The Kardashians (Hulu) – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

“Enough is Enough”

The season finale of ‘The Kardashians’ takes off from where it left in the last end as Kim is talking to Kylie and Kourtney on a group call when Khloe finally wakes up and calls her sister. Kim asks Khloe to see what the SKIMS mogul had sent her and the news report takes Khloe by shock. 

Khloe can be heard screaming on the phone about how she does not understand anything and Kim asks her if she had already been aware of Tristan making a public announcement about fathering the child of another woman. Kim tells Khloe that Tristan was sued by the woman he hooked up with and had to make a public declaration of the scandal. 

Kim tells Khloe that she has been texting him but the basketball player was not responding to her. On her phone, Kim is looking at photos of the woman being leaked online while Khloe asks for screenshots of Kim’s message to Tristan stating that she was going to call him to sort the issue out. 

Kim states that she is being protective of Khloe and warns her against thinking of having another baby with Tristan. A shattered Khloe states that she first needs to heart the truth from him. Khloe breaks down and Kim starts consoling her sister but talks about how Tristan needed to be kicked out immediately. 

She asks the filmers to cut the cameras as Khloe sobs on the call and we hear Kim talking to her sister in consolation. Kim gathers the rest of the family for a meeting with Kris, Corey, Kourtney and Kim but it seems like Khloe would be skipping this. Their mother, Kris, states that Khloe appears to be strong on the outside but no one is ever sure what she is feeling like on the inside.

Kris states that this scandal is making her look bad but her boyfriend Corey Gamble clarifies that it is not Khloe but Tristan – the one who is making these mistakes that looks bad. Kim announces that Khloe texted her that she was going to skip the meeting. Kris hopes that Khloe finds the courage to face this head on instead of just hiding out in alienation. 

Kourtney however argues that it is Tristan’s lack of honest which gets her because she expected better from him this time around but Kris points out that this is pattern of bad behaviour and that he lacks respect towards Khloe which is why he finds himself in these scandals all them time. 

Kim states that Tristan had been keeping the cheating and the legal debacle a secret from Khloe with the hope that he would get away with it because the controversy being solved legally means that Tristan had more than nine months to sort this out. Kourtney states that Tristan is disrespecting her sister and that the public often times blames Khloe when it is his fault.

Kourtney mentions that they are good people and they are the only ones that can get the basketball player some help but Kim mentions that she is exhausted to taking the high road with people. The four then discuss if Khloe would bail on work or if she would show up for their upcoming photoshoot and the general consensus is that since Khloe thrives on work, she would show up. 

The episode then shows Khloe for the first time and she narrates the controversy in her confessional. She states that just like the rest of the world, Khloe found out about the scandal when it first went public despite being in a relationship with the man.

Khloe states that finding out publicly and not privately is humiliating for her which was her reason to skip the family meeting. She also states that ever since she found out, she has been replaying every moment, grand gesture, every date that she had with Tristan in the time period of the controversy and thinks back about all of that being a lie. 

The youngest of the three Kardashian sister says she is just going through the motions of life without feeling them because by now she has, sadly, become immune to the experience of being cheated on. The episode moves to Kendall’s house and the supermodel is taking a steam sauna bath.

Kendall talks about how she has become obsessed with her health that she uses all these gadgets so much so that it has become an ironically unhealthy addition for her. The producers ask her about Tristan’s scandal and expresses her shock in the fact that the man has done this so many times and still not corrected his ways. 

The model calls Khloe to check up on her sister and the Good American owner states that Tristan has been busy with court work so he keeps sending her updates but the two have not had a chance to talk about it. The producers ask Khloe about her emotions and the mother of one states that everything done against her be it intentional of unintentional is an act of deceit referring to her finding out about the cheating with the rest of the world. 

Khloe mentions that Tristan did not tell her about it despite having ample opportunity to do so and that is wrong on his part because he was hoping to get away with the cheating. The paternity test being positive was the only reason why this scandal was made public and eventually reached the family with the rest of the world. 

The episode moves back to the call between Kendall and Khloe where the younger sister of the two is angry and shares her perspective about Tristan’s lies. Khloe claims that this situation makes her think that Tristan has a bunch of other women that he is keeping a secret from her and possibly getting away with like he hoped he could in this scenario.

Kendall talks to her sister about being anxious and Khloe informs her that she had fainted the other day. The model is shocked and expresses her concern towards her older sister while Khloe explains what seems like a panic attack. Khloe mentions that the media stating that “she should have known better” and “no one feels bad for her anymore” is really letting her down and causing her health to deteriorate. 

Khloe reassures Kendall that she had blocked many keywords form her phone and is putting on a brave face and the model advices her to “scream into a pillow” because sometimes it helps to do so. Kendall promises Khloe that there are better things for her in the future but the mother of one states she will cross that bridge when she gets there. 

Khloe mentions that she tried to stay with Tristan for True (their daughter) but there is only so much she can take and the recent progress she thought she was making with Tristan had all been a lie. The sisters end the call and Kendall talks to the cameras how this time, everyone in the family was left to believe that Tristan had changed for good. She mentions that this time, he betrayed not only Khloe but them all. 

Next, Travis Barker and Kourtney are eating each others face, as per usual in his studio where Kris joins them to record a Christmas song. Kourtney claims that it was Travis’ idea to have their mother record the song and Kris shares he warm-up techniques with the producers. 

The mother of six starts recording her song but her oldest-born Kourtney keeps laughing at her mother, discouraging Kris. Travis plays the drums behind Kris and Kourtney joins her mother for some ad-libs with Corey cheering his girlfriend on making the entire recording a fun family event.

Khloe is back at her house where Kim shows up and tries to cheer her sister up by running up to jump on her tall bed. Kim asks Khloe about her feelings and Kim, who knows her sister well is aware that Khloe is silently suffering more than she lets others see. 

Kim states that she wants to help Khloe out this time and not tip-toe around her situation. The older sister offers to handle the scandal and meddle in her sister’s sake but Khloe states that the damage was done already and she was living her life being cheated on a third time.

Kim draws a comparison to her own relationship with Kanye and points out how she was living with the rapper and only left him eventually after trying everything in her capacity to save her marriage. Kim reassures Khloe that she too had giver her everything to the relationship and now holds the power to walk away from it guilt-free.

Khloe states that just like she did during her relationship and marriage with Lamar Odom, she wanted to give Tristan all that chance in her capacity. Following this new controversy, Khloe is finally sure what her next move will be and knows she will be guilt-free leaving him. Khloe states she is fine but is not happy how her issues are always discussed publicly before being talked over in public.

She also points out that the society blaming her is making things worse for her. Kim then talks into the camera during her confession and warns the trolls that made Khloe feel badly about herself. Kim and Khloe high-five each other because they are both strong women and Kim leaves her sister’s house. 

The next day, Kim is getting ready for her Christmas card photoshoot and she talks about how hard it is now for her because she has not one or two but four children. The four children together are wrecking a havoc and it is poor Kim all by herself trying to make the shoot a success. Back at Scott’s house, Khloe pays him, Reign, and Penelope a visit.  

As the kids play in their yard, Scott and Khloe talk about the issue with Tristan. The father of three expresses his concern about Khloe and is glad that Khloe is positive enough to look for a light at the end of this tunnel. Despite it being Khloe’s vulnerable moment, she reassures Scott that there will be someone in the future for them who will be better. 

Scott talks about Pete and claims that he is really great for Kim. The two talk about how Kim has changed over the time and mention how Kim deserves a drama-free life. Meanwhile, Reign and Penelope are on the trampoline having a gala time. Kourtney, Kris and Corey drive with Travis Barker as they discuss the mother of threes plans of getting married for the first time. 

She then plays the Christmas special single Kris sung at Travis’ studio and the four have a gala time in the car. Later that evening, the episode moves to Khloe’s house as she packs some of Tristan’s items as she mentions how she expected to have the home with her baby daddy before the recent scandal but now he has to move out leaving her disappointed and heartbroken.

Khloe spends some time with her daughter True as she finally comes to realize that Tristan does not value his life with her and their daughter enough to make them his priority. She finally accepts her fate with the basketball player.

Days later, the clan are at their photoshoot for Hulu which also makes it Khloe’s first event outside her house following the controversy with Tristan. The Good American mogul talks about how disappointed she is with Tristan’s ‘circus’. Kim talks to her sister mentioning her conversation with Tristan and how he is trying to fix himself but Khloe claims that it is too late now. 

In her confessional, Kim states that it is unfortunate for Khloe to lose the best friend she had in Tristan but blames the basketball player for the fate he has called upon himself. Khloe talks to the producers about how her family members are her true soulmates and it is because of them that she survived and pushed through the drama in her life.

The family start shooting for Hulu as a montage shows Khloe’s happiest memories on the show. In the background, Khloe narrates the new mindset that she had now after experiencing the things she has with Tristan over the last few years. Kourtney ends the season with hope for a better future with her happily cherishing her present life. 

Kylie shares how having a second baby will change her life all over again while Kendall is positive about the family having each other’s backs no matter what. Kim finally shares that her life too is changing and she now realizes that she can be happy again. 

The family wrap up the photoshoot with a gratification only for Kris to receive something serious via text that leaves her shocked. The season ends on a shocking note with a ‘To Be Continued’ message.

The Episode Review

The drama has finally unfurled and another one of Tristan’s very public and very humiliating scandals is out in the public out of the many no one knows about. It is funny how Khloe is the one who is worried about the consequences of the scandal while the actual culprit gets to live his life, seemingly, in oblivion. It is refreshing to see Kourtney live her life drama free where he only issue is genital steaming and intense making out.

As the history of Kardashian’s has it, Kourtney never had the luxury to end the season on such a high note during her time with Scott. Scott seems to be taking every day one day at a time and it seems to be working out well for him. Travis Barker is a refreshing change to Kourtney’s life and a welcome presence for the family. 

It seems like Kim is finally happy again and pretty determined to make a change in the world. There is so much that the world is not aware about Kim’s life with Kanye and the conflicts they had while they were together.

The show is pretty dramatic but it seems like the entire season brushed through the intense drama that was put out for the world to see following the end of the season. 

We have Kanye’s very public, very questionable outbursts against Kim and Pete’s new relationship. There’s also the Astroworld tragedy involving Kylie’s boyfriend and baby daddy – Travis Scott. Not only that but the show didn’t even scratch the surface over Kourtney’s recent wedding with Tristan or Kim at the MET Gala as she “ruined” Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

Fans are left wondering if Rob Kardashian was exiled from the family because no one even mentioned the only son of the clan all through the show.

It seems like the Hulu original was cut short to serve the purpose of putting across the family’s message with the sisters being the executive producers of the show. It seems like the family only wishes to paint a certain picture for the world to see but the internet always seems to get the best of them. Guess we’ll have to wait to see what is in store.

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