on that day. Kris arrives at the party limping after her surgery. The mother of six shares a memory about Khloe as a child and narrates that as a child, Khloe used to think that she was a dog and she barked at people and licked their legs at times.

Kris tells Khloe that Tristan had called her and revealed that he had taken care of the bills for the celebration without Khloe’s knowledge. Khloe retorts that she would not let that happen and that she was very excited about throwing a party for her daughter herself, she would not let Tristan pay.

The episode then moves to Kim talking to her designer about being invited to the MET Gala that year. She tells the designer that she wanted to wear the 1962 Marilyn Monroe gown which the late actress wore to sing then President John F. Kennedy a happy birthday because “what’s more American than that?”

Kim calls the store that purchased the dress from an auction and book an appointment to be able to try it on before the red carpet. Khloe joins Kim as she discusses her gown idea. Khloe reveals that she has been invited to the MET Gala before but claims that she used to avoid it because of her anxiety. Kim shares that she is going with Pete who will embody J. F. Kennedy with his suit.

Kylie is off to try on her gown for the MET Gala. She claims that she decided that she was going at the very last minute and adds that she was wearing Late designer Virgil Albot’s gowns in order to honour him after his untimely death. Kylie will be wearing one of his last designs which is an ivory wedding gown with a baseball cap and a netted veil.

Kris joins her for the fitting and jokes that she could very well be married in that dress. Kendall joins the crew and gives her input about Kylie’s outfit. Kendall shares that she will be going to the MET Gala as a Prada girl and will be wearing one of the brands’ outfits for the show. Kim gets a replica of the Marilyn dress to try on and claims that she is a shapeshifter who can fit into any dress that she likes but since the original dress does not have any stretch, she is worried about fitting into it.

The mother of four shares that she has no backup plan and her only plan is to stay back home in SKIMS pyjamas. Kim tries on the replica dress and fits into that. She is excited and sure that she can fit into the original dress too in this case. Kim mentions that to her, the MET Gala is more than just looking pretty and claims that her looks need to have a story behind them to be MET-worthy.

Kourtney, Khloe and Kim meet for lunch where they discuss recent events – one being when Kim photoshopped True on Stormi’s body for Instagram. Kim mentions that she wanted to post a photo of Chicago and Stormi but Kylie did not want any photos of her daughter online then. The mother of four claims that she photoshopped True’s face onto Stormi’s body in order to maintain her Instagram grid.

The sisters ask Kim about her MET Gala outfit. Kim says that she was not able to fit into the dress which was devastating for her. She claims that she has to lose 10 pounds of weight before being able to try the dress on. Kim mentions that if she does not fit into the dress, she won’t be going to the MET Gala.

Khloe shares her anxiety about going to the show and claims that questions about Tristan scare her. Kourtney, on the other hand, is excited about going with Travis because it will be their first time at the show. Kim calls her lawyer about the Blac Chyna defamation case which is due for a hearing soon.

The sisters are worried about having a jury trial because in cases like these, there is often no telling who will come out victorious. Kim claims that even with the truth on their side, there is no guarantee where the jury will stand. Khloe mentions that she is worried to leave her fate in the hands of 12 people who could possibly hate them.

The sisters are all in Palm Springs for Easters where Kourtney and Travis open gifts from Kris. Kourtney shares that she and Travis have put their IVF journey on hold to focus on the wedding because the procedure puts her through a lot of hormones. Kim, Khloe and Kylie join Kourtney and Kris and the family celebrates Easter together.

The episode then moves to Kourtney taking off for Italy for her wedding dress fitting. Khloe, Kylie, Kim and Kris are missing the fitting because they will be at the defamation trial. Kim is on her journey to lose weight in three weeks in order to be able to fit into the Marilyn dress. She states that she is going to eat healthily and do her best in order to lose weight so that she gets a chance to go to the MET Gala.

Kourtney and Travis arrive in Milan and they check into their suite. The couple arrives at Dolce & Gabanna’s private office in Milan where they have some snacks and coffee and exchange pleasantries before trying on their respective wedding outfits the following day.

The Episode Review

Looks like what started off as a reality show has strayed away from its very genre and has turned into something that is very unappealing. The Kardashians as a brand thrived on drama but the Hulu show is hell-bent on painting the family in the best light possible.

It is sad that the show and the makers no longer want to talk about the actual drama that goes down in the real world.

There is absolutely no mention of the Astroworld Tragedy or follow-up on Kylie’s reaction to it. We also do not hear anything about Kanye’s public outbursts with regard to Kim and Pete’s new relationship.

The show is also deleting clips of Pete and editing him out from the main show to avoid more drama which makes the episode extremely bland and something no fan wants to look forward to.

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