Everything we learned from The Jinx: Part 2 Episode 1 – What happened to Robert Durst?

What happens to Robert Durst in The Jinx Part 2 Episode 1? 

Robert Durst was caught muttering ‘killed them all of course’ off camera in the final episode of The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. It appeared that the director, Andrew Jarecki had obtained a confession from the killer of three people.

So, when episode 1 of The Jinx: Part 2 begins, he is trying to flee the country, but he is arrested by the police a day before the finale aired after Jarecki handed over evidence pointing towards Durst’s involvement in the murder of Susan Berman. He is also suspected of killing his wife Kathie McCormack and had already faced trial for the murder and dismembering of his neighbour Morris Black, which he was found not guilty for. 

Who is the District Attorney investigating Robert Durst?

The Jinx filmmakers first handed over evidence in 2013, which would lead to L.A. District Attorney John Lewin reopening the cold case investigation into Susan Berman’s murder. He features heavily in episode 1, and we see him interrogating Durst and nearly obtaining a confession, but it wasn’t to be. 

Who is Chris Lovell?

A big revelation in episode 1 is that a juror on the Morris Black murder case had befriended Robert Durst after helping to acquit him of murder. His name is Chris Lovell. 

It is unprecedented that a juror would befriend the defendant in a case, and it appears that Lovell was enamoured by Bob because of his incredible wealth. 

12 years after the trial, Lovell tried to help Durst flee to Cuba before his arrest. However, he was ultimately apprehended by police before making the trip.

Who are Robert Durst’s defence team?

Robert Durst starts planning his defence after his arrest, and re-hires the defence attorney Dick DeGuerin, who helped him beat the rap for Morris Black’s murder. Durst asks DeGuerin to form a defence team, and he gets in touch with the ‘go-to guy’ for defending celebrities: David Chesnoff. He resides in Las Vegas and has been hired by the likes of Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson and Suge Knight. 

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