The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of The Kardashians Season 2 starts with the producers asking Kourtney if she was married to Travis when they took a trip to Vegas for the Grammy awards. The mom of three claims that after a drunken tirade, she and her fiancee, Travis Barker decided that they would follow through with their plans of getting married.

Kourtney claims that she always wanted a low-key ceremony with just her and Travis. She shows her friends photos from the ceremony which took place at 2 am. Kourtney reveals that an Elvis Presley look-alike officiated their wedding but claims that since they were very drunk, the couple does not have an official certificate to prove the wedding.

She claims that they had vegan sushi and argues that the dish is a real thing while the producers disagree. Kourtney and Travis have a photoshoot for a vegan chicken brand for their friend, Simon. The episode then moves forward to Kris who is recovering from her surgery. Kris is impatient and wants to get back to how she used to be before the surgery.

Her doctor tells her that it will need four more weeks for her bones to heal. Kris is getting her stitches out that day because it had been two weeks since her surgery. The cameras face away from her as the doctor helps her out of the stitches and we hear loud screams and moans from Kris who is in pain. After that is over, Kris breaks down talking to the producers about how she was exhausted and was feeling emotional after the surgery.

Corey kisses her to make her feel better while the doctor tells her she is doing great already. Next, Kris joins Kim for her SKIMS meet and tells her about her stitches being taken out. Kris discusses with her second daughter how Kourtney and Travis basically eloped but Kim states that the marriage was not real. Kim claims that they had all done it once and Kris recalls how Kim had gotten married in Vegas years ago.

They get started with the meeting and Kim states that she wants to have her favourite lingerie models feature in SKIMS Swimwear as a campaign. Kim lists models like Tyra Banks, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and Heidi Klu for the campaign and claims that she had already gotten in touch with two of the four.

The mom of four worries that she will not be able to have Tyra join her because of the model’s busy schedule and hopes to make it work somehow. Kim calls the campaign ICONS and tells the producers how being a workaholic is something that she loves instead of sitting idle and doing nothing.

Next, the sisters and Kris are on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote their Hulu original show, The Kardashians before the premiere of Season 1. Kris has a new bob hairdo while Kylie is the only sister missing among the five. Khloe thinks about having a boob job because she likes the way her dress makes her look but Kris reassures her that she is amazing just the way she is.

The sisters are taking photos and Kim mentions how her boyfriend “Aladin” (Pete Davidson’s character from their SNL skit) sent her cute flowers to cheer her up. Kris shares how it was her first time on the talk show and how good it felt to do the whole thing as a family. Kim has gotten the models to show up at the ICONS shoot for SKIMS Swimwear.

She recalls being a fan of Victoria’s Secret models years ago and thanks Alessandra and Candice for doing this for her. Kim claims that this was an iconic moment for her as the women she admired are now working with her for her own brand. Tyra and Heidi force Kim to join them for the photoshoot but Kim is scared and overwhelmed.

She states that she doesn’t have the body of a model but finally gives in even if it was one photo with the four fashion models. They take a bunch of photos with Kim taking centerstage. Kim treats the models with a snack after the successful shoot.

The sisters are all getting ready for the premiere of their show and Kim and Kourtney get their glam done together while Khloe is stuck with Kris. Kris has her time fighting the Apple AI – Siri on how to spell “zhuzh” while every ounce of Khloe’s patience is tested. The producers ask who is Kim’s plus one for the premiere and she mentions that it is Pete.

She claims that Pete is a part of her life but she respects his choice of keeping his life out of hers. Khloe gets anxious about the cameras that will be there around her. Travis and Kourtney discuss their wedding invitation while Kylie talks about how this is her first big event post delivering her second child. Kendall is the only sister skipping the red carpet because she is unwell.

Khloe thinks that the red carpet is giving people more to talk about them when they were already dealing with a lot as it is. Scott Disick is on the red carpet too. The family is happy having people see the show for the first time and the sister claim how reaffirming it was for them to see the fans react to their lives.

As the premiere features a clip of Tristan from Episode 1 of the first season, Khloe yells out ‘Liar’ as the room erupts into laughter. The family gather at the after-party and the friends and extended family congratulate the sisters and Kris.

The Episode Review

Episode after episode, The Kardashians really seems like it was the family’s way to right wrongs from the internet world. We have seen the drama online, they are just cleaning up the mess using the medium of the show. Fans flock to the show for more drama but are met with clarification and arcs to redeem the chaotic decisions of this family. If this is not complete irony then I don’t know what is.

The episode proved why the models and Kim cannot be actors and the way that they thought fans would believe their scheme was beyond me. Kim says she did not think she’d be a part of this moment but still stood in the centre for all photos and there was not one single photo taken without her.

We know this was planned and Kim always had to be in the photoshoot but we’ll let the makers think they fooled us with this made-up lie. It also seems like Kylie was having downtime during the actual filming of the premiere but wants to be a part of the project. We know she was not at the premiere and the photos were all from a different time.

The episode did not give much other than the fact that Kourtney had eloped at the age of 40 but Khloe was a star for me when she faced her emotions head-on and called Tristan a Liar at the premiere instead of sitting quietly. Six episodes in and still no Pete? I am sure they are using him to have viewers on the edge of their seats and that one clip from the trailer was all that the comedian and now, Kim’s ex was on the show for. 

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