The Irrational – Episode 4 “Zero Sum” Recap & Review

Zero Sum

Irrational episode 4 starts with Alec telling Kylie she has missed messages. Kylie doesn’t appear bothered and argues that time is a construct. The emergency texts seem to bother Alec, but his sister insists that only 1% accounts for real security threats. During Alec’s book signing, a man approaches him to report his missing daughter. 

Since Veronica hasn’t been missing for more than 24 hours, the police wouldn’t care. Keith believes in Alec’s competence to bring his daughter back safely. Alec watches a video where Veronica hops into an unidentified vehicle, and based on her movements, he believes she wasn’t sure if she wanted to get in.

Someone calls saying they have Veronica and want a ransom of $2.7million within 48 hours. Veronica’s mother, Tara, says they don’t have that kind of money. 

Marisa informs Jace that she has been investigating Jojo’s cleaning van and has contacted the owner’s daughter. Alec calls Marisa for a talk while Phoebe interrupts Rizwan to inform him about Alec’s emergency case. Marisa arrives and assures Veronica’s parents that their daughter will be found since kidnapping cases are the FBI’s speciality. 

Keith and Tara are introduced to Rose, who is adept at crisis management and corporate security. A van pulls outside, and Trey and Ted come out. With his terrific instincts in behaviour psychology, Alec depicts that Tara and Ted had an affair. Keith confirms Veronica is his biological daughter, but Trey values their family even though Veronica might not be his sister. Rose urges Keith to let the firm handle the case instead of involving the FBI. 

Alec argues that the kidnappers know the parents cannot afford such an amount. He wants to know if someone else knew about the affair. It’s established that Veronica knew about her mom’s affair because she talked about it with Tara. Rizwan is teaching Alec’s class while Rose and Alec are hatching up a drug deal with the police in the background. 

Using a drone, Corey sees police in the woods and leaves. But he’s stopped by Alec and Rose for more investigation. Marisa questions him, but he demands a lawyer. Rizwan is expected to lecture again but still worries about his previous performance. Corey claims that Veronica wanted money, but when he failed to provide it, she called for a ride and left. 

Veronica wanted around 200 gs, and since her parents couldn’t afford it, she could have hatched the kidnapping plan. Alec believes Corey still loves Veronica, meaning he’s unlikely to tell lies. Jace informs them that Keith got a call from the kidnappers. 

Through a video call, Veronica is coerced to tell her father about his involvement with the FBI, and they should give out the money by tomorrow morning. Rose’s theory says that Veronica kidnapped herself, but Alec says her eyes were looking on one side. It’s an indication that she was at gunpoint. 

Kylie discovers that Ted is a bad guy and has a list of people who hate him. She promises to dig deeper into Ted’s database with her techy expertise. Rizwan apologises for tanking Alec’s lecture, but Alec is okay with it. Meanwhile, Kylie discovers a company run by Ted that develops micro solar panels. However, due to the high burn rate, Ted needed $2.5 million to keep the business going. 

Alec believes Ted would go to any length to give Veronica whatever she wants. He asks Rizwan to analyse every study on zero-sum bias, which can help. Marisa also realises that Trey’s phone has been on and off for two days. Besides, the $2.7 million is enough for the start-up and Veronica’s money. 

This time, Rizwan connects with students. At the same time, Alec and Rose try to figure out where Trey would have taken Veronica. A vacant factory in Sheraton could be the hiding place, and Veronica pleads with Trey to let her go. 

Alec reminds Trey of his father’s love, trying to calm him. Trey later confesses to shooting his father, and Alec pleads with him to ensure he doesn’t lose his father’s love forever. Veronica gets released while Ted is taken in an ambulance. Jace congratulates Marisa while Rose offers to treat Alec with a fancy dinner for a well-done job. 

Keith gifts Alec, and in return, Alec gives him a signed book. Keith asks Alec and Clark why they didn’t have children, and Alec says the endeavour is irrational, bringing us to the series title. Kylie quits her job to figure things out, and Marisa visits Wes, who’s ready to confess. 

Wes says he likes fire and admits to having bombed the Methodist Church. Wes then adds that he has long found religion, making him want to sin no more. Marisa doesn’t believe in his theory though and thinks there’s a dangerous mystery man. Marisa finishes the episode by believing Wes might have made the deadly bomb but never planted it. 

The Episode Review

This episode was quite entertaining and gave us some food for thought when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, family is not about blood but about the people who genuinely care for us. The dynamics of family here were intriguing, while it was also entertaining to see how different parenting approaches are important for each child. Ultimately though, every kid wants to feel their parent’s love. Sadly, it might be too late for Trey and Ted to fix their mistakes.

I love how, in each episode, we see Alec explain human psychology through his lectures. It helps viewers understand the case better and always leaves us wanting to know more about human traits, decisions and how our mind works. 

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