The Irrational – Episode 6 “Point & Shoot” Recap & Review

Point & Shoot

Episode 6 of The Irrational starts with Alec Mercer looking into the suicide case of Peter Shelby. He points out several hints that prove this is a murder case. Marisa knows what the FBI would perceive if Alec takes a further role in the case, and she doesn’t want more complicated problems.

Possibly, a third party killed Shelby, but with the clues drying up, Marisa has to act fast now that Alec is no longer in the case. 

Alec notices that Kylie is in trouble as she has been protesting Joshua’s death at a courthouse. Joshua was a humble building inspector whom Viper Squad officers gunned down after barging into his house.

The squad is an armed and fierce tactical team that deals with dangerous criminals. The District of Columbia case was filed by Mason, who wants justice for the wrongful death of his husband.  

The Viper Squad had obtained a “No Knock” warrant to barge into Joshua’s house and deal with him as they deemed fit. However, they broke into the wrong place, claiming there was a typo. The clerk responsible for the typing error was fired. It was such a tragedy, and Mason feels the squad acted irrationally. 

Kylie wants Alec to be the expert witness and make the jury aware of the deadly and irrational behaviour of the Viper Squad. Alec’s opponent is Dr. Dustin, an experimental psychologist hired to be an expert witness for the fierce Viper Squad. As the case begins, Alec Mercer tries to influence the jury to consider the squad guilty of negligence.

Alec argues that the squad couldn’t have been reckless even if they were breaking into the house of a dangerous drug dealer. His persuasion skills led Mason into this case, making him get an offer to settle it outside the Court. 

Mason had not visited the house since Joshua was murdered. Mason reveals that Joshua kept talking about the system working against them and that he would expose them. Alec believes the system could have eliminated Joshua to ensure the corrupt dealings, especially by Judge Haynes, never get to the public. 

At this point, Alec starts questioning everything after getting information about Joshua’s work and the relation to a judge who signed a “No Knock” warrant.

It’s established that Judge Haynes was corrupt and helped corporations override building regulations. As a sincere building inspector, Joshua had found out Haynes’ acts of sanctioning illegal buildings to get bribes. Haynes received a request from Viper Squad and utilised this chance to end Joshua’s investigation. 

The drug dealer’s home was on the same street as that of Joshua, and it was a matter of changing the house address. The computer system was down, and clerks had to write the warrants manually. 

Marisa is getting closer to finding the killer in the church bombing. Accompanied by Jace, she interrogates Peter’s mother, who claims the death of 13 was a mistake.

Peter accidentally set the bomb timer at 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes. She also claims that Peter never built the bomb but got it from a guy from the internet. Trying to piece this together, Marisa concludes that Wes Banning built the bomb, but Matthias is behind it all. However, finding Matthias will not be easy.

Alec contacts Mason, who helps him secure the final reports on Joshua, which hints at the corruption. Alec joins hands with Atwood and requests him to bribe Judge Haynes to test his reaction.

Falling into the trap, Haynes agrees and gives his offshore account number for a money transfer. Alec pops in, informing Haynes of his corruption cases and how he plotted for Joshua’s murder. The FBI is on standby and waits for Haynes to confess about the corrupt practices. 

The Viper Squad gets dissolved, and Mason has some closure. However, the dissolution is a beginning, though it doesn’t give Mason peace of mind. Alec is critical of Kylie’s routine of watching a TV reality show.

He rants every time he sees someone behaving irrationally. When Alec sees Mason perturbed by the Court’s verdict, he comforts Mason and learns to stay with Kylie’s nervousness.

When Alec sees Mason distressed by the Court’s verdict, he comforts Mason. He also learns to live with Kylie’s nervousness. He is trying to be there for the people he cares about without his academic reasoning assertions.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 of The Irrational interestingly unleashes Alec’s personality. Despite his criticism, he is a caring friend and brother.

He didn’t seem bothered when Marisa removed him from Peter Shelby’s case. However, Marisa encounters challenges solving “optics” situations in the department.

She finds Peter’s mother, who gives a clue to apprehending a man at Wes Bannings’s hearing. However, the case is still far from closed, proving to be an uphill battle to find the truth. 

On the other hand, this case opened our eyes to the damage when people in power abuse their platforms. To think that the judge used the Viper Squad as his personal hitman is unnerving. Sadly, this happens in real life more than we care to admit.

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