The Interest of Love – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Future Happiness

Episode 16 of The Interest of Love starts with those at the bank moving on from the drama of the previous 15 chapters. Su-yeong doesn’t return, while Sang-su works his way through the seasons, embracing work and letting time pass. Although he can go some nights without remembering her, other times he sees her clearly. And this has been going on for about 4 years now.

Fast forward to 2026 and the big wedding between Ma Du-sik and Bae Eun-jeong is about to get underway. Sang-su is the speaker and introduces them both as they make their way down the aisle. Four years of breaking up and getting back together and now it seems the pair are finally on the straight and narrow.

Meanwhile, all the familiar bank workers are here and the KCU colleagues reminisce on what they’ve all been up to. Noh is the new Branch Manager as Yuk has retired while Sang-su has been promoted up to Assistant Manager.

Sang-su intentionally avoids Mi-gyeong, who arrives and meets Gyeong-pil, revealing that she’s working at HQ now. She seems to be completely over Sang-su too, given she has a new boyfriend, while the latter is struggling with finding another likeminded soul. A blind date goes horribly wrong for Sang-su when she talks about her ex the whole time.

Su-yeong is working at a drawing café but with the rent going up, she’ll need to visit a bank soon to take out a loan. Funnily enough, Sang-su actually happens to stumble upon her café, complete with familiar sights from the past that she and Sang-su shared together across the 16 episodes hung up in paintings across the shelves.

Mi-gyeong and Su-yeong meet at the gallery where they share a drink and reminisce on old times. Su-yeong drops off her business card and suggests she show up with her new boyfriend in the future. Things are good with them, and thankfully the same can be said for Jong-hyeon too. He’s passed his exam and is now a police officer.

Sang-su checks over the loan agreement and learns that the café he visited earlier does belong to Su-yeong. He continues to miss her though, believing that Su0-yeong didn’t want her to keep looking so he stopped. Gyeong-pil has a different opinion on the matter, believing that Sang-su just lost his confidence.

Sang-su takes the initiative and decides to show up and oversee her loan agreement personally. He arrives at the drawing café and keeps things professional, handing over the documents before Su-yeong decides to brew some coffee for them both. While there, Su-yeong admits she’s been trying to be happy all this time. Likewise, so too has Sang-su. They’re both just trying to find their future happiness (hence the name of the café!)

Outside, Su-yeong sees Jong-hyeon working as a police officer on the road. She doesn’t say anything to him but watches as he directs traffic. On the other side of the road, the pair exchange a smile before Jong-hyeon salutes her, just as he said he would when he passed his exam.

Sang-su stops by the drawing café and paints a beautiful picture of the beach while drinking coffee, before parting ways with Su-yeong, telling her he hopes she lives a happy life. But then, of course, they end up bumping into each other that night. After four years of missing one another, fate brings them in the same direction. And that direction comes from that familiar coffee shop from before, Time’s Up.

Whilst there, Su-yeong agrees to keep her promise and go for pork cutlets that night. Sang-su struggles to balance the books and in the end, he actually puts his own money into the till to speed up the process. I’m not sure that’s even legal but there we go.

Sang-su walks Su-yeong up the Hill of Oblivion to the school from before, intent on trying their famous pork cutlets again. Sang-su tries in vain to get some answers out of her but it’s all half riddles and confusing misdirections.

Sang-su delivers a whole bunch of “what ifs” about their time together, believing if he had been more assertive then maybe things may have been different between them. Likewise, Su-yeong regrets not being completely honest too, having pushed him away all this time when really she’s actually had proper feelings for him.

The pair are actually open and discuss how things might have gone down between them, embracing their own feelings. Su-yeong sees the worst and believes they’d have been working parents and eventually divorce if they got into a long-term relationship, while Sang-su is much more in line with a happy ending. “Isn’t that what love is? Two people going through everyday life together.” Sang-su says.

As the pair turn and look at one another, Sang-su admits he hasn’t missed anything going up the Hill of Oblivion (hinting that he still loves her), while the pair continue to walk, intending (presumably!) to eat their pork cutlets together.

The Episode Review

JTBC love their open endings and The Interest of Love is another that goes the same route but doesn’t really stick the landing. Those final moments between Su-yeong and Sang-su can be interpreted in a number of different ways but everything appears to be screaming a “farewell” between the two. They’re still in very different places mentally, but now Sang-su has stopped trying to “seek” her out while Su-yeong has been “hiding” for so long that she’s given up on the game and is just now coming out of her shell and starting to embrace her true feelings.

The pork cutlet promise appears to be the last bit of closure the pair need to finally move on and go their separate ways, having always been in the “almost” phase for their romance after all this time. Sang-su is no longer pining for her affection, nor is he like a lost puppy chasing after her. Instead, he’s acknowledged and treasured their memories together whilst also focusing more on himself.

Meanwhile, Su-yeong seems to have just started to open up and clearly has affection for Sang-su. She’s definitely not ready for a relationship though and the strange “what ifs” that the pair are throwing at each other, not to mention the riddles and half truths, only make that worse.

What’s more frustrating though is that everyone else doesn’t get much in the way of closure either! Gyeong-pil is still being the best bud but still longs for Mi-gyeong, while she’s moved on and is now working at HQ. Jong-hyeon is pointlessly in this for 5 minutes, just to predictably wrap up the fact he’s working as a police officer now, but even he hasn’t moved on because he’s still got the watch Su-yeong gave him.

Whether the intention of this drama is to show that sometimes you just can’t move on from past feelings is unclear, but that finale is probably going to go down as a polarizing one with many people. I’ve been championing this drama for the past few weeks but I have to say, given the time jump and the material this could have worked with, the ending is a disappointment.

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  1. My interpretation of episode 16 ending.
    After Sang-Su and Su-Yeongs “What Ifs”…
    Su-Yeong asked Sang-Su.. “What did you forget today” “You said this was the hill of oblivion” “So I wondered what you forgot today”
    Sang-Su replied: “Nothing” “Absolutely nothing” as they both look at each other with a smile prior to turning and walking away.

    Sang-Su answer of “Nothing” “Absolutely nothing” could go back to a few episodes of that same hill of oblivion interaction when he told Su-Yeong about the hill of oblivion and how he was already tired by the time he gets to class and can’t focus. This part to me was a way of saying.. that he forgot everything about this hill of oblivion, he was not tired nor was he not focus. All that mattered right then and there was that Su-Yeong was there with him. Forgetting all the past they had been through and his main focus is just Su-Yeong. Then they looked at each other and smiled as they turned and walked away. Many say that it was a farewell but I felt differently. I felt that it was a new beginning. Sang-Su has always loved Su-Yeong and after four years, Su-Yeong is beginning to understand to show her true feelings to Sang-Su.

    Su-Yeong from the very beginning always felt that her father cheated on her mother and for always blaming him for her brothers death. I was a happy family and although they did not have a lot, they were all happy until her brothers passing and her mistaking that her father cheated. Su-Yeong always believed that all love comes to an end just like her parents and she resented her mother for taking her father back in. When Sang-Su hesitated, she felt unsure to give her heart from the beginning. Anyways, fast forward four years from when Su-Yeong ghosted Sang-Su. Those four years apart, i feel gave Su-Yeong time to really find herself especially after finding out that it ws her mother who cheated and regrets resenting her father all those years. Her opening up the cafe “Future Happiness” was a tell all that she has never forgotten about Sang-Su and that the love has always been there.

    Do i feel like there should be a second season or a close out series? Possibly yes since so many other characters have there stories to tell and is open ended.

    Prediction for second season. Lets just say that Sang-Su and Su-Yeong end up together. Jeong-Hyeon is now a police officer and has always loved Su-Yeong. Hence he was still wearing the watch she gave hime on this episode. Could this be that his character will be more on the spotlight than season one. Mi-gyeong open ended story that she was happy with someone else. Could it be with So Gyeong-Pil. This part could also focus more on them as well with it being their “Interest of Love”. Mi-gyeong comes from a wealthy family and So Gyeong-Pil is not and is not approved by her parents. Will there love be strong enough to be together or thorn apart by her family? So many directions for season two but we will just have to wait.

    This is why i love watching Korean Drama. Open ended, unanswered questions and you either love it or dislike the end but it opens things up for conversation and your imagination.

  2. I’ve watched this drama only because I like the FL&ML and their character in every drama I’ve watched. None of their drama make me disappointed except this one. In episode 9th, we have the ending of the story, where the male lead, sang-su happily married with Mi-Gyeong, then sang su flash back again while he still in love with Su Yeong. I think the ending is too unrealistic, its ok if they dont have made it as couple, besides the story is too very slow, the ending also didn’t answer how and why sung-su finally married to Mi-gyeong?? Whereas in last episode were told that Mi Gyeong already have boyfriend and prepare to marry his bf?? I think its one of a bad ending Kdrama i’ve ever watched..😕

  3. They should do the 17ep with they together, finally. It would save the drama. If they end up together it would be one of the best kdramas. With this ending, one of the worsts…

  4. Oh no more S2 please. It is soo draining and exhausting as it is. I just made up my own conclusion that the two is probably “destined” to be together just for the fact that despite all the drama, both seems to have matured and grew on their own proving their self worth. ASY is so jacked up and toxic but seriously need the space and time to heal on her own. That was very mean what she did though. A lot of people are disappointed with the masochist writer haha. The love, longing and affection are still there after all these years for both HSS and ASY because
    1.he took over her loan docs even if an employee was already handling it.
    2. He was in hurry to see ASY even took money out of his own wallet so just he can balance and go.
    3. ASY’s paintings were all of their memorable happy place.
    4. They laid out their cards and blurted out the what ifs and regrets
    5. HSS didn’t bother to find out the real story with the scandal. He’s just willing to love ASY regardless.
    7. The cafe was named Future Happiness
    8. They had the pork cutlet date.
    9. MG moved on and not suicidal
    10. JH moved on and reached his dreams but no more interactions bet him and ASY when he could have looked for her if he wanted to.
    Theres just too kuch to analyze and I am tirred so no more S2 please.

  5. What an absolute train wreck of absurd depressing nonsense.

    Horrible writing. Ridiculous ending. Total waste of time.

    It’s not even worth 1 star.

  6. Certainly not the ending I hoped for!
    Yes overall at times this series got frustrating with the lack of dialog between the ML/FL.
    At times I was shouting at the TV…Tell her how you really feel!
    IMO they did sleep together at episode 15. The classic smoking of the cigarette after the kissing scene. Also in the final episode when ML asks why he was ghosted FL said there was nothing more to give,or receive. I took that as we made a great memory, and that closes the book.

  7. Ugh! Sang-su has his share of flaws but my gawd, Su-Young is a very toxic person! She doesn’t deserve SS. Why does he keep forgiving and pining away for this pathological liar, “cheater” and manipulator continually? He wasted so much time on her. You should feel supported, secure and happy in a relationship and he never felt an ounce of any of that. I was hooked on this show and despite it all, wished for a happy ending… But I seriously question my judgement because she’s really too emotionally immature to be in a serious relationship. Her poor ex (police officer) really didn’t deserve the way she handled things at the end. I did find thos drama to be realistic but I am kinda over the sobering ambiguous endings lately ie in 25/21, etc… I think I want happy endings from now on, too. This series put me in a funk despite thinking they get together eventually.

  8. I continuing watching to the end just to see him happy and what a cruelty of this writer!!!! I I’m a dreamer I always like a good endings, we already have to see so many sad stories, we watch something hoping a good FINALE very disappointing 😏😞

  9. at times repetitive and slow. the performances, magnificent and the ending, the worst of the Korean melodramas I’ve seen

  10. In the end wasn’t what they remembered and painted at the future happiness cafe really the essence of love? Especially the sand castle which depicted a fragile structure easily destroyed by the environment? Isn’t it true these things need to be constantly mended like real love relationships? So even if they part they have the living memories.

    If they stay together SY is right they will fight and so it is not all roses and puppies as those that stay together know. I think the drama just wants to remind us that it takes patience persistence and forgiveness to make love work.

  11. People don’t change much. He goes on blind dates, still hoping a college graduate rich girl is his salvation for having a great happy family life. If that’s the case, devoting 2 episodes to cry, scream, cause pain to break up with the rich coworker was just a waste of time. 😏
    The writers for this Kdrama were apparently drunk throughout writing super slow and redundant episodes, taking intelligence of audience for granted.
    I didn’t miss anything by skipping every scene about security guard, her parents, the Koreans obsession with golf course and non Korean cars as sign of luxury and living a rich life, the rich girl dragged on speech to breakup when he already broke up with her and her parents 10 times to get through to her that he had moved on before they even start.

  12. Not a great series but I have watched worse.
    I have seen on instagram posts and it looks like a season 2 where SS marries MY.
    SY marries someone but doesn’t show who.
    If that is the case then I will be disappointed with the ending. I’m not sure why the writer would drag out another 16 episodes of love turmoil between these four main characters.
    Enough already. Love and relationships are hard as is, so bring some happiness back into this story because it has lacked in that department so far. I don’t think anyone will watch a season 2 if it’s doom through the beginning episodes

  13. Worst kdrama I’ve ever watched I had to skip episodes from ep6- ep 10 and didn’t feel like I missed anything really just a flop but I love the main characters

  14. This is unfortunately the worst K drama I’ve watched. Please stop watching now and switch to another show. I regret I kept holding out hope that it would develop into something worth my time but No it never did !
    Great actors and actresses but storyline is terrible.

  15. I’ve been rewatching Hospital Playlist while I wait for the next episode of Interest of Love. The same actor couldn’t have really played Sang-Su and Dr. Andrea! It’s impossible, but it’s true. I guess that speaks to his excellent acting skills, but it made me dislike all the characters in “Interest” more than I already did. The only one I liked was Gil-pyo. He had a backbone and he wasn’t as afraid of the truth as the others. I really couldn’t take the ML and the FL after I realized that NEITHER ONE OF THEM WOULD EVER CHANGE, AND THAT NOTHING WAS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN. So I wasn’t really surprised or disappointed by the ending. It was just as frustrating and needlessly obtuse as the whole drama. I liked the cast which is why I watched it. I was disappointed in the lack of realistic growth in the characters.

  16. This has taken a top tier spot on my list of worst dramas of all time.

    The amount of unnecessary pauses, unexplained awkward silences between characters who’s relationships weren’t clearly established and blank stares were uncomfortable in the first few episodes. I kept watching because I thought – having seen so many dramas pull back up from a nosedive – that perhaps it would be one of those situations.

    I was mistaken. If anything, the pace became even more glacial. The characters became increasingly unable to have conversations without each sentence being parceled out into a couple of words at a time with tremendous uncomfortable silences in between. It began to feel as if none of the writers had known that there were a. going to be so many episodes expected or b. that each would need to fill so many minutes.

    Perhaps they took a mini-drama and just stretched it out with inane and awkward silences.

    Also, perhaps they were going for “a drama that makes viewers ashamed to have watched to the last episode.”

    I have never used the forward 10 seconds button as much as i did here. I do not feel like I missed out on anything skipping through those seconds. It feels more like I missed out on doing any other thing at all while i wasn’t skipping through.

    This drama has great actors and maybe a great plot line. If someone else wrote it instead of someone who has never been around people or seen a drama or enjoyed communicating, maybe it would have been great.

    Worst. Drama. Ever.

  17. Gyeong-pil’s statement was a foreshadowing of their future relationship: “Im not saying date someone who you’re not interested in.
    But, people who are destined for each other will get together eventually.”

    Then “destiny” keeps bringing them back together by bumping into one another.

    Su-Yeong admits her feelings for Sang-Su by being honest about her regrets/what it’s, and by admitting she went to the Time’s Up Cafe every once in a while (probably hoping to bump into him). Her final “bumping into him” shows her continued hope and interest in Sang-Su.

    Sang-Su demonstrates a parallel personality to Su-Yeong’s father when he told SY that didn’t care about whether or not she really slept with his friend – he repeatedly said he didn’t believe it anyway, and then chose not to listen to the recording because it didn’t matter to him. He loved her anyway. Just as her father loved her mother.

    Then, in the final scene he suggests he still loves her and is interested in a future with her when he says “Isn’t that what love is?” So, Sang-Su is also still interested in and loves Su-Yeong.

    In the final scenes they both acknowledged that both liked by acknowledging that their own fears prevented them from being together, but also acknowledge they are still interested in one another simply by the fact that they both keep going back to the places that remind them of one another.

    4 years apart allowed them the time to mature and rid themselves of the fear and regrets so they could fully commit to one another. (Su-Yeong fulfills her promise to have the pork cutlets with Sang-Su).

    Put all of this together with Gyeong-pil’s foreshadowing, and I think destiny ensures that they get together.

    My criticism of this KDRAMA is that there were toi many scenes that were too slow, and they didn’t bring closure to other relationships (namely Sang-Su and his best friend). While I understand why they didn’t do this (to strengthen the parallel between Sang-Su and Su-Yeong’s father), it would have been nice for that to have been brought to closure. Although, as I think about it, it wasn’t his place to tell. In fact, it is Su-Yeong’s responsibility. Maybe, now that she is being honest about all of her feelings and regrets, she will tell Sang-Su that as well. However, they could have added that as one of her regrets during the same scene.

  18. If there ever was a sequel, I would definitely not waste my time again. A really big flop for season 1. The silver lining was I liked the two main characters but the plot was a real flop.

  19. This “Interest of Love” is the WORST K-drama that I have watched — ever! It was so boring, dragging & uninteresting! I will remember the scriptwriter and director of this movie, so that I can make sure NOT to ever watch their past, present & future movie collaboration!

    Total waste of time!

  20. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. I’m a HUGE Yoo Yeon seok fan, this series is trash. Poor writing, undeveloped plot and worse of all cheap tricks to keep you watching till the end. This series is garbage. Yoo Yeon seok needs to have the confidence to maintain his standards with projects like Mr. Sunshine and Hospital Playlist.

  21. This series should have ended after the ice ring finale. . What a waste of 5 espesodes try to explain the series from the beginning.

  22. He failed to ever acknowledge his love for her and she only saw men as cheaters destroying family. I would have liked her arriving to wedding as a super successful woman in arms of a young handsome super rich man celebrating his love for her in public.

  23. Many ‘unexplained why’s’: Why stay and work hard, train others but be the only one wearing yellow ID for years? Is getting a good job and advancing via a fair system an impossibility in South Korea? How hard is it to find address and phone of a person who moved via internet if the whole country has installed cameras everywhere? Why in 8 years two grown healthy adults couldn’t communicate, build a mutual trust and stand true to the love for each other? She seemed broken with not trusting men assuming they are all like her cheating father and he proved her right but supposedly pursuing another coworker for marriage of money and no live. He seemed obsessed with grieving and sadness of not being with her rather than celebrating her presence in his life. She seemed too hurt and angry over his lack of courage to acknowledge her publicly in 8 years when he acknowledged dating the coworker in two days of dating her. She should have met a man who could celebrate his love for her. I am glad the ending wasn’t about her holding his hand.

  24. One of the worse kdrama. Unrealistic plot..every episode can be done with half the time. Blank stare..yes, slower than glacier. What high viewership rating..ppl are just curious how bad it can get. It is really bad.

  25. Terribly frustrating drama. Agonising till the end. It’s an obsession and infatuation gone wrong. Totally not worth the pain. Watch it if you want to jump off a building or nurse an infection.

  26. I am not a fan of this drama, eventho I love the actors. For me the story line is to slow and wavering and sometimes boring, the FL is very annoying at best as a character. The ML is to hesitant and lack determination as man.
    I was hoping in the end they would at least become a loving couple….at least that would gives a beautiful closure.

  27. Debbie
    I too was left very frustrated with the ending.
    After watching 15 episodes would have liked a more definite ending. Instead I was left totally confused and took to the internet reviews to see if it was only me who felt this way. Felt like I had wasted 16 hours watching this. Loved the actors though.

  28. I thought the ending opened a new relationship for them. I did not see it as a forever ending. They loved each other and FL caused most of the problems. So many lies and deception from SY. SS tried to be honest but she purposely hurt him over and over. The most infuriating part to me was all the time spent on the damn security guard, and she clearly did not love him, but went out of her way to treat him like he was her child that she was taking care of. What BS. I don’t understand the level of cruelty that she displayed to SS and the so-called sleeping together with his friend from work was beyond cruel. So she didn’t have the guts just to break up with him and say we’re done.

    Also, SS, this, so-called friend of his from work, he was a total bastard. I hated that character.

  29. The moral of the story is that they found peace by themselves, not together. It all makes sense. They have everything they want…

  30. This whole series moves slower than a glacier and the hours of deadpan faces, blank stares, and unresponsive conversations was at first annoying and later really annoying to the point of eyes rolling and multiple 10 second skip a heads to get through the tedium.
    Every episode could have been completed in half the time. Lousy show with even worse ending. I kick myself for persevering thinking that it just has to get better. It didn’t.

  31. This is one of the most depressing and annoying kdrama I have watched. Nobody wish for such a boring life. The chemistry was there with great actors but the writer choose to be deceitful with the story line. Being apart was so unnecessary and the guy not moving on was the worst plot. What a waste 😏

  32. Wasted my Time Definitely! Why made this kind of love stories, low budget?? A very slow acting, lots of walking, cold faces.. at the end it went faster the time, rushing the ending and still walking at the end. This is highly a Flop of ideas and not recommendable 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  33. Quite very dissappointing !!! I watched a lot of k drama with open flat ending.which gave us a clear vision of what ending we would like the story end. Interest Love is very much confusing even from the very start of the 1st 2nd and 3rd episode. At least supposedly the last 2 episode should show something to be excite the audience.The writer and producer is a big failure for me.

  34. Perhaps it was a drama about personal growth, and while the ending may not have fulfilled a hope of them getting back together, they may have found a path to that possible outcome through a new ability to be more open with each other without being overcome by emotions. Everyone, including me, wondered why she had to go the lengths she did, perhaps it was a profound vulnerability that she may have started to overcome. How many women in that culture, or even maybe in ours, just want to run and hide?

  35. I have mixed feelings about the ending. I was not expecting them to end up together given the negative vibe of this story overall. So the open ending left at least a little hope. I guess the writers left it up to the viewers to decide what happened next. A “Gone With The Wind” type ending.
    I took it as they would end up together. They couldn’t move on with others and they weren’t happy alone. There’s also the destiny feeling of them running into each other again. It seems like the love feelings were still there since he was running after a woman that looked like her and she was painting pictures of the places they had been. It seemed like they we getting a fresh start by him not being late for their date this time and her actually showing up. So in my head it was a happy ending.
    That being said I agree that the writing of these two characters was not good. We all watched out of love for the leading actors, hoping for a good story. The FL was not likeable at all. I know she had a rough past but she led on two great guys and left them for no good reason, only to wallow in misery. And the ML was written like an abused puppy who keeps getting kicked but keeps chasing her anyway. So you can’t really relate to these characters. I also agree that they should have wrapped up a couple of side character stories better. I’m glad their ex’s had new relationships. But his two best friends should have moved on (one not over his first love and the other still getting drunk in his apartment).
    So I feel most kdrama fans could have written a better story. But I do love and support the actors. They did a great job with what was given to them.

  36. I’m sure that I gain some perspective from this drama if only why things don’t work out in relationships and we’re caught in unhealthy cycles of emotions. There were few winners in this drama. The level of deception was beyond what I could believe when two people fake having sex to destroy their relationship to gain new freedom from all suitors. Sorry! My reputation is worth too much to me.
    I took the ending a bit differently and hoped for a sequel showing Su Yeong pursuing Sang Su. The honesty shared between them on the hill and as they were walking shows their growth and understanding of themselves. They are now both seeing their individual worth and can pursue each other or a new love interest. Let’s wish them well and maybe we’ll get the chance in another drama.

  37. I was confused in the end as to what the writer is trying to convey. In as much as the writer wants it to be realistic, ending was not clear. I had to research in the internet what the ending was and to find out the many were frustrated. Is he hinting that a second season will come up?

  38. Horrible ending! What happened to the writers for the last two episodes? Were they fired? Quit? Wasn’t this supposed to be a love story? If the audience has to suffer through the sad, sad unrequited story, evasive non-answered questions, dragged-out situations, the least we should have gotten is a firm commitment to love. I feel cheated.

  39. Last two episodes were so flat…kinda angry and actually very disappointed. Feels like I wasted my time.

  40. It’sa time waster drama…slow and never-ending Sangsu hang ups.. i would understand though why anh would not commit, she does not believe in love because of what her parents had to endure living with each other…she has lost faith in love…

  41. Well I hope the writer and Netflix are happy because a lot of people are clearly not including me. At least they could have embraced and kissed and walked away holding hands. Everyone loves a good ending. After all the time watching this we deserved something better. When you are my age where you can’t go forwards and you don’t have the past to remember it leaves you……………………………………….

  42. Dont be too sure:
    “People who are destined for each other will get together eventually,”
    They wiped the slate clean, now they can start over.

  43. I changed my rating on Netflix from thumbs up to thumbs down. I liked the cast but the writing and character development were awful and I cannot believe i devoted 16 hours to this. They could have ended it more cleanly like they say good bye or give each other a chance again. Not the wishy washy WTF And the dialogue of answering a question with a question became incredibly tiring after a while. Lazy writers.

  44. Sorry but has to be one of the most disappointing dramas I’ve have ever watched!!
    Long and drawn out –
    Frustrating is an understatement..
    The ending which could have given this drama an uplift wasn’t forthcoming.
    Very good cast ,loved the two leads especially MGY but unfortunately the script was just to messed up for me !
    All I got out of this show was wasting my time over 16 episodes.
    I know people see different things in the dramas that mean something to them but
    for me this drama was hugely disappointing and not even worth a rating.
    The ending didn’t help -terrible!!

  45. What a slow moving terrible drama. The main couple acted like sloths. Every conversation took forever and when it ended no one had said anything meaningful or truthful. The ending was the worst. At least after all the subterfuge and half truths and untold feelings could we at least have a break through of feelings leading to a happy ending? I reiterate DISappointing.

  46. The ending was a big disappointment. After four years of not seeing each other, they should have decided to stay together. In my.mind after eating the pork cutlets they will stay together because they won’t be able to live apart. What is the point of being miserable when they can be together? Both are unattached and are obviously still love each other? Can one explain why they should be apart? What a waste…

  47. The role of romance series is to ultimately make you happy not sad. People want hope for the future. We already live in a shitty world and people want to be happy. Unfortunately some directors always end series wrong.

  48. Was disappointed with the ending. Of course He should of give up on her, way before the show ended. I kinda got the feeling she was a loose woman. I would of stayed with the girl that really liked him. I would of explained to her, I like her but slow down on the gifts, I like working for a living. To end it right at least let the two of them walk up the hill holding hands

  49. Dissappointing! The writer of this drama either had never love before or trying to be ‘naughty’ with real love. Both Sang Su and Su Yeong were truly in love with each other, but the writer used this to turn the love upside now so that audience will want to watch till the end. The world is already suffering. Rich or poor are the same. Dramas helps to lighten one’s life. But this drama did the opposite. Made everyone angry and depressed, especially the last two episodes. Don’t watch the last two , waste of time as it was poorly done and communication is so poor…Like what Sang Su replied to Su Yeong in the end..’Absolutely Nothing! . The last two episodes should be removed and just hang there…it will make us feel more positive and more hopeful amd this enjoy watching. True love does not work this way …

  50. Uggghhh !!!! I am soooooo disappointed !! Soooo frustrated … Seriously.. i mean seriously !!! .. if I had draw my own conclusion why would I even need to watch the episode 🙄
    I was soooo rooting for the ML .. what was that FL couldn’t see what we could .. so glaringly obvious !!!
    Seeking in the Future what in The Present we could touch is the worst kind

  51. I don’t Agee! SY a young and beautiful woman waiting for 4 years …. Clearly showing she missed and loved SS! Fir the first , viewers got to see how much she loved him! What she had done was for both of them! She endured the 4 years knowing he will find her one day, she knows he loves her. Both are single and showed that, they were NOT happy at the time! Because, they don’t have each other! Rest if it showed that both regretted the mistakes of the past! Telling us, we will not repeat these again… in the end they are together, they are willing to face the future without any of the misgivings from the past…. SY has opened up finally … the question answered was that She lived him from day1 one to now!

  52. The ending is clearly in ep 15 they are closing thier relationship,why the end ep is the same in previous?i think the writer is not ready or lacked to end this series bcoz she will repeating the situation an the end is clueless…the viewers is really dismayed of these drama,also the title is far from story..hoping the ending in the story for 4 characters is to find the happiness in thier previous partner because the interests of love will rise up.

  53. Disappointing ending as the whole show seemed ro lean towards “true love” and yet they still have regrets. I would have preferred them working through their issues together . Oh well.

  54. Did not have the strength to completely watch ep 16, i simply fast forwarded it every now and then – for this series Wasted 15 hours of my time already, and true enough the ending is just plain and simple BS.
    I would like to understand what is the point of the whole story but sadly it is just egregious! All actors were good but the story is thrash! A season 2 – if ever there’ll be – will just be astonishingly bad given the same writers. If the purpose of this series is something that they would like people to talk about after it ended – well i guess they have succeeded, sadly it’ll just be an exchange of ire and frustration over the misspent time watching it.

  55. Completely disappointing and sad ending. She seems very disconnected and almost not normal in her reactions. Beautiful panorama, great actors but the ending was plain horrible, not making any sense, providing no closure whatsoever. It almost seems like the writer did this on purpose so as to not give the viewer the satisfaction of finally seeing those signs of hope and destiny unravel into a culmination of their expressions of love that they clearly have for one another. Honestly the worst ending of any K-drama I’ve ever seen.


  57. I would also like a second season where the main characters begin to show a sense of humor. Sang su totally blew it with the sweet and wonderful Mi-gyeong, but he deserves happiness and if it must be with Su-yeong, make it so over several touching episides. How can Su-yeong be so mean? She didn’t apologize for ghosting him. Why did she do such a cruel thing? Mi-geyong would never act in such a cold hearted way. She is so perfect!

  58. Truly thought they’d end up together; her character was so docile all the way through and I loved him and wanted happiness for him! She wasn’t willing to budge at all in this relationship. Very disappointed and hope to see him in a real relationship down the line!

  59. I am so mad at this drama… it was so slow and self- redundant but for some reason I kept watching and watching hoping to make a sense of it. I believe everyone lost a love in their life, but 4 years later is such a looong time to still be single and look at each other like they met the day before and then not being together in the end. What’s the point of all that? That they have to be unhappy for no reason for the rest of their lifes? It’s not realistic at all, no one would really do that. Or together or moved on, but in a practical and realistic way, if not else, even though I think they both could find a new happy love if they wanted to. I don’t even have a rate for this ☹️

  60. Very disappointing – slow and tedious throughout. I watched on 1.5 speed! I kept watching hoping that it would improve, but this is by far the most BORIING drama ever.

  61. Waste of time going around in circles with individuals who are insecure and lack emotional maturity to be in relationships. Not worth watching at all and it was drawn out for no reason…

  62. Thanks for the update. I was an avid watcher of this drama for the first 12 episodes. Then it got so hard to watch. Maybe melodrama is not my genre after all, because Su-Yeong’s indecisive really gets under my skin. And the fact that Sang-Su still can’t move on after 4 years is also ridiculous (well at least he did go to the blind date).
    The open ending seems to mean that Sang-Su will continue to chase Su-Yeong! Some people tend to gravitate towards certain types, so if he doesn’t mind it, why should I, right?
    I’m crying over the 12 hours plus I’ve spent watching this drama.

  63. The writers did a good job of baiting us each week, however, the ending was as frustrating as the entire season. Yes, it’s true, real life isn’t all puppies and popsicles, but if we wanted real life for 16 weeks we could have watched the news. There wasn’t one bright spot for any of the main characters. How futile. Next time I think I’ll just paint a wall and watch the paint dry.

  64. What did I just watch?! These two characters are beyond annoying. She’s alway doe eyed and he looks permanently miserable in his own skin. 16 episodes and I have no idea why these two are destined for each other? Are there no other eligible men and women in Korea?! Ugh. Mr. Ha sure blew his chance of happiness with Mi-gyeong who was confident and successful. Instead he wastes his time pining over ASY.


  66. Thank you very much for your recap and review. The ML and FL not ending up together is realistic and for me, it is a happy ending.

  67. Not recommending Interest of Love to friends, you just gonna waste your time watching this esp when the ending is not so so

  68. Was really just to infuriated to watch beyond episode 14… she is both pathetic and plain mean. He should have given up when she left him at the beach. The story beyond that was just BS! NOBODY in their right mind would waste their efforts like that, NOT realistic at all! Great actors, garbage story.

  69. Good review! I agree, it definitely felt more like a farewell than the start of a new relationship in the end. However, I think it was the most appropriate ending to the show to be honest. I believe they could have given closure to Jong-Hyeon since they had already set up for it with the other girl that liked him… it was a bit conflicting to see him still wearing the watch in the end… if anything, they should have done a scene where he’s putting it away! It doesn’t really work with the rest of the storyline. Same goes for Gyeong-pil and the fact that neither the secret of him not sleeping with Ms. An is ever revealed nor does he ever truly make up for what he did to Mi-gyeong. Had they built more of a relationship along the two throughout the show they could have left a “what if” possibility in the end giving closure to both characters in a satisfying way.

    Additionally, Mr. Ha’s mother was also neglected. She resulted in more of an afterthought character since she never gets to see her son happy and/or accomplished in any way. She could have been written out completely and not impact the show.

    In spite of all the shortcomings, I do think it was a good show. People seem to dislike it because they always want to see a happy ending but that’s far from how life really works. I appreciate a show that depicts “love” from a grounded perspective and that conveys a message beyond conventional gratification.

  70. I was so hopeful down to the last few seconds and ended up disappointed that the writers could not have worked in a happy “re-beginning” for the two, underscoring that they were destined to be together. Also, both seem to have been very wounded “trying to find happiness” the past 4 years. However, they do not seem to indicate that their “future happiness” is going to be together. I do not really seeing them moving on without each other, though, and that is how the show should have ended.

  71. That’s why I’m skipping through episodes 15 and 16 it’s absolutely nothing. It’s not worth watching. I rated it 1.

  72. Agreed, people don’t move on after four years?? is a long time while the rest of caracteres continued moving on life.
    While find a bit strange is the “ friendship” between Mi-gyeong and , Su-yeong that’s!!! was frustrated, Su-yeaong prioritised a friendship where wasn’t any from being.
    Well I thought the writers will embraced the love as they are more matured however they left us with the emotion that all the lies and misunderstandings took this caracteres to a lonely life and continue perusing happiness when they have everything that are looking for in their hands.
    On the final words, I think this is one of the best Dramas for this year so far happy to see a great production and acting.

  73. Watched episode 15 last night and his final statement at the end just took the life out of any desire to watch Ep.16. All his efforts in vain….Ive had too many experiences like this myself to want to see the final episode now. The actions she takes need a back story to explain. I just dont get her thought processes….Understanding I should not have to, but in Life there is always cause and effect at play…..There should be a season 2 for this series where we get the happy ending they (we) deserve…..and I don’t care if it happens when they’re in their 40s or older.

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