The Kardashians (Hulu) – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Who is Kim K?

In Episode 5 of The Kardashians Season 1, we see Kim talk about how she has only one last chance to take the baby bar exam and pass it. She says that not passing it will cost her her entire law degree as she will be barred from becoming a lawyer forever. The mom of four claims that she is prioritizing her future this time around and wants to focus on studying instead of partying.

Kim turns 41 ahead of her exam and her family arrives to wish Kim on her low-key birthday. She thanks her family for wishing her and has an Armenian meal with them before kicking them out so she can focus on studying. Kris meets Kourtney at her house where she asks the mom of three where her engagement ring was. Kourtney states that she accidentally stepped on it and broke it which is why the ring was being repaired.

She tells the producers how mortified she was and how she was crying hysterically but adds that Travis handled the entire situation as well as her emotions very well. Kris and Kourtney sing praises of Travis and the momager brings up her family dynamic with Scott. Kourtney claims that she does not need to explain her relationship with Travis to Scott but Kris insists that she should.

She adds that she is now making new memories of her own that have nothing to do with Scott because it was her personal life and the only relationship they had was as co-parents. Kris tries to explain Scott’s perspective and tells Kourtney that she should think about the kids first and not their individual selves.

Kris is having breakfast with Kim on the day of her bar exam. The momager wishes Kim good luck with her exam as she makes a prayer for Kim. The producers ask Kim why she was putting herself through Law School when she was already doing so well in life. Kim states that it started because she was curious but she is continuing with the degree because she wants to stop letting the narrative that she is “a reality star with a sex tape” define her.

A few days later, Kourtney asks Kim about her exam and the mom of four says she has no idea how it went but claims that she will be embarrassed if she fails another time because her career would be over. Kourtney asks Kim about her situation with Kanye and she mentions how the rapper is being delusional, hoping that Kim will not go through with the divorce if he delays it.

Kim tells the producers that the world is very harsh on her because if she says something bad about Kanye on the show, she is trolled but he can go out and release a song about her and people call it creative and expressive. She adds that there is a lot about her relationship with the rapper that she has kept from the limelight.

Kim mentions how she was completely dependent on Kanye for as long as she can remember. She states that she is finding her own style now because she always used to depend on him for styling and fashion advice. The SKIMS mogul tells her older sister that Kanye had been critical of her and mocked her for what she wore at a public event.

The episode moves to Kendall who is on a health-related trip with her friend, Hailey Bieber. Kendall explains that she has been a hypochondriac all her life and always tries out new things that can help her remain healthy. This time, the model and her friend are trying out a NAD IV drip to help Kendall recover better after she got sick with Covid.

Next, Kris is having a meal with Scott before her birthday and she jokes that their lunch was all Scott was getting for a party. The father of three is pissed that Kris is hosting an intimate dinner with her kids which she did not invite him to. Kris states that she feels like inviting him is like cheating on Kourtney.

Scott is angry and claims that they were as close as blood-related mother and son which makes the situation terrible for him considering he lost both his parents and had no family of his own. Kris states that if Scott was cool with being around Kourtney and Travis, she would love to have him attend the dinner.

Scott claims that he was singled out and calls Kris mean which hurts her feelings. She claims that Scott needs to accept the fact that things are changing and that the family is adapting to accommodate his feelings. Kim is trying on outfits for upcoming events and she claims that Kanye had always been a visionary for her. She states that it was hard to do it all by herself now and wants to find who the real Kim Kardashian is.

Scott visits Kim for a chat where they talk about how she was trying to find her own fashion sense after her split with Kanye. He adds that Kim’s underconfidence in her own self shocks him because to him, she is the most famous, beautiful person in the world. Kris and Kourtney are at the photo shoot for the reality show.

She informs Kourtney about her chat with Scott and explains how offended he was after she did not invite him to the birthday dinner. Kris tells Kourtney how she is concerned about both Travis and Scott which makes her anxious. Kourtney tells Kris that she should not be worried about anyone else’s feelings but her own and invite whoever she wants.

Later that evening, friends and family arrive at Kris’ house for dinner. She shows everyone their new house and the tension builds as soon as Scott shows up. Scott awkwardly congratulates Travis and holds up a conversation with him for a while. Khl0e jokes about how exhausted she is because of the awkwardness between Kourtney’s ex and her current fiancee.

Scott tells Kim that she did not answer his call and she jokes that it was cause she was busy. The producers try to prod Kim to reveal who she was busy texting mid-shoot and she starts blushing when they ask if the person’s name rhymes with “feet”. Kim is holding information back about her new relationship with Pete Davidson back.

Kris calls everyone for dinner but Kourtney and Travis are very busy making out. Scott is awkward and the family is whispering about how stressful this whole situation is. At the table, Travis and Kourtney are very touchy-feely and Scott is right around them feeling uneasy. Khloe raises a toast to Kris and everyone at the party sings her a birthday song.

Kendall calls Kris after the day of her birthday to ask about the party that she missed because of work. The model discusses Scott at the dinner and claims that he was and will always be part of her family. Khloe is having a meal with her best friend Malika where she talks about how she is excited about the way her new house is shaping up.

They discuss Tristan and Khloe claims that she is seeing how they are growing as a family and is happy to see how her life is only getting better. Kendall is back at Kris’ house after her trip to Miami. The model is hungry and chops or what it seems like tries to chop some cucumbers to eat as a snack.

Kris watches Kendall use the knife significantly worried at her daughter’s knifing skills. Scott joins the two and the trio sit outside discussing Thanksgiving. Scott jokes asking if he is invited to the event or not. Kris states that Scott loves playing the victim. Scott asks Kendall what she did for her birthday and claims that he wasn’t invited there as well.

Kendall states that she did not invite anyone and was having dinner with her friends and family and chose not to invite Scott because she did not want it to be awkward with Kourtney and Travis. Scott expresses how he does not like being excluded for the first time in 11 years of knowing her but Kendall tries to explain how making Kourtney anxious is not what she wants to do. Scott gets defensive and does not hear her out making her angry as she storms out of the room mid-discussion.

The Episode Review

This episode really reminded me of the good old E! Network days and I wish there was more of the unedited and unscripted fighting in opposition to what we have been seeing over the last few episodes. Scott is a menace and I am sure he knows that because he continues to ignore details intentionally to paint himself as the victim.

It is understandable that he sees Kris as her mother figure but Kourtney used to be the link that bound them together. He needs to make his life different from his ex-girlfriend’s because he is only setting himself up for disappointment with his high expectations from the family.

Kim’s seriousness about law school is endearing but I hope she is doing this because she wants to and not only because she wants to prove to the world that she was not just a socialite who got famous because of the sex tape she made 20 years ago.

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