The Irregulars – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Hieracium Snowdoniense

Episode 6 of The Irregulars begins with Bea and Leo on the lookout for Dr Watson. When he leaves the hospital, they head in to the ward and find all these victims seem to have their severed limbs healed and aren’t bleeding. Unfortunately this ties in to what we saw last episode as our characters’ worst fears are confirmed – the Collector has returned.

Bea feeds this back to the rest of the team, as they believe someone is trying to create a clone out of all this. Specifically, a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts. The only way to solve this case is to dive into Jessie’s nightmares and uncover what’s hidden within. Jessie refuses to do so, afraid of what lurks in the recesses of her mind. She’s particularly hurt by this suggestion given it’s Spike who suggests it.

Billy too loses his patience with the group and leaves the basement. Bea follows after him and asks about Vic and what happened before. Bea tries to reassure him, telling Billy that he needs to be tough and not let Vic and his truth destroy him. Bea reminds him he’s part of their team and offers a comforting hand.

Leopold however, has problems of his own when he notices police lurking around the streets outside. This eventually leads him to Daimler who happens to be at the bar. Leo tells him he has friends and a life now, refusing to head back. However, it turns out Daimler hasn’t even told the Queen what’s happened and leaves on an ominous note.

The rest of the gang head to the herbalist Edith’s house but find the place completely trashed. Not just that, the photo albums and a diary seems to hint toward this Snowdonia Hawkweed being linked to all this. Out in the greenhouse, they find Edith creating this Frankenstein’s Monster. Edith boasts about being a God and how she’s created this monster out of 30 different body parts. This monster is actually her ex-husband Sammy. She wants to bring him back to life but unfortunately the plan goes awry.

Just to add another twist to the tale, it turns out Edith has actually been keeping Watson prisoner all this time. She believes that the kids are there to save him but that’s obviously not the case. It turns out Edith fed back to Watson in the past about a relic that she got her hands on that gave her powers. This seems to be the hint toward power emanating from the Rip.

Well, Edith somehow manages to obtain powers linking her to the plants and herbs. With Watson aware of this, it’s soon revealed that he was the reason for the Rip opening. Only, that was only the first time. This time however, he claims not to be responsible and believes someone else is behind this.

Edith threatens them all until Sammy suddenly awakens and sits upright. He whimpers, telling her that he’s been trapped for 15 years and blames Edith for stealing his death away. With Edith choked out and left in a heap on the ground, Bea decides to free Watson from his binds and escape.

Meanwhile, Sherlock heads back to Baker Street where he finds Jessie waiting in his study. She needs his help. With the door locked, the pair talk about the visions, with Jessie echoing what she’s been experiencing regarding the dead bodies as Sherlock tries to deduce what they mean. With these Plague Doctors part of all this, Sherlock realizes that she may well be experiencing a plague pit. But which one?

Well Jessie’s whispers about the circle seems to be the hint toward a library but this clue doesn’t hold any weight. As they head out into the streets together, gunshots sound as Sherlock shuts the door in her face and forces Jessie out.

Meanwhile, Bea finds the truth about Leo regarding his ancestry and tells him to leave. She tells him he can’t have been lonely given he’s rich and she now wants nothing to do with him. Leo is heartbroken, as Bea instead turns her attention to Jessie and calls her a coward for not facing her fears. On the back of this, Jessie leaves, believing the Linen Man was telling the truth all this time and may well hold the clues she seeks.

Back in the streets, Billy is followed by Vic who antagonizes him as he walks through the streets. Vic eventually starts beating the boy down, forcing Billy to fight back. Well, fight back he does and after several punches to the face, he knocks Vic clean out. The impact however, causes him to outright kill the man.

Billy is thrown in prison for this, while Jessie heads down to the dock to greet the Linen Man, who’s arrived in London. It turns out he wants to find the Rip and he’s certainly not the pleasant man Jessie has been led to believe. As he presses against her forehead, Jessie finds herself back in the caves where the episode ends on a big cliffhanger.

The Episode Review

To the surprise of perhaps absolutely no one, it turns out the Linen Man is actually not who he says he is. In fact, it may well be that he’s the harbinger of death and possibly the big bad of this first season.

As one may have sussed out, the misunderstanding trope shows up again, this time in the form of Leo and his ancestry. Bea has been pretty hotheaded throughout this season and here she completely loses her temper and forces Leo away. In fact, the way she went after Jessie afterwards is a bit of a low blow too.

Unfortunately with Jessie seemingly lost in the labyrinth of her mind, this leaves the rest of our fractured group divided and conflicted over what to do next. All of this leads up to a dramatic conclusion that’ll see you desperate to find out what happens next.

The situation regarding the Rip is just starting to get interesting though!

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